Cerebral realizes pushing benzos on TikTok is bad, actually

"You know, when you put it like that..." -- Cerebral, probably

For Your Health

The Eve 6 Guy explains why ghosting gets a bad rap

Plus, ’90s rocker Max Collins offers advice on what to do when your ex starts getting friendly with your Twitter mutuals.

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Controversial ADHD startup Cerebral stops prescribing Adderall

The company you've seen all over your TikTok feed is also being investigated by the DEA.

Pills pills pills

The Eve 6 Guy’s advice on Twitter crushes and toxic parents

In this installment of Heart in a Blender, ’90s rocker Max Collins imparts some serious wisdom about relationships and social media.

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Squishmallows are adorable, but their online fandom has a dark side

Vigilantes are doxxing and bullying resellers. “People are going feral,” says one collector.

Animal instincts

Meet TikTok’s cannamoms, mothers who proudly smoke weed

“We use cannabis, and we are productive as f*ck,” says one.


The Eve 6 Guy’s advice on quitting weed and hooking up with rock stars

Extremely online ’90s musician Max Collins returns for a very special 4/20 edition of his column.

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The Doomsday Alarm Clock is a hell of a way to start the day

Wake up to the dulcet sounds of facts regarding the various ways we will all probably die.

Wide Awake

How a decade of playing Candy Crush helped me control autistic overwhelm

For some, Candy Crush is more than a game — it’s relief.


Twitch streamers are struggling with 'trauma dumping'

Viewers are derailing chats with their personal problems, and streamers feel ill-equipped to deal with their issues.

Mental health

Introducing the Eve 6 Guy’s advice column, Heart in a Blender

Move over, Dear Abby! Watch out, Dan Savage! Extremely online ’90s rock star Max Collins is here to answer Input readers’ questions.

Heart in a Blender

Meet the goonettes, women with staggering online porn habits

Hours-long masturbation sessions are the norm. “I love going brain numb to porn,” says one scenester.


Need your aura cleansed? These TikTokers can help.

Skeptics be damned, Reiki practitioners swear by their form of energy healing.

Spring Cleaning Issue

So Apple is just never going to fix Screen Time, huh?

If Josh is actually spending 35 hours per week on bloomberg.com then it's probably time for an intervention.


Meta rolls out parental supervision tools for Instagram

Parents can set time limits and see who’s following their kids. Quest VR parental supervision is coming soon, too.


TikTok helped turn a sketchy telehealth company into an empire

A new exposé from Bloomberg Businessweek lays out the trouble with telehealth startup, Cerebral, and how social media is making matters worse.