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This portable generator could save your butt, and it’s $100 off right now

When a crisis hits, you're gonna be glad you have this baby to keep all of your devices (including your fridge) charged up.

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Search the web like a pro with these 14 Google hacks

Just a few simple keystrokes will save you from a sea of irrelevant Google results.


In a wireless headphone world, the Koss Porta Pros still rule

Koss' iconic headphones from 1984 is still worth buying today.

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Rickrolling in 4K is equally as amazing as it sounds

Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' is a mainstay among trolls and now a feat of AI interpolation.


PSA: here’s how to actually protect yourself around robot police dogs

When the mechanical paw patrol comes sniffing around, pulling the battery should be a last resort.


The still-fantastic OnePlus 8 Pro is $200 off right now with free wireless earbuds

2020's top-rated Android smartphone is even more attractive now that it's discounted and comes a $50 wireless earbuds for free.

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The 6 weirdest sneakers we saw in February

Good, bad, and ugly.


Almost everything on the Framework Laptop is modular or replaceable

Virtually every component from the ports, display, CPU, keyboard, and bezels are either modular or customizable. The Framework Laptop could be the ultimate laptop we've all been waiting for.


The Keychron K3 is the mechanical keyboard I've been waiting for

No, really, I waited months for it. Thankfully, it was worth it.

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This phone has an 'invisible' selfie camera, but is it any good?

ZTE's Axon 20 5G is the world's first phone with a selfie camera embedded underneath the display. The $450 question is whether the selfies are fire or trash.

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Forget 'Call of Duty': This classic PC shooter game is $7 right now

Experience true military combat like nothing else for less than a Call of Duty skin pack.

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Hyundai’s radical Ioniq 5 EV makes Tesla look outdated

Elon Musk is getting some pretty serious competition in the electric vehicle market.