The cops need to be called over Reebok's 'Ghostbusters' sneakers

The Ghostsmasher is a monstrosity.

Reebok Ghostbusters Ghostsmasher

If the Ghostbusters were called in to conjure up these limited-edition sneakers, some other authority needs to be summoned in order to rid us of the monstrosity it's born.

Reebok has unveiled a collaborative capsule with Sony to commemorate the franchise in time for Halloween. Headlining the collection is a brand-new sneaker created for the occasion and named after Ghostbusters' original title, Ghostsmasher. This bulky, retro silhouette features a faux OG Pump proton pack on the heel with cables and tubes spilling out of it and wrapping around to the sides. It's a laceless effort, with one giant velcro patch replacing laces and a smaller strap at the heel.

If you are absolutely gangbusters for Ghostbusters, you'll probably love this shoe. But for anyone less enthusiastic about dressing for a 30-year-old paranormal comedy, it's hard to see the appeal.


There is a less fussy shoe, too — Less bulkily decorated is a Classic Leather done up for the occasion. It keeps things relatively subtle with a cream canvas upper inspired by the characters' jumpsuits and a Reebok patch to match the name patches. Another faithful detail comes in the caution stripes on the midsole, while the embroidery across the two heels reads, "Ready to Believe You." Completing the Ghostbusters homage is the official logo on the tongue, which is welded as opposed to the hand-painted one on the Ghostsmasher.

The best thing to come out of this collaboration, however, is a recreation of the iconic jumpsuit that puts anything you'll find at a costume store to shame. Alongside it, crewneck sweatshirts and T-shirts will both release in black and white, with the latter piece decorated by a smiley Vectorial logo.

Again, for the average sneakerhead or streetwear enthusiast, there's nothing here you can't miss. But I'm sure a Ghostbusters fanatic will be ecstatic. If you fall in the latter camp, look for all the goods to release through Reebok's site and other retailers on October 31.