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Hackers are unleashing chaos on Red Dead Online

Ensuing scenarios range from hilarious to bizarre to creepy and everything in between.

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Mods spice games up, to say the least. Age of Empire has its own list that lets you rig civilizational advances through the ages, Grand Theft Auto has its history of modders going berserk, Skyrim mods can turn you into a god, and a whole lot more. So it's no shock that Rockstar Games' Red Dead Online is going through its version of mod mayhem.

Snatching your coins — In a YouTube video posted by Zerdical, you can see how chaotic things get. By way of mods, players are able to simply drain other players' money within seconds.

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Scammers are using fake job listings to steal personal information, FBI warns

These people represent the worst of humanity.

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The FBI issued a public service announcement this week warning of a rise in job scams that trick victims into handing over sensitive personal information like social security numbers in order to accept a job offer that’s actually fake. Such scams target people at their most vulnerable, when they’re in need of work to pay the bills.

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Nokia released a perfect, modern burner phone for $130

The Nokia 2.3 meets all of your shady needs.

Nokia is still king of the burner phone. Sure, back in the day, Motorola tried to compete at the lower end of the market, but could you play Snake? In 2020, Nokia’s still got it, as evidenced in the Nokia 2.3 Android smartphone. It’s sleek enough to not obviously be an old-school burner phone for only $130. Plus, it offers the right mix of modernity and an absence of features for anyone looking to say, commit crimes, have an affair, or lead an underground Furby trading ring.

Jazmin Goodwin
1.25.2020 9:19 PM

We're almost one year away from Sonic the Hedgehog's 30th anniversary and things are heating up. The upcoming Sonic film is finally set to make its big-screen debut on Valentine's Day after some necessary delays to fix the (shudder) main character's design — and, we just got a look at the new music video for its theme song.

Called, "Speed Me Up," the song features rapper-slash-weed enthusiast-slash-esports gamer, Wiz Khalifa. And, before you ask, no one's getting high in this one. The video also features artist Lil Yatchy, Ty Dolla Sign, and TikTok superstar, Sueco The Child (who's actually an adult).

Together, the four are transformed into pixelated, animated game characters who run and spin along Sonic just as fast as he did in the 1991 original.

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52 Trips

The essential gear for a trip to Mexico City

Keep it light, keep it simple.

In 2019, I was blessed enough to take a few trips around the world (bonjour, France), but there was one in particular I looked forward to the most: Mexico City. I had plenty of reasons: it’s a place where I can spend time with family, eat a ridiculous number of tacos, and go catch a soccer (aka football) game of my favorite team (Club America) at the legendary Azteca stadium. With a population of nearly 9 million people, Mexico City is no joke — it’s massive, and that means you can do a lot of walking if you’re interested in exploring.

Jazmin Goodwin
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Uber and Lyft have finally arrived in Vancouver

Last but not least.

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You can finally catch an Uber in Vancouver. And it turns out, it was the last major city in North America that didn't offer the service. The ride-sharing service became available today after the city's province Passenger Transportation Board signed off on operation of Uber and its ride-sharing competitor, Lyft.

According to the Vancouver Sun, passengers are limited to pick-ups from Vancouver only but do have drop-off options in other municipalities. Uber and Lyft obtained business licenses from the City of Vancouver and insurance policies from the Insurance Corporation of B.C. following the launch on Thursday.

1.25.2020 8:00 AM

Taking back the rainbow

SF Pride wants Big Tech and cops out of the parade

The board will vote on the amendment on February 5.

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In a statement to SFGate, Recode, and other outlets, members of the San Francisco Pride organization said they voted to ban Google, YouTube, and the Alameda Sheriff’s Department from participating in the parade. This move is based on “YouTube’s decision in May 2019 to continue to give a platform to homophobia, racism, and harassment,” and the sheriffs forcibly removing protesters from vacant housing. YouTube and Google’s ban seems to reference the consequence-free harassment of Vox journalist Carlos Maza.

The organization’s board of directors will vote on the amendment on February 5, but members are currently investigating the extent of its legality. If approved, the companies and sheriffs would be banned from San Francisco Pride parades, starting with this year’s 50th-anniversary event.

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Google inks exclusive deal with Blizzard to stream its leagues on YouTube

Google’s cloud division will host Blizzard’s gaming infrastructure.

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Google announced today that it has signed a multi-year exclusive deal with Activision Blizzard to host its network infrastructure and stream its esports leagues on YouTube, including Overwatch League and Call of Duty League.