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A brief history of modern foldable phones

A travelogue through the highs and lows of the folding phone era, from creaky hinges to shattered screens. Is this the future we were promised?

Cowboy wants its e-bike to be your daily workhorse

Priced at just under $2,000 and with impressive features and after-sales support, the Belgian company makes a compelling argument.

Giddy up

HP’s new tablet has a flippable hi-res webcam

A 13-megapixel camera flips forwards and backwards for hi-res selfies as well as front-facing pics and video.


Hands-on with the Surface Pro 8

Microsoft’s classic Surface tablet gets its biggest design upgrade yet.


Microsoft tries dual-screen phones (again) with Surface Duo 2

With faster performance, bigger screens with a 90Hz refresh rate, and a triple-lens camera, Microsoft has fixed virtually all of the original Surface Duo’s shortcomings.


This custom BMW looks like an actual spaceship

Zillers Custom Garage, a Moscow-based bike shop, put a futuristic twist on the R18.


Watch this YouTuber turn the Shire into an epic wargaming board

One incredibly detailed Lord of the Rings tabletop gaming board to rule them all.


Here's everyone who infuriated Nike for copying its iconic sneakers

The sportswear giant has had quite the litigious year.


Hands-on with Specialized’s new Turbo Vado, Como, and Tero e-bikes

The lauded cycle company takes the wraps off of three premium e-bikes.


Ikea's hotspot transforms your table into a wireless charger

The Sjömärke clings to the bottom of your table for "invisible" wireless charging.


DJI's OM 5 is a must-own phone gimbal for travelers

Lighter and more compact than previous models, DJI has practically perfected its $159 OM 5 phone gimbal with a telescoping rod and more new features.


This golden Cup Noodles model is the only thing I want in this world

I would give all my earthly possessions to own this plastic piece of noodle history.


Huge leak shows off Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The alleged Surface Duo 2 could be the phone everyone expected last year with reportedly delivering flagship internals and more than one camera.