Materials of fashion

The brands and designers setting the standard for a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

Asics and a Japanese architect made a shoe inspired by bamboo weaving

Kengo Kuma returns to his "Metaride AMU" silhouette from 2019.


Nike's bringing back one of its best running shoes ever, the 'Free Run Trail'

Coming in a fetching "Happy Pineapple" makeup.


Nike turned trash into the best-looking basketball shoe it has made in years

And its most sustainable.


Nike's coral reef-inspired Air Max 95 shoe makes sustainability look sexy

With a box to match.


Reebok's vegan sneakers are sleek and minimalist to the core

Made in partnership with small apparel brand STORY mfg.


Ikea bought an entire forest to save it from destruction


Discover the real value of your clothes thanks to a guy who tracked his for years

Sustainable fashion, but make it data.


Moncler’s iconic puffer jacket is now 100 percent sustainable

And will 100 percent wreck your wallet.


Adidas revamps its iconic Stan Smith sneaker with recycled materials

Making the silhouette a lot more green.


Sweaters made out of ski masks? Meet the designer making them.

Lasher Felix is ready to change the game with his reworked, upcycled garments.

New Face

Trash is the new black: Zero Waste Daniel turns scraps into fashion

Meet the designer who wants to dress you for a green world.

New Pioneers

Burberry will donate leftover fabric to fashion students in need

Not including the iconic Burberry check.