Max Collins

Max Collins is from the band Eve 6. Eve 6 were popular in the ’90s and arguably had a couple hits. They’re still a band, but sort of a weirdo version of the original. Max is currently working on a book, titled Heart in a Blender, due out in 2023.

The Eve 6 Guy explains why ghosting gets a bad rap

Plus, ’90s rocker Max Collins offers advice on what to do when your ex starts getting friendly with your Twitter mutuals.

Heart in a Blender

The Eve 6 Guy’s advice on Twitter crushes and toxic parents

In this installment of Heart in a Blender, ’90s rocker Max Collins imparts some serious wisdom about relationships and social media.

Heart in a Blender

The Eve 6 Guy’s advice on quitting weed and hooking up with rock stars

Extremely online ’90s musician Max Collins returns for a very special 4/20 edition of his column.

Heart in a Blender

Introducing the Eve 6 Guy’s advice column, Heart in a Blender

Move over, Dear Abby! Watch out, Dan Savage! Extremely online ’90s rock star Max Collins is here to answer Input readers’ questions.

Heart in a Blender