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Chinese search company Baidu plans to make electric cars

The company is the latest tech giant to jump into the rapidly growing market.

Baidu sign outside its Beijing headquarters.
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Tesla steps on the Autopilot accelerator as gov’t probes fatal crashes

Tesla is increasing its max Autopilot speed to 85 mph as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration probes dozens of crashes related to the software.


Bentley's first electric vehicle will be as fast as it is expensive

The luxury automaker's first fully-electric vehicle is set to arrive in 2025 and will come with an eye-watering 1,400 horsepower.


Honda's first all-electric SUV is set to launch in 2024

The Prologue is just the beginning of Honda's commitment to ramping up EV production.


Tesla opens Semi truck reservations with no release date in sight

There's a $15,000 non-refundable deposit involved, by the way.

Semi Real

Cadillac's first all-electric crossover now has an official price

The Cadillac Lyriq will roll into customer driveways beginning this fall.


Arcimoto’s super-fast electric delivery vehicles are coming to New York

The electric vehicle maker is partnering with delivery vehicle rental service JOCO to pilot its Deliverator EV in New York City.


Uber is piloting two types of robotic food deliveries in Los Angeles

Despite abandoning its own autonomous vehicles, Uber is testing Uber Eats deliveries via robot and autonomous driving in LA.


Super73’s collab with Topgolf is the perfect e-bike for your dad

This e-bike can easily switch between being your daily commuter and your golf caddy with its golf bag carrier, golf-ball shaped speaker, and cooler.


C3strom’s Astro looks like a motorcycle but rides like an electric bike

The company's first two models are e-bikes with a more serious moto design and can top out at 32 mph.


Ford's new ad makes fun of Elon Musk and his little rockets

Following the launch of the F-150 Lightning, Ford is coming out hard against its EV competition.


Fisker claims its third prospective EV will shatter range records

Fisker’s Project Ronin will be a sporty EV with a supposed 660-mile range and is expected to enter production in the second half of 2024.


Frey's new fat tire e-bike is ready for the mountain and the road

The original CC model released in 2019 and has received an all-terrain makeover by the Chinese manufacturer.


Electric Hummer pickups are being re-sold for more than double MSRP

With only 99 units shipped thus far, the Hummer EV is in super high demand.


USPS is being sued over plans for a gas-guzzling fleet

Neither rain nor snow nor electric vehicles.


Polestar hopes the blockchain will make its EV production more ethical

The newly improved Polestar 2 also includes a more efficient battery and low-carbon aluminum.


Subaru's first all-electric SUV now has an official price

The all-electric Solterra's most basic trim is going to start at $44,995, while the touring model starts at $51,995.