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This $70 umbrella will stop the endless cycle of replacements

Weatherman's umbrellas were designed by an actual meteorologist.


An umbrella is such a small, minor accessory that it’s only that much more frustrating when it lets you down. Go out after a rainstorm in New York City and you’ll see the streets littered with carcasses, the totems that broke down exactly when they were needed. Minimal investment, provided you weren’t price gouged in the crucial moment, lessens the blow of discarding your umbrella. But how often have you done this, and does it really need to be this way?

The aptly named brand Weatherman has come forth with a reliable but not inexpensive umbrella. Rick Reichmuth, Fox News’ chief meteorologist, founded the company after years of being dissatisfied with his options for covering weather out in the field. Weatherman has five models of umbrellas, with diameters ranging between 38 to 55 inches; prices range between $69 to $94; and there’s no shortage of color options.


This open-frame case lets you build a beastly portable PC

Nagao Seisakusho put out a monitor mounting bracket that connects to most of its open-chassis frames so you can build a truly unique all-in-one PC.

Open chassis PC builds will never not be cool, but one with a monitor attached to it? That’s next level. Nagao Seisakusho, a Japanese company known for its open-chassis frames, released a mounting bracket that lets you attach monitors to many of its custom frames.

Unfortunately, It’s specifically designed for Nagao’s own open-chassis frames, so it’s not like you can use the bracket for any custom PC build that features an open frame. But, think of this as more of a bundle, where if you combine the open frame chassis with the monitor mounting bracket, you get this incredible all-in-one PC that’s an absolute sight to behold.

This has got to be one of the coolest all-in-one PC builds out there.Nagao Seisakusho


Micron / Twitter

It’s still impressive how much storage space companies can fit into such small memory cards. It’s even more impressive that Micron was able to fit 1.5TB of storage into its i400 microSD card. That’s as much, if not more, storage space than most SSDs out there.

The i400 will take the title as the largest capacity microSD card, dethroning the many 1TB microSD cards that are already on the market from Sandisk, PNY, Samsung, and others. Micron designed the i400 specifically for video security usage though, so think dash cams, police body cams, AI-enabled factory cameras, and even smart home security systems.


Puma is getting into NFTs and digital sneakers

“Right now, our goal is to explore that and try to be as authentic as possible,” said Puma’s Chief Brand Officer Adam Petrick.


Puma has just announced its biggest leap into the metaverse. In partnership with 10KTF, an online NFT shop run by fictional character Wagmi-San, the lifestyle brand is bringing its apparel to the digital sphere. Puma teased the project a few weeks ago on Twitter — and promptly changed its name to Puma.Eth” — but speculation was confirmed during NFT NYC this week.

New Pioneers

An audience with Ariel Epstein, sports betting’s Prop Queen

The 27-year-old MLB Network gambling analyst is a rising star in an industry traditionally ruled by older white men.

New Pioneers

Meet Mina Le, the YouTuber making fashion history more accessible

What do 2010s Tumblr and Shakespeare have in common? Mina Le will tell you.


Chinatown's seniors are the unsung royalty of street style

Photographer Andria Lo, one half of Chinatown Pretty, peels back the curtain on how she photographs Chinatowns’ elderly style icons.

AAPI Spotlight

Passage to India: The menswear brands reinventing South Asian craftsmanship

Both Pakistan and India have a lot to offer for a post-streetwear world.


Now the Bored Apes are taking over your breakfast nook

There’s Ape-themed cereal and coffee — and potentially many more NFT-branded consumer goods to come.

New pioneers

Trash is the new black: Zero Waste Daniel turns scraps into fashion

Meet the designer who wants to dress you for a green world.

New Pioneers

NFTs are about to blow up the auction house

Forget investing in Bitcoin. Blockchain-backed digital art exchanges like Nifty Gateway could make you even richer.

Bit bidding

New Pioneers

Charting a new course.

New Pioneers

SoundCloud dreamed of getting into fashion. GRVTY made it happen.

Just like it did for music artists, the company now wants to give emerging designers like Marshall Tan and Orlando Urbina a place to shine.


Liz Beecroft is dropping streetwear's hottest fit: Mental health

After a successful Nike collab, she now has a collection with LeBron James' UNKNWN that focuses on "mental fitness."


John Geiger is building a sneaker kingdom, one pair at a time

The designer talked to Input about his new GF-01 shoe, Nike, and the Warren Lotas "bootleg" fiasco.

Beyond Customs

The band behind a black metal 'Dark Souls' song reimagines the genre in MIDI

Black metal fans hate it. The band, Buzz Lightyear, couldn't be happier.


Step inside Nicole McLaughlin's reinvention of streetwear

Cereal vests, rock climbing Crocs, and Nike hat chairs? Just another day in the life of the reigning mashup maestro.


Meet Elliot Coll: The Game Boy's very own Dr. Frankenstein

On his channel The Retro Future, Elliot Coll turns aging game consoles into something more.

Portable power

Exclusive: A Q&A with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei on how the Nord came to life

The man in charge of making the company's first sub-$500 phone in years explains the Nord's design philosophy, his thoughts on foldables, and why his profile photo is the Monkey King.


Do hypebeasts want to rent their clothes? The Rotation is betting on it.

