Nike lets you make your own Air Max 97 shoe as loud (or boring) as you want

Through the brand’s “By You” program, shoppers can change the shoe’s color, material, and mesh underlays.

Nike Air Max 97

If none of Nike’s newest — and seemingly endless — designs are your type, the brand has now announced that its Air Max 97 silhouette will be available for customization through its “Nike By You” program. Consumers, regardless of gender or size, can create their own version of the sneaker by changing its colors, textures, and even the look of its mesh underlays.

Those that are interested in copping a pair should move fast. While the Air Max 97 silhouette isn’t as coveted as Nike’s Dunk, the latter sold out in mere seconds, causing error messages and pre-saved designs to disappear. The number of pairs available through the Nike By You program have also been very restricted in the past, with the last drop rumored to be limited to around 130,000 pairs. Regardless of the type of silhouette, each consumer is also limited to one custom sneaker.

New personalization options — Nike’s latest By You drop allows consumers to customize the Air Max 97 more than ever before, with new color options and the chance to add a pattern to the shoe’s mesh underlays. Classic shades like black, navy, and gray are there if you want to keep your design neutral, while neon hues like orange, yellow, green, and pink can be used as accents or statement-making uppers.


Playing into ‘70s trends, Nike has made the mesh underlays of the Air Max 97 customizable as well, letting users opt for a wave-patterned mesh to give the shoe a psychedelic effect. The look is also similar to the underlays of Reebok’s beloved Zig Kinetica sneaker, but Nike’s shoe offers the style on a more chunky silhouette.

Underfoot, Air bags housed in the sole unit can be changed too, with various tones like a neon yellow, classic blue, or metallic silver available. Similar colors are offered for the shoe’s midsole and outsole, while users can also opt for a translucent option.


The ultimate exclusive — As one of Nike’s more pricy silhouettes, the custom versions of the Air Max 97 are costly — so decide what a personalized sneaker is worth to you prior to making your design on Nike’s By You website. Besides the month-long waiting period for your personalized shoe, a custom Air Max 97 will cost you $190. Granted, finding a shoe made to your exact specifications, or one you love that’s not sold out and reselling for hundreds, might be worth paying the price. After all, the custom silhouette will only be available for a limited time.