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Palantir and the LAPD know what your scars and tattoos look like

The LAPD’s decades-long slide into surveillance oriented policing is at a fever pitch.

Police Surveillance

For 5 years, Facebook ignored Events’ ability to incite violence

Muslim Advocates outlined its numerous futile attempts to affect change at Facebook.


Instagram's update on its recent ‘equity work’ feels empty

Thanks for letting us know that not much has happened yet, Adam.


Facebook intentionally ignored calls for violence before Kenosha shootings

The largest social media company in the world was alerted to the violence being organized on its platform. It turned a blind eye.


Facebook removes two ‘armed citizens’ counter-protest events in Kenosha

The events, which were created by a self-named militia, may be connected to the two killings in the Wisconsin city last night.


Bridgefy is a protest app that definitely won't keep you safe

Bridgefy is great for keeping in contact when you don't have an internet connection. Unless you want to keep your messages private, that is.


Facebook is treating anti-fascist content like alt-right fantasy

The company is equating groups committed to white supremacy with those exposing them.


Cops across the U.S. are using facial recognition tech to arrest protestors

Without comprehensive federal legislation governing its use, facial recognition is being used by law enforcement in multiple cities to identify protestors.


The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative wants to fight racism. It's failing.

CZI talks a big game and makes the right noises about diversity and inclusivity, but often leaves Black employees feeling unheard and Black communities wanting.