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This 50-inch Samsung TV that doubles as art is $350 off today

This chameleon TV is a work of art when you’re not watching it.

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Feel like a magician with Samsung's SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug

There are few things you can control these days, but your designer banana lamp can be one of them.

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What’s wrong with Samsung’s Note S20 Ultra / The Tesla of electric skateboards

On this episode, we talk about a bad camera and a rad board.

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Samsung's turned smartphone recycling into a race for perfection

The company's Display arm is setting new standards for sustainability, and winning awards in the process.


You only have a few hours to get Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone for $500 off

The unlocked version is available, in black or purple, for $880.

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I tested the Note 20 Ultra for weeks. What is going on with this camera?

I thought that Samsung had fixed the camera on the Note 20 Ultra, but the problem is Samsung's entire imaging philosophy.


Samsung’s damn cool Galaxy Buds Live / Can Allbirds shoes be cool?

On this episode, we talk about bean-shaped wireless earbuds and sustainability-focused footwear.

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Tomorrow 206: Topolsky's Dune

From Timothée Chalamet to gaming PCs, we've had quite a week.


A bonanza of Nintendo goodies / Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs. Microsoft’s Surface Duo

On this episode, we discuss AR Super Mario Bros. and the best of foldable phones.

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Galaxy Z Fold 2 review: The foldable you want at the price you don’t

At $2,000, the Fold 2 is still expensive as hell. But Samsung has finally legitimized foldable phones.


Tomorrow 205: Melting Pot

America is a rich tapestry of cultures, beliefs, and Super Mario games.


We got the Galaxy Z Fold 2 early. Here's how it compares to the Surface Duo

It's the battle of the foldables: Samsung vs. Microsoft. One has a foldable screen. The other has dual displays. Which one is better?