Larissa Gomes and Evan Rodgers
2.8.2020 6:00 PM

52 Trips

The must-have essentials for a trip to Rio de Janeiro

Careful with those caipirinhas.

If winter is making your joints ache, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a beach destination worth checking out. I’ve lived in New York for seven years, so I try to make it down to Rio at least once a year to rest and recharge, and nothing brings me back to life like a dip in the sea followed by a fresh, cold brazilian coconut water (served in the coconut, of course).

Even though I was born in Brasília, the capital city built in the 1960s, Rio has a special place in my heart: on top of the beautiful beaches, it’s an older city teeming with positive energy and deep cultural roots. And the locals are great: they have an inner joy strong enough to weather the political and economic storms that are constantly dancing on Brazil’s horizon.

Fanny packs are back in style, so you can look your best and protect your stuff at the same time.

My favorite period in Rio is during the summer from December to February, when sunscreen is as vital as water (make sure the formula protects against sun burn). But don’t let the heat fool you: while you’ll spend most of your time outside, they crank the A/C indoors, so you’ll want to pack a light cardigan. Also, Rio is a popular tourist destination, so try not to wear expensive jewelry and take precautions to avoid pickpockets. Luckily, fanny packs are back in style, so you can look your best and protect your stuff at the same time.

Winter in the northeast can be a slog. But between sunbathing in Ipanema, hiking to waterfalls in Horto, and drinking caipirinhas at a samba show in Lapa, Rio’s vibrant culture and natural surroundings have everything I need to escape the cold and prepare for another year of riding the NYC subway.