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Tesla is hiring people to defend CEO Elon Musk on Twitter

The company is notorious for poor customer service and communications, with many complaints directed at the CEO's Twitter account.

Don't @ me

Kia has 7 new electric vehicles coming by 2027


Sondors' Metacycle is a $5K e-motorcycle with 80 miles of range

And you can preorder one now.

Ride on

Tesla's problem with failing touchscreens triggers recall request


This drone concept is literally the Cadillac of gratuitous flying vehicles

Cadillac's passenger drone is here to whisk you away from one skyscraper to... another skyscraper.

CES 2021

E-scooter startup Lime blacklists all Trump-related businesses

Today in: Too little, too late.


Hyundai says it's been in discussions about building an Apple car

The automaker says Apple is in talks with multiple car companies.


Mercedes-Benz shows off its humongous display, the 'Hyperscreen'

The 56-inch "Hyperscreen" will find its way into cars starting this year.


Chinese search company Baidu plans to make electric cars

The company is the latest tech giant to jump into the rapidly growing market.


This hybrid solar-powered yacht can drive on land

The hybrid yacht has a payload elevator for your Cybertruck.


MG's electric coupe could beat the Tesla Roadster to market

The brand's classically British design could appeal to buyers who want a blend of new and old... or don't want to wait.


Gazelle is ending trade-ins next year. Here's what you should know.

As consumer trends change, the website is modifying business.