For a monthly fee, the service gives people access to designer clothes they can wear indefinitely and send back whenever they want to try a different piece.


Tap Stories

How to be a stylish dad, as told by celebrity fathers

Let these eight famous dads show you how to elevate your fatherly fashion (and potentially embarrass your children less).


This EV-charging robot risks its life to save you a parking spot

ZiGGY can be summoned via an app to top up your electric vehicle and save you a parking spot in the process.


How to dress like fit fiend Aminé for under $100

The musician makes streetwear look fresh thanks to his colorful and creative styling. Do the same with these eight affordable pieces.


6 workwear staples your dad will love for Father’s Day

Carhartt cargos and Timberland boots aren’t just a fashion statement. They’re a crucial element for working dads’ wardrobes.

Father's Day

Apple's M2 chip explained in 5 key stats

The next generation of Apple's M-series chips has arrived. Here's everything you need to know.

WWDC 2022

iOS 16: 13 things you need to know

Here’s a preview of the major features coming to your iPhone this fall. And if you’re a developer, you can try iOS 16 today.

WWDC 2022

Here’s what we want Apple to announce at WWDC 2022

Apple's developers conference is all about software, and we have some realistic (and unrealistic) requests for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

WWDC 2022

How to dress like grunge god Post Malone for under $100

The singer is known for embracing his unkempt style.


Here is every Adidas Yeezy shoe Kanye West is dropping in June

The Yeezy fountain never runs dry.


The best Wordle alternatives, ranked

From verbal guessing games to bizarre spinoffs, the extended Wordle universe has something for everyone.


How to dress like emo princess Kourtney Kardashian for under $100

The new Ms. Barker proved even weddings can be alternative — and with these eight affordable pieces, so can your style.


Here are the 7 best shelf options to display your favorite trinkets

Whether you’re a mid-century modern type, a minimalist, or someone with an eye for the unconventional, there’s an option for every home.


How Andy To shoots and edits his incredible iPhone films

I followed the creative genius for an entire day to learn his creative process — maybe you, too, can make a film that Tim Cook will share one day.

AAPI Spotlight

How to dress like pop icon Harry Styles for under $100

These eight affordable pieces are your One Direction to looking good.


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in 4 key stats

Here’s how the new chip is going to make a difference (or not) in new Android phones.


Google's new eco-conscious Bay View campus looks like an actual football stadium

It's the first campus developed by Google itself and is completely electric.



Steam Deck review: The ultimate Steam sale Trojan horse

Valve’s Steam Deck is a groundbreaking handheld for PC games, but it gives you little reason to buy them from anywhere other than the Steam store.

tech deck

Everything we know about the PS5 Pro Controller

Sony might release a “PS5 Pro Controller” with removable joysticks and grips, rear paddles, and trigger stops. Here's everything we've heard about the gamepad.


Why I bought this knockoff Theragun and you should too

Ekrin's B37 massage gun has been a godsend for my sore muscles. Best of all: It's cheaper than a brand name Theragun or Hyperice Hypervolt.

This Thing Rules

Nothing delivers major blow to U.S. customers pining for a Phone (1)

Despite the mounting hype, Nothing confirmed that the Phone (1) won't debut in North American markets.


Master & Dynamic’s MW75 headphones make AirPods Max battery life seem puny

The new ANC over-the-ear wireless headphones from Master & Dynamic offer 28 hours of listening with ANC while Apple's Airpods Max get just 20.


As a longtime Nikon user, Sony won me over with the a7 IV

Sony’s entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera is a beast in every sense with its 33-megapixel image sensor, 4K60p video recording, and ergonomic design.


Higround’s see-through keyboard has major Game Boy Color vibes

Higround collaborated with Prix Workshop to make a mechanical keyboard with fully transparent keycaps and multi-color LEDs.


How Meta is trying to make VR indistinguishable from reality

The prototype VR headsets Mark Zuckerberg demoed could be game-changers, but they’re still many years from release, and ignore the metaverse’s current issues.


The 6 best digital picture frames for all of your dad's photos

For Father’s Day, get your dad a digital picture frame. From ones that auto-update to ones that double as smart displays, these are the six best to get dad.

Father's Day

Nothing’s Phone (1) may try to make notification LEDs cool again

It would take a hype company like Nothing to bring back ambient LED notifications.


How to build dad the perfect mechanical keyboard for under $250

Save your dad from the doldrums of dull office work.

Father's Day

GE’s voice-controlled washing machine is a victim of Amazon’s Alexa overkill

Have we gone too far in laundry washing technology? If we even have to ask that question, the answer is probably yes.


Apple switching its base iPad to USB-C makes perfect sense

A report claims Apple is dropping Lightning for USB-C on its last iPad. The timing of this couldn’t be better — Lightning is 10 years old at this point.

RIP Lightning

Everything we know about the Nothing Phone (1)

Mark your calendar: Nothing’s Phone (1) will launch on July 12.

Everything we know

Nothing reveals Phone (1) design before leakers do

A month ahead of its July 12 event, Nothing surprise dropped an image of the Phone (1)’s transparent design.

What a surprise

Is anybody actually excited for PlayStation VR 2?

Sony's recent State of Play showed off a lot of promising games, but we're still not sure what exactly to expect from PS VR 2.

Hype life