Small Business Salutes

Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes

Benevolent Apple is cutting App Store fees in half for most developers

The new App Store Small Business Program looks pretty good for Apple's anti-trust investigations.


Chase is taking on Square's infamous credit card dongle with clone, QuickAccept

Ten years after Square launched its credit card dongle that plugs into a smartphone, Chase is introducing a competing product.


Kraken is granted approval to become America's first crypto-bank

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange service unveiled Kraken Financial earlier this week.


Apple is threatening a company of five employees over its pear logo

Apple claims a small meal-prep company's emblem looks far too similar to, um, an apple.


Amazon is now being investigated by New York and California AGs alongside the FTC

Amazon has been accused of treating third-party merchants unfairly.


Alphabet's revenue took its first downturn in 22 years because of COVID-19

Search revenue has been battered by coronavirus.


Almost half of Google's $10B for India is going to this billionaire

The company's July 13 announcement of "Google for India" now sounds more like "Google for Mukesh Ambani."


Square is using customers' money to protect itself while they flounder

Square says the measure is meant to protect customers, but instead it's hurting business owners.


Facebook, Google, Amazon are reportedly willing to testify before Congress in antitrust hearing

The Washington Posts calls it a potential "made-for-television moment" and it's hard to disagree with that descriptor.


How to buy books online without Amazon

It's more important than ever to support small bookstores while they're forced to keep their doors closed.


10 stunning fashion pieces you can buy from Black-owned brands right now

Fashion profits off Black culture, so put your money directly to the source.


COVID-19 is creating commercial winners and losers. Here's the data to prove it.

Telehealth and sports goods are enjoying an uptick in business. But times are grim for luxury and travel brands.