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The best in tech

Mercedes is the latest automaker to commit to electrifying its entire lineup

The automaker says its entire vehicle lineup will be electrified by the end of the decade... but not that it’ll stop making combustion-powered cars by then.


LG's new wireless earbuds offer ‘Whispering Mode’ for private calls

Wearing one earbud, you hold the other up to your mouth as a dedicated microphone so you can speak quietly.


Apple may use titanium in iPhones from 2022

Titanium is as durable as the stainless steel found in existing devices, but almost half the weight.


Tesla's Autopilot thinks the moon is a big old traffic light in the sky

When the moon hits your AI like a big pizza pie... that's a cue to slow down?


Amazon gears up for Bitcoin payments... and its own crypto

The cold, false dawn of PrimeCoin draws nigh.


The Surface Duo 2 might have a hefty camera bump

A sacrifice worth making for the good of the phone's photography capabilities, perhaps.


I visited the physical Google store in NYC and it was... fine

Buy Chrome Dino socks, T-shirts, caps or, you know, Google's growing selection of hardware, which you can also have repaired on-site.


Amsterdam's first 3D-printed bridge is a living engineering experiment

At 12 meters long, it's one of the most impressive 3D-printed structures ever made. It has far-reaching implications for every corner of structural engineering.


MNT Reform: Building my own laptop

The whole process took about 1.5 hours and it was a ton of fun.


MNT Reform review: Your DIY laptop fantasy is here at last

No, the MNT Reform isn’t a laptop from the ‘90s. I assembled this DIY laptop with only a screwdriver and let me tell you, it’s anti-MacBook in every way, and that is not a bad thing.


BeachBot is an AI-powered robot that picks up cigarette butts

Martijn Lukaart and Edwin Bos, two dutch engineers have created BeachBot to do the opposite of digging for treasure.

Ethical Robotics

Chinese EV maker Xpeng’s P5 sedan pummels the Tesla Model 3 on price

In China, the Model 3's starting price is $38,700. The P5, meanwhile, starts at a mere $24,670.