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DJI could repurpose its drone sensors for cars with new autonomous division

The Chinese company is reportedly throwing its hat into the crowded field of autonomous driving.


Intel may begin manufacturing automotive chips to address industry shortage

Some automotive factories have been forced to close due to shortages of microprocessors that power a vehicle's internals.


Your Domino's pizza can now deliver itself

If you live in Houston, a self-driving Nuro R2 might pull up to your driveway instead of a human.


Some Mustang Mach-E’s are experiencing problems with a key function: starting

A small 12-volt battery necessary to start the vehicle can fail to charge under certain conditions.


NIU is dropping a $599 electric scooter with 31 miles of range

The Chinese company is most well known for its $2,000 electric mopeds.


Flying cars seem cool, but they’re never going to happen for us regular folks

Searching for signs that the future has arrived? Then don’t look skyward.


Segway's ultra-futuristic Apex H2 bike is betting big on hydrogen fuel

The electric motorcycle is being crowdfunded and is scheduled to arrive in 2023.


This Cybertruck camper morphs into a kitchen and full-on bathroom

People are already dreaming up all sorts of wild third-party accessories for Tesla's Cybertruck, but this one might blow them all out of the water.


Fiat’s new line of 500s are actually Google Assistants on wheels

“Hey Google, give me a Fiat 500 and Google collab.”


Volkswagen says its planned 'Voltswagen' name change is no joke (but it really is)

The German automaker insists it's dead serious, but adds the new name will only be used in the U.S.


Some investors are shunning Deliveroo IPO over how it treats workers

Two prominent investors argue mistreatment of gig workers and potential legislative changes make it a bad long-term investment


Jeep's all-electric Wrangler concept is a disappointing hack job

This is what you do when you believe the world will continue buying gas vehicles.