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Interview: WNBA player Aerial Powers is making gaming more inclusive one Twitch stream at a time

She's joined Team Liquid as a streamer and ambassador.


Airbnb to cancel all D.C. reservations for Inauguration week

The company says it has identified members affiliated with hate groups and have banned them from the network.


Apple announces tech education campus in Atlanta for HBCU students

Big Tech has deep-seated problems with racial inequality. Apple is one of the only companies making concrete moves to change that.


Copstagram: Inside law enforcement's terrifying social media bubble

Thanks to poor oversight of social media networks, the police are living in a horrifying parallel reality.

Boys in blue

Another Google employee has recounted severe racism inside the company

In her six years at Google, April Christina Curley says she faced horrific anti-Black sentiment from peers and supervisors alike.


Apple wants to weaken protections offered by Uighur forced labor bill

The tech giant says it's a champion of human rights yet it's lobbying against a bill to cut down on forced labor.


Cops used facial recognition to identify a Lafayette Square protestor

Made possible with help from a Twitter photo. The protestor in question allegedly punched a cop in the face.


The deepfake porn threat / The fight against racist porn

On this episode, we’ve got two stories about what’s bad about online smut.

Input/Output Podcast

Palantir and the LAPD know what your scars and tattoos look like

The LAPD’s decades-long slide into surveillance oriented policing is at a fever pitch.

Police Surveillance

The LAPD is using facial recognition tech despite denying it is


For 5 years, Facebook ignored Events’ ability to incite violence

Muslim Advocates outlined its numerous futile attempts to affect change at Facebook.


Instagram's update on its recent ‘equity work’ feels empty

Thanks for letting us know that not much has happened yet, Adam.