Materials of fashion

The brands and designers setting the standard for a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

Adidas' outdoor division will test out a new rental program

Perhaps we need to question the concept of ownership to be more sustainable.


The EV industry needs a better system for recycling batteries


Wearing Nike’s Cosmic Unity: A basketball shoe you can style with any outfit

An all-too-rare hoops sneaker that dabbles in lifestyle.


New Balance brings back its excess-made, one-of-a-kind 998 sneakers

The "Made Responsibly" program returns for a second time.


Airbus thinks liquid cooling could advance zero-emissions air travel

Cooling an electric powertrain to cryogenic temperatures can make components run more efficiently. So Airbus is testing one for use in airliners.


Adidas is working on a fully recyclable jacket just like its shoes

The Futurecraft.Loop line expands into apparel.


The North Face will make more recycled, renewable gear to help save the planet

As well as hold itself accountable to science-based sustainability targets.


This Adidas UltraBoost is meant to be worn and turned into a new shoe

The “Made to be Remade” model arrives just in time for Earth Week.


Adidas used mushrooms to create its ‘Mylo’ Stan Smith sneaker

The lab-created shoe is for fungis only.


Nike will start refurbishing sneakers and selling them at a discount

The sustainability move is set to make the brand’s footprint smaller — and its profits bigger.


The sad reality of sustainable fashion: ‘Exaggerated, false, or deceptive’

Brands are busy revealing sustainability initiatives, but it can be hard to tell which are actually legit. Now Instagram influencers are calling them out.

Being Green Isn't Easy

Adidas’ recycled Stan Smith sneaker gets sleeker, vibrant, and more colorful

Making the silhouette even greener, and adding Earth-inspired graphics.