Future of Pleasure

Future of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of Pleasure
PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 02: Kanye West is seen on March 02, 2020 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Pias...

Amazon staff creeped on shopping habits of exes, Kanye, 'The Avengers' cast...

And before you ask: Yes, dildos were discovered.

Gucci Love Parade butt plug necklace

Gucci’s butt plug necklace is here to make sex toys high fashion

Giving a new meaning to statement jewelry.

Sad young Caucasian woman sit on couch at home look in distance mourning yearning, unhappy upset fem...

Roku is sunsetting non-certified channels, including Pornhub

Whoever's getting their rocks off via Roku will have to scour for another source. As if there were an easy alternative...

Rated R for 'Roku'

Witches Anonymous: Wiccan Reddit is a haven for recovering addicts

“The 12 steps lend themselves very well to witchcraft,” says one sober practitioner.


Japan arrests man who de-pixelated porn using deepfake tech

Japanese authorities cited violations of both copyright and obscenity laws.


Nike's legendary ‘Strawberry Cough’ Dunk High sneaker is finally dropping

The cannabis-themed sneaker — originally slated for release on 4/20/2020 — is launching this month.


Vienna's museums now have an OnlyFans account for their nudes

After TikTok and Instagram blocked their nude art, the city's museums moved to a platform that appreciates sexuality.


It’s terrible being a fat, Black femme on Instagram

Between photo takedowns and fatphobic trolls, the app is a hostile place for creators who don’t fit Western beauty standards.


Tesla unveils new battery pack at Gigafactory tour. And, sigh, Gigabeer.

The new battery structure will make Model Y production more efficient and cost-effective.


A castle is now home to the first clinic treating crypto addicts

Being addicted to trading bitcoin is similar to a gambling addiction, but there's little research into how to help.


NBA legend Allen Iverson on his first weed collab with Al Harrington’s Viola

The pair talk about their marijuana strain, dubbed ‘96, and what it’s like to be part of a growing industry.


Inside the secretly vibrant business of porn MP3s

Video sites like Pornhub and OnlyFans get all the attention, but audio smut is a surprisingly profitable enterprise.

Adult content

Amazon basically admits weed smokers are integral to its workforce

The company recently announced support for two pieces of marijuana law reform legislation, conceding drug law biases.


DoorDash follows rivals with launch of alcohol delivery

Rivals including Postmates and Uber will already bring you adult beverages to pair with your takeout.


Activists deplatformed a deepfake porn app, but others remain

A "horrifying" easy-to-use AI face-swapping app was taken offline shortly after write-up by MIT's Technology Review.


Instagram has emerged as a major front in the fight for abortion rights

Amid the controversy over Texas’ SB 8 law, groups are using social media to get out the word on self-sourced abortion.