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Lime's entry into the electric moped market has strict safety regulations

The company is doing everything it can to avoid a Revel situation.


Uber wants to seem noble with new ads casting single parents and immigrants

The company is looking for "genuine" stories of drivers who "value the flexibility and consistency of Uber's platform."


Most EV owners have no plan to buy another gas-guzzler


Hyundai's new robot provides customer service on showroom floors

The DAL-e robot uses integrated language processing to help customers through their car-buying journey.


Elon Musk says Tesla has better self-driving tech than Waymo

The comments were made in response to Waymo's CEO stating in an interview that Tesla is "no competitor at all."


Diplo lays a track using his Tesla’s dashboard

The Silk City promo definitely has our attention.


Ford wants to build a Waze-like system directly into cars

Under a new initiative, Ford vehicles automatically collect accident data from a vehicle and send it to the cloud.


This convertible Tesla Model S is hot... and must've cost a fortune

We'd argue it was worth it.


Ride Nissan's 'mobile office' concept van straight to the guillotine

The world has become divided between people who can work from anywhere, and people without jobs at all.


Trump pardons Google trade secret thief, Levandowski, among others


Tesla is hiring people to defend CEO Elon Musk on Twitter

The company is notorious for poor customer service and communications, with many complaints directed at the CEO's Twitter account.

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Kia has 7 new electric vehicles coming by 2027