1.10.2020 3:02 PM


Kith enlists this Italian brand for a high tech tie-dye capsule

Nemen has a Stone Island-like approach to fabrics.

Kith is linking up with Nemen, an Italian technical apparel brand, for this striking capsule of tie-dye garments. The seven-piece capsule utilizes a triple tie-dye technique on synthetic materials to achieve the unique look. Three puffer jackets, one of which is reversible, and a standalone hood accessory are made from silk-touch finished nylon and filled with goose down. Because of the tie-dying process, each piece is truly one of a kind. On the non-tie-dye front is a bold blue vest made of custom-milled lightweight nylon, as well as a kimono and track pant rendered in a high-density nylon.

More about Nemen — With its dedication to innovative materials and dye processes, not to mention its Italian heritage, Nemen will naturally draw comparisons to Stone Island. Leonardo Fasolo, who founded the brand in 2012, will even cop to it, as he used to work for the esteemed technical brand. Nemen also places its branding signature on the left arm of its pieces with a large black band. For this collection, Kith’s logo replaces Nemen’s on the signature accent.

How to cop — The full collection will hit Kith stores and its website at 11 a.m. Friday. Nemen’s vests run around $600, and its jackets go for $1,400, so expect pricing to be around there. Despite fetching such a high fee, the pieces are likely to fly, so make sure you’re quick on the draw.