TikTok is adding a new warning for 'distressing' searches

Along with some expanded wellbeing guides.


Today's Google Doodle honors Avicii for suicide prevention week

Tim Bergling would've been 32 tomorrow. His family hopes his legacy will open conversations about mental health and suicide.


Does streetwear's 'wellnesscore' actually do anything for mental health?

Wellness is now its own fashion genre, but critics question brands’ motives and whether their messaging has a positive effect on people.

For Your Mind

No, we do not need an emotion tracking necklace called NeckFace

But thanks for asking.

Hard pass

Looking to start red light therapy? Here's what you need

With a flood of cheap devices on Amazon, here's how to get the most of this experimental, but beloved, new skincare treatment.

This Thing Rules

How I got over my obsession with BabyCenter’s community boards

After my miscarriage, reading incredibly anxious posts by other would-be moms made me feel normal — until it didn’t.

Maternal instincts

Can a ‘prescription app’ help treat depression? Happify thinks so.

Can digital therapy be as effective as in-person treatment?


Inside TikTok’s booming dissociative identity disorder community

Influencers who say they have DID, once known as multiple personality disorder, are a vocal — and controversial — presence on the app.

Mental health

After my dog died, I found solace in helping strangers on Facebook

The more I typed reassurances to other grieving pet owners, the more I came to believe those words myself.


Go ahead, google your symptoms!

Contrary to what you may have heard, diagnosing your medical conditions using the internet can actually help, per the latest research.

Playing doctor

Forget fidget spinners, popping toys may be even better stress relievers

If you’ve ever popped bubble wrap you’ll likely understand the appeal immediately.


Gaming while disabled — the future of adaptive tech is here

Adaptive tech in video gaming has exploded in the last few years, but costs and programming know-how can still keep games out of reach of many physically disabled gamers.