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AirPods Max headband looks like it could be swappable

Like the ear cushions, it turns out the headband is also easy to remove.


Trump uses remaining power to have 'heroes' like Steve Jobs immortalized in stone


Before Spotify, Apple owned the podcast market. Now it wants it back.

In typical Apple style, the company is hoping it can offer a podcast experience so good people will pay for it.


Apple's MacBook revival plan is stupid smart: Bring back old features

MagSafe is coming back. So might the SD card slot. Ditto for function keys and more ports. Apple is coming to its senses and I am giddy as a child.


Apple is ditching the iMac's chonker bezels at last

It's redesigning all of its desktop Macs for the M1 generation while it's at it.


AirPods Pro's spatial audio could soon work with Netflix

Game changer for Netflix.


Samsung's Digital key wants to help you give up your car keys forever

It's coming to Audi, BMW, Ford, and Genesis vehicles to start with.


Apple announces tech education campus in Atlanta for HBCU students

Big Tech has deep-seated problems with racial inequality. Apple is one of the only companies making concrete moves to change that.


All the ways Big Tech is clamping down on extremists after the Capitol siege

Following an assault on the Capitol last week, Big Tech is taking a few unprecedented steps against Trump and his most extreme supporters.


Apple dunks on CES (again) with new privacy ads

Tim Cook's new ads focusing on Mac device privacy just so happened to drop this week, of all weeks.


Apple is pulling Parler from the App Store

As Epic Games has learned, Apple tends to stick to its guns if developers refuse to toe the line.

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Hyundai says it's been in discussions about building an Apple car

The automaker says Apple is in talks with multiple car companies.