1.10.2020 5:00 PM


Nike ACG drops a new sneaker boot to drool over

The Air Terra Antarktik is tough as hell.

Nike ACG, the ever-reliable outdoors offshoot, has unveiled a new sneaker boot silhouette perfect for the winter. The Air Terra Antarktik is tough as hell, with an outsole that curves upward to stabilize the heel. A Gore-tex membrane inside the waterproof nylon upper provides two layers of protection from the elements, and a wide lacing system with an ankle strap bolsters even more stability. In short, this is a sneaker built so you stay dry and never fall on your ass. If only I had this in high school when we had to walk down an icy hill to portable classrooms and slips were guaranteed viewing.

Strap up — The new Nike ACG shoe is set to hit select retailers on January 16. It won’t come cheap at $225, but consider this an investment for many winters to come. Of the three colorways, the white is my personal favorite — and the one that demonstrates ACG's design sense best — but you can't go wrong with the stealthy black pair either.

Whatever you do, just don't pin roll your jeans like photo up top. It ain't 2015 anymore.