Cheyenne MacDonald

Cheyenne is Deputy Editor at Input covering the messy, beautiful, sometimes terrifying crossroads of human culture and technology. CES’s Final Girl, if you will. From Big Tech accountability and innovation as a means for social progress to the offbeat gadgets and virtual spaces that provide us necessary escapes, she approaches reporting with a focus on community care and empowerment. Her amorphous beat also includes chronic illness, sex tech, marijuana, and comics.

In addition to her work at Input, she runs a sporadic science-focused newsletter, the perpetual stew, and reports locally about innovation in the Hudson Valley, NY, building on her years of experience as a science & technology reporter. Offline, she is a helicopter ferret mom, Tamagotchi hoarder, and wildlife rehabilitator-in-training.

This self-learning bionic hand gets better and better as you use it

Esper Bionics' smart prosthetic hand is ready for action after obtaining FDA approval last summer.


CES 2022: Everything you need to see

Keep up with all of Input's CES 2022 coverage in one place.

CES 2022

The road to hell is paved with well-intentioned robots

At CES 2022, Japanese robotics startup tmsuk introduced a lifelike ER training robot, Pedia-Roid, and we are terrified.

CES 2022

These suckling robotic plushies are freaking me the hell out. And yet...

From the people that brought you Qoobo, a pillow with an animatronic tail, Amagami Ham Ham is here to... um... nibble on your finger.

CES 2022

Forget clipping an AirTag to your dog, this AI collar is where it's at

Invoxia’s $99 collar doesn’t just track your dog’s location — it also monitors heart and respiratory rates 24/7, and tracks activity.

CES 2022

I really, really want this self-heating lunchbox

Steambox, unveiled at CES 2022, is compact enough to toss in your work bag and can steam-heat your meals on the go.

CES 2022

This at-home potency tester takes the gamble out of making edibles

tCheck can tell you the THC or CBD breakdown of your flower, concentrates, and homemade infusions in a matter of minutes.


Bellabeat's Ivy wearable is a beautiful, overpriced wellness tracker

If minimalism is what you're after, this could be the one for you.


He made a chatbot of his dying mother so he never has to let go

Justin Harrison created YOV — You, Only Virtual — so the bereaved can continue communicating with loved ones who have passed on.

You, Only Virtual

These beefy stargazing binoculars kind of changed my life

With 20x magnification, Celestron SkyMaster Pro binoculars took me out of this world and I don't wish to return.


This waterproof phone bag is an absolute beast against the elements

The Booē Belt Bag will keep your phone and any other valuable items completely dry in a pool or at the beach.

This Thing Rules

This 'jacket for your legs' makes outdoor hangouts bearable in the cold

Mozy will keep you nice and snug on the bleachers or at the bonfire.


As a kid living through dark times, ‘American McGee’s Alice' was my asylum

The nightmarish adaptation of Lewis Carroll's adventure tale became an unlikely outlet in the face of grief and uncertainty.

The Backlog

Before ‘Squid Game’, Ice Cream Man spun game shows into dark realities

One surreal story contained in this horror anthology feels especially apt in the era of publicizing our entire lives.

The Backlog

Pivo Pod's motion-tracking phone mount is a huge let down

The motion-tracking smartphone mount that’s advertised all over Instagram, err, isn’t that great at tracking motion.


Floppers are the most comfortable house shoes in existence

This little-known brand boasts "the comfiest slippers ever made." It's not lying.

This Thing Rules

OnlyFans confirms the porn ban in email to creators, updated terms

It took over 24 hours for the site to notify users after first releasing statements to the media.

Good Vibes Only

DGK’s White Castle merch puts McDonald’s x Travis Scott to shame

The skate brand teamed up with White Castle to celebrate the chain’s 100-year anniversary.

Crave Life