Non-fungible tokens might be the future of art, content, and entertainment. Or maybe it's one big fad.

Crypto Virtual Museum and Metaverse internet NFT display as a futuristic streaming media symbol as a...

Nike accuses StockX of selling fake sneakers as lawsuit escalates

The sportswear giant has requested to add counterfeiting and false advertisement to its suit.


The rise (and fall?) of video game NFTs

There's been a lot of chatter about NFTs coming to your favorite games, but is there something to it?

Not for thee

Instagram announces NFT integration test just as the market flops

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin values are down nearly 20 percent in the last week.


Now the Bored Apes are taking over your breakfast nook

There’s Ape-themed cereal and coffee — and potentially many more NFT-branded consumer goods to come.

New pioneers

Coinbase's NFT marketplace has been a flop so far

And no one can agree whether or not the NFT market is up or down overall.

Certified flop

Nike and RTFKT Studio's first digital sneakers remix the Dunk

The “Cryptokicks” feature "Skin Vials" that change the sneakers’ look.


Bored Ape owners can 'audition' their NFTs for a new film trilogy

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is going to Hollywood.


StockX responds to Nike lawsuit, says its NFTs ‘aren't digital sneakers’

Nike has accused the resale platform of trademark infringement and trademark dilution.


An artist claims an Andrew Yang–backed NFT project screwed him over

Illustrator Phillip Lietz alleges that Yang’s Lobby3 organization took advantage of him and others.


Adidas will back its Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs for a week full of exclusives

Rare sneakers will also drop on the Confirmed App for “Members Week.”


Grimes is writing an ‘intergalactic children’s metaverse book’

Whatever that means!

Sorry, what?

What happens when vinyl records meet NFTs?

Musicians like Moses Sumney are getting in on the nascent trend. But not everyone is sold.


The Department of Justice is cracking down on NFT rug pulls

Two 20-year-olds whose “Frosties” NFT scheme involving images of anthropomorphic ice cream have been arrested in Los Angeles.


Want fries with that Ape? NFT restaurants are officially a trend.

Plans are in place for everything from a pop-up burger joint to “an extremely lavish” sushi establishment.

Non-fungible takeout

GameStop hopes launching NFT marketplace will keep meme profits alive

The original meme stock company is looking to expand profits in any way possible.


Bored Ape Yacht Club's new ApeCoin token is already plunging in value

But BAYC NFTs are selling better than ever.