Taco Bell subreddit locks down in protest at chain's decision to ax the Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell executives are surely freaking out right now.

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The moderators of /r/TacoBell have locked the subreddit into private mode after the chain announced it is removing the Mexican Pizza from its menus. Taco Bell also announced today that it's eliminating shredded chicken as a protein option in its latest move to simplify its menu during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mexican Pizza consists of refried beans or meat between two hard tortillas with cheese, hot sauce, sour cream, and diced tomatoes on top.

The revolt — Trying to visit /r/TacoBell now displays a message that reads, "This sub will remain locked until Taco Bell reverses their decision to remove Mexican Pizzas from the menu." The message also asks visitors to sign a petition.


Earlier in the day before the subreddit was locked, users were seen calling for the ouster of Taco Bell's CEO. They are, needless to say, quite opinionated about their favorite pseudo-Mexican fast-food chain.


Like other chains, Taco Bell decided to simplify its menu at a time when fewer employees are working the kitchen and more people are filling the drive-thru lane. Some menu items can take more time to prepare. If they're not popular in the first place, eliminating them can make workers' lives easier. McDonald's has also removed some items like salads, though it has said they'll return sometime in the future.

Vegetarian heaven no more? — Taco Bell is signaling these removals are a permanent change that will make room for new options in the future. Many vegetarians have been up in arms about the elimination of the Spicy Potato Soft Taco and other items, as the chain has long been a vegetarian mainstay. Every item on Taco Bell's menu can substitute meat for beans without diminishing the quality. As such it's considered one of the best fast food options for vegetarians.

It stands to reason that Taco Bell would want to maintain its positive reputation among that demographic, but the chain has been coy when asked if it plans to introduce a meat-alternative protein like Beyond Beef or Impossible.

Fans of the Mexican Pizza can continue enjoying it until November 5 — unless, of course, Reddit has its way. We're sure executives at Taco Bell are trembling right now.