New Pioneers

Charting a new course.

Carl Pei
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Trash is the new black: Zero Waste Daniel turns scraps into fashion

Meet the designer who wants to dress you for a green world.

New Pioneers

NFTs are about to blow up the auction house

Forget investing in Bitcoin. Blockchain-backed digital art exchanges like Nifty Gateway could make you even richer.

Bit bidding

SoundCloud dreamed of getting into fashion. GRVTY made it happen.

Just like it did for music artists, the company now wants to give emerging designers like Marshall Tan and Orlando Urbina a place to shine.


Liz Beecroft is dropping streetwear's hottest fit: Mental health

After a successful Nike collab, she now has a collection with LeBron James' UNKNWN that focuses on "mental fitness."


John Geiger is building a sneaker kingdom, one pair at a time

The designer talked to Input about his new GF-01 shoe, Nike, and the Warren Lotas "bootleg" fiasco.

Beyond Customs

The band behind a black metal 'Dark Souls' song reimagines the genre in MIDI

Black metal fans hate it. The band, Buzz Lightyear, couldn't be happier.


Step inside Nicole McLaughlin's reinvention of streetwear

Cereal vests, rock climbing Crocs, and Nike hat chairs? Just another day in the life of the reigning mashup maestro.


Meet Elliot Coll: The Game Boy's very own Dr. Frankenstein

On his channel The Retro Future, Elliot Coll turns aging game consoles into something more.

Portable power

Exclusive: A Q&A with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei on how the Nord came to life

The man in charge of making the company's first sub-$500 phone in years explains the Nord's design philosophy, his thoughts on foldables, and why his profile photo is the Monkey King.


Do hypebeasts want to rent their clothes? The Rotation is betting on it.

For a monthly fee, the service gives people access to designer clothes they can wear indefinitely and send back whenever they want to try a different piece.