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6 stats that explain the electric Hummer hype

GMC's "electric super-truck" is getting a lot of attention. Here are six reasons why, for a change, you should believe the hype.


Waze had a flaw allowing hackers to track individual users

The issue, which has since been patched, was reported to Google by a security researcher.


The GMC Hummer EV is the perfectly insane ride for our crazy age

GM's tribute to excess gets an eco-conscious overhaul and the result is bizarre but beguiling.


Ferrari is one step closer to keeping designer Phillip Plein away from its logo

The carmaker nabbed a major legal win.


Tesla has confirmed that water can cause Model 3 bumpers to fall off

The flaw affects all vehicles built up to May 2019, and repairs for earlier cars are covered under warranty.


Audi's new EVs have headlights that can project dynamic images

Digital Matrix LED headlights can alter their projection of light on the road for different circumstances.


Mercedes-Benz made a rugged off-road version of its EQC electric SUV

But don't get too excited, it's just a concept car.


Uber claims Prop 22 'will save lives' when it might ruin them

The company is using push notifications and scaremongering to two and sway voters in California.


Tesla pushes back against Massachusetts’ right-to-repair initiative

Like most tech legislation, a lack of details could hurt everyone.


This custom Zero SR/S electric motorcycle has wings like a race car

You can't buy this one, but Zero has also revealed its lineup of 2021 bikes that you can.


Einride's Pod autonomous truck is now available for pre-order

Shipments of the filing cabinet on wheels are expected to start next year.


Waymo's robo-taxi service is now fully driverless and accepting rides

Human operators will watch from afar to help if the car gets confused.