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Surface Pro 8 leaked image

Everything we know about the Surface Pro 8 release date, display, and CPU so far

Microsoft's Surface event is on September 22, but a whopping new leak has unveiled what appears to be the Surface Pro 8 in all of its redesigned glory.


As translation technology improves, game localizations are getting worse

Game developers are becoming increasingly dependent on fans and enthusiasts to quality test their work. Localization quality is taking a critical hit.

Surface Duo 2 leaked images from YouTube

Huge leak shows off Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The alleged Surface Duo 2 could be the phone everyone expected last year with reportedly delivering flagship internals and more than one camera.


FTC report reveals Big Tech's acquisition loopholes

Chairwoman Lina Khan is calling for Big Tech watchdogs to shut down these workarounds in the future.


Discord's growth has more than doubled its valuation since last year

With 150 million monthly active users, Discord is absolutely dominating its market sector.


You don’t need a password for your Microsoft account anymore

Instead, you can log in using the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, or an SMS / emailed code.


Dev behind 'Splitgate' valued at a mind-boggling $1.5 billion

That's one-fifth of Bethesda


Updates to the Xbox app let you stream console games on your PC

For anyone with a Windows 10 PC or later you can now play your favorite Xbox games without actually having an Xbox physically present.


From 'Diablo 2' to 'Super Mario 64', remakes aren't always better

Updated versions of classic games might look better, but they can sometimes break stuff.


Interview: How the artist behind 'Subnautica' creates aliens that could actually exist

We love plunging into the depths of Alex Ries' artistic mind.


You can get a pre-load of Halo Infinite right now

As we approach the release of the latest title from the flagship franchise, ensure that you'll be ready to go on launch day.


Windows 11 ships on October 5 but without Android app support

Besides some much-needed visual updates, support for Android apps was the single biggest new feature announced for Windows 11.