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Young Asian Handsome Pro Gamer wearing headset is playing online mobile game and having live stream

Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta has arrived for iOS devices and PCs

The battle for game streaming supremacy is seriously heating up.


The Surface Laptop 4 challenges the M1 MacBook Air with 19 hours of battery

What matters is on the inside and Microsoft knows it. With longer battery life and Intel or AMD Ryzen R4/R5 processors, the Surface Laptop 4 focuses on the features that actually matter.

HOLLYWOOD FILM PREMIERE: 'SPACE JAM' (Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images)

Tomorrow 230: The plot of ‘Space Jam’

It totally makes sense. Kinda.


Surface Pro 7 ad meant to mock the iPad Pro lands a weak punch

The products are quite different, but Microsoft tries to compare them.


Tech bosses hoarded more wealth than ever before during the pandemic

The 2021 edition of Forbes' billionaires list puts the unwieldy wealth of the tech world on full display.


The U.S. Army is getting custom HoloLens headsets from Microsoft


CNN has a tedious game about the Suez Canal big boat fiasco

A reminder that moving cargo on giant ships like the Ever Given is largely thankless, occasionally challenging, and often dull.


The Xbox Wireless Headset puts PlayStation Pulse 3D to shame

Sorry Sony, but in the battle of the next-gen headsets, Microsoft is the winner.

Xbox Brings the Beat

Microsoft says Xbox Game Pass subscribers play more — and spend more

Xbox Live is also being rebranded to Xbox network.


Microsoft looks toward gaming supremacy with Discord buyout


Why it's really hard to pin down the cultural identity of a video game

As the gaming industry is becoming ever more diverse, is it possible — let alone appropriate — to classify games based on the worlds they come from?


The Rock mailed me a massive Xbox full of energy drinks

Can you smell what The Rock is drinking?