People with disabilities can build their own tech solutions... with the right tools

Accessible technology is better for everyone, and accessible technology benefits when the people who rely on it most help build it.


Go ahead, google your symptoms!

Contrary to what you may have heard, diagnosing your medical conditions using the internet can actually help, per the latest research.

Playing doctor

Forget fidget spinners, popping toys may be even better stress relievers

If you’ve ever popped bubble wrap you’ll likely understand the appeal immediately.


You'll soon be able to navigate the Apple Watch by clenching your fist

Apple has some pretty impressive accessibility features in the works.


Arc'teryx is turning old (and new) scraps into high-end jackets and bags

The “ReBird” upcycling platform has many ways to shop more sustainably.


Spotify will soon begin auto-transcribing podcasts

You’ll be able to tap on the text to jump to specific points in the audio.


TikTok is being sued by the voice of its viral text-to-speech feature

Bev Standing says she didn't give permission for TikTok to use her recordings.


Nike’s hands-free shoe will be even better when it goes to people who need it

The “Go FlyEase” sneaker was meant to be accessible, but it's been anything but.

No Good Deed

Instagram's bringing captions to Stories and, eventually, Reels

Good for those who want to consume content with the sound off, or those with disabilities.


Nike upsets disabled community with limited supply of its ‘Go FlyEase’ shoe

Pairs are reselling for as much as $2,000, making them inaccessible to those who really need the sneaker’s hands-free feature.


Gaming while disabled — the future of adaptive tech is here

Adaptive tech in video gaming has exploded in the last few years, but costs and programming know-how can still keep games out of reach of many physically disabled gamers.


Your brain needs breaks between Zoom meetings, Microsoft research shows

A recent study from Microsoft proves even a 10-minute wellness break can increase engagement and greatly reduce stress.