Ian Carlos Campbell

Ian Carlos Campbell is a part-time Reviews Writer for Input.

Prior to joining Input, Ian was a Vox Media Fellow embedded with The Verge’s news team, covering everything from soon to be shuttered Twitter features to plays held in Google Docs.

When he’s not posting, Ian likes playing indie video games, watching far too much TV, and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling...

The internet's hottest club is Jack Dorsey's Block website

I can't be mad at a rebrand that produces this level of chill and this amount of colorful cubes.

Pondering material

Sorry, color e-readers are a flop (for now)

The PocketBook InkPad Color doesn’t find a truly great use-case for color E Ink screens even if it shows how the technology has improved.


A Digimon fitness tracker is like having a Fitbit with a friend built-in

The Bandai Vital Bracelet Digital Monster isn’t the most accurate at tracking, but it is a pretty fun (and surprisingly complicated) way to motivate yourself to exercise.


The Mobile Phone Museum is a monument to the earliest and weirdest phones ever

The online curation covers everything from the suitcase-sized phones that started it all to the smartphones we know and love today. And it’s all viewable online for free.

Time machine

Skittish is a Zoom hang for people who love Animal Crossing

A video call alternative with wild animals and a use of spatial 3D audio that makes a whole lot of sense.

Talk Zoo

The Balmuda Phone is a glimpse into a reality that will never happen

A toaster company can release a rounded, pebble-shaped smartphone, but it can’t change our boring rectangular present.

A better world

I found the perfect band for sweaty Apple Watch users

TwelveSouth’s ActionBand is a worthwhile buy for only the sweatiest Apple Watch users.

Sweat collector

Descript turns audio-editing into text my dumb brain understands

What if making a podcast or editing a video was as easy as collaborating on a Google Doc?

This Thing Rules

A camera watching your home workouts? Buckle up, it's happening.

Constantly monitoring your heart rate with smartwatches eroded privacy barriers that could have made connected fitness cameras more uncomfortable.

An eye for fitness

The GPD Pocket 3 makes me wish the iPad mini 6 had a keyboard

There’s nothing comfortable about a tiny keyboard, but the GPD Pocket 3 shows how handy tablets could be if they worked a bit more like netbooks.

Tiny Computer Life

Apple's Touch Bar is good, actually

There's a whole community of Touch Bar fans who are not celebrating the "useless" touchscreen's death. Here's why I'm one of them.

The Contrarian

The Quest 2 feels like dial-up for the metaverse

Meta's VR headset is the backbone of the metaverse. There's just one problem: the underpowered hardware is best for games, not work, or the rest of reality.

Not up to snuff