Future of Pleasure

Future of Pleasure Future of Pleasure Future of Pleasure Future of Pleasure Future of Pleasure Future of Pleasure Future of Pleasure

Instagram Live streams can now be watched from a desktop browser

First DMs, now Live — could we be in the middle of an Instagram renaissance?


Aglet — a 'Pokémon Go' for sneakerheds — wants to turn the world into a game

A former Adidas director is launching a location-based app that lets you collect virtual sneakers.


‘Animal Crossing’ has become a streetwear playground

As ‘New Horizons' takes off, brands like 100 Thieves and enthusiasts who craft their own designs are getting in on the action.

Village Drip Gods

Facebook Gaming takes a swipe at Twitch with amateur-friendly Tournaments

It’s early days for its esports functionality, but an admirably huge swing.


Put.io makes torrenting, collecting, and watching movies and TV dead simple

Hoard all the data you want, collect massive ROM libraries, and finally solve your movie storage nightmare with one app.

This Thing Rules

OK Zoomer: How Houseparty is letting people get weird in the age of coronavirus

It’s like Zoom, but without that "corporate smell."


Porn stars are trying to become cam stars. It’s not as easy as it looks

It's hyper-competitive, emotionally draining work. But in the age of social distancing, many adult performers have little choice.

Adult problems

The new Polaroid Now is an instant camera for simpler times

A welcome distraction from a company that survived its own existential crisis and near-death experience.

Instant Retrofication

Spotify will discontinue third-party DJ app support in July

Now, you’ll have to spin from SoundCloud, Tidal, or music you actually own.