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Someone’s been hanging nooses at an Amazon warehouse in CT

The company is offering a $100,000 reward for information on the perpetrator.


Amazon intimidated a worker for leading a walkout over pandemic safety conditions

Jonathan Bailey was accused of threatening workplace safety and interrogated for 90 minutes.


Why it's really hard to pin down the cultural identity of a video game

As the gaming industry is becoming ever more diverse, is it possible — let alone appropriate — to classify games based on the worlds they come from?


The 'Madden' games trail blazed representation — and plan to keep doing so

Football games have long been a surprising outpost for social justice.


Twitch hasn't kept its promises to disabled streamers

Just make a disability tag already.


If cyberpunk is going to survive, it has to drop the racism

Cyberpunk has a murky legacy of orientalism and xenophobia, but indie developers are creating cyberpunk worlds through a different lens — and telling vastly different stories.


Pact is trying to turn social justice into a subscription service

The collective wants to help people maximize the impact of their donations, and be completely transparent about how they are used.


This unhinged Instagram comic perfectly captures the horrors of 2020

Cartoonist Simon Hanselmann’s ‘Crisis Zone,’ due out later this year in book form, is a transgressive look at pandemic life.


Interview: WNBA player Aerial Powers is making gaming more inclusive one Twitch stream at a time

She's joined Team Liquid as a streamer and ambassador.


Airbnb to cancel all D.C. reservations for Inauguration week

The company says it has identified members affiliated with hate groups and have banned them from the network.


Apple announces tech education campus in Atlanta for HBCU students

Big Tech has deep-seated problems with racial inequality. Apple is one of the only companies making concrete moves to change that.


Copstagram: Inside law enforcement's terrifying social media bubble

Thanks to poor oversight of social media networks, the police are living in a horrifying parallel reality.

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