Raymond Wong

Raymond Wong is the Deputy Editor of Reviews & Guides, and leads Input's consumer tech and gaming coverage. Whether it's reviewing the latest devices, investigating the use of AI in smartphone cameras to fake moon photos, or diving deep into design and engineering, he strives to uncover the larger story through honest, truthful reporting and new storytelling formats. His reviews and analysis have influenced and shaped product design at many tech companies including OnePlus.

Previously, he was Senior Tech Correspondent at Mashable, where he led consumer tech coverage and commanded an audience that included everyone from Tim Cook to Elon Musk.

Raymond's other loves include: gaming (Game Boy forever!), photography and video production, making a mess in the kitchen, eating ice cream all year round (even when it's freezing out), and obsessing over details in Wong Kar Wai films.

How Andy To shoots and edits his incredible iPhone films

I followed the creative genius for an entire day to learn his creative process — maybe you, too, can make a film that Tim Cook will share one day.

AAPI Spotlight

This is 'Extreme Reviews'

An Input video series where Deputy Editor Ray Wong tests the latest gadgets — with an extreme twist!


Sony LinkBuds S review: These ANC earbuds are incredible

At $199, Sony’s ANC LinkBuds S kinda dunk on AirPods Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro.


Sony's WH-1000XM5 have slimmer, lighter design and even stronger ANC

The best-in-class ANC over-headphones finally get a much-needed makeover, inside and out.


Top Gun: Maverick is a cinematic joyride, but Dolby Atmos is the real star

"This is a movie that is designed to be seen on the biggest screen you can find and the best sound system in your town," Maverick director Joseph Kosinski tells us in an interview.

Danger Zone

Google’s Pixel 6a seems like an unbeatable value

Google’s latest 5G Android smartphone costs $449 and packs so many features. It might just be the best phone value of the year.

Google I/O 2022

Sonos’ $279 Ray soundbar is here to upgrade your TV’s crappy speakers

Alongside a new budget soundbar, Sonos is also introducing a new voice control experience and three new colors for its Roam wireless speaker.


Google says screw it: Here’s what Pixel 7 and 7 Pro look like

We weren't expecting these two flagship Android phones to show up at Google I/O 2022 — two seasons early.

Google I/O 2022

Finally, you don't need to repeat 'Hey Google' over and over on your Nest Hub Max

"Look and Talk" is a new feature coming to Google's largest smart display. Why isn't it coming to the smaller Nest Hubs?

Google I/O 2022

In an alternate timeline, here's what the iPhone could have been

Like an iPod according to this concept prototype shared by Tony Fadell, the "father" of Apple's hit music player.


14 no-brainer Mother's Day gifts that are worth the money

Unless you're a horrible human being, who forgot Mother's Day is on Sunday.

Mother's Day 2022

14 Mother’s Day gifts mom gamers would absolutely love

Your cool mom who games deserves a real gift that celebrates their hobby. Not a mug with Mario or Master Chief slapped on it.

Mother's Day 2022

I had no idea macOS's Finder app could do this Photoshop trick

This macOS feature removes the background from an image with a single click. My mind is blown. Exploded. It’s basically dark magic.


How to get Apple’s awesome, braided Lightning cable since it’s not sold separately

Why won't Apple sell this beautiful, durable, Lightning cable separately?

This Thing Rules

Apple says it's fixed the Studio Display's bad webcam, but tests show otherwise

Can you even see a difference between before and after the software update for the Studio Display webcam?

Spring Cleaning Issue

This is the most appealing PopSocket I've ever seen

It has a knife in it that also doubles as a bottle opener, a mini pry bar, and a hex screwdriver. Take my money!


Let’s calm down about those iPhone 16 rumors, okay?

Maybe the rumors are true. But we won’t know until 2024. Don’t let iPhone 16 rumors stop you from considering this year’s iPhone 14. That’s just stupid.


I should have bought this $13 Wahl nose hair trimmer years ago

Instead of spring cleaning my home this year, I’m spring cleaning my nostrils with this $13 Wahl nose, ear, and brow trimmer. I feel like a new man.

Spring Cleaning Issue

Playing Nintendo Switch Sports made me miss motion controls badly

As the Switch enters its fifth birthday, Nintendo is leaning on motion controls and a bit of nostalgia to keep sales going. It might work.