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Nikon's microscopic photo contest will blow your mind

Nikon's Small World has hosted its 2020 photomicrography competition, and the results are eye-popping.


Welcome to the Vault of the Atomic Space Age

Vault of the Atomic Space Age is a perfect portal to a time dominated by the specter or nuclear war and space travel.


6 stats that explain the electric Hummer hype

GMC's "electric super-truck" is getting a lot of attention. Here are six reasons why, for a change, you should believe the hype.


9 key iPhone 12 and 12 Pro differences you need to know

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are really similar. But there are some big and small differences you should be aware of before you click that buy button.


How to customize widgets in iOS 14 with Widgetsmith

Here's your step-by-step guide to making your Home Screen pop.


The Halloween sneakers that will haunt your dreams

And, with rare pairs, your wallet.


Here's every Apple MagSafe accessory

It's crazy what a few magnetic accessories can do.


iPhone 12: 6 things you may have missed

Apple's newest iPhones were a lot to take in. Here are some important bits that you might have overlooked.


The iPhone 12 family is out of control (in a good way)

Apple's releasing four new iPhone 12 — the iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max — and it's never been harder to pick one. Here's how they compare.


The Surface Laptop Go is a fantastic surprise

With a touchscreen, a great keyboard, and a real OS, Microsoft's $700 Laptop Go is the new college laptop. It's a way better value than an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combo that costs $1,350.


Incredible cutaways reveal retro tech's secrets

'Inside Information' takes a fun look at some of the most iconic gadgets of yesteryear.


These heat-reactive stamps have a hidden warning about climate change

These postage stamps reveal hidden messages about the dangers of climate change over the coming decades.



Tomorrow 212: Contactless

We are so close to the end of this election. So close.


We're in the final stretch of the 2020 election folks — and Josh and Ryan are feeling it. Please, god, let this just end. In other news, Google is finally having antitrust action taken against it, the influencers have lost touch with reality, and Ryan is trying to solve a murder.

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Any clothing purchase other than something suited for the comfort of your own home seems superfluous right now. To be clear, wishful thinking or outright denial still has me (and likely many others) acquiring new clothes like a normal winter is ahead, but the smartest purchase you can make is something that'll help you relax.

Whether you're still working from home or just spending the rest of your waking hours inside and avoiding the 'VID, a crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect item to pull over your torso and bask in its warmth. It's also great for those brisk fall walks without screaming, I have given up on dressing up.

To help guide you in your cozy pursuits, we've put together a range of the best crewneck sweatshirts worth copping. Whether you're into logo-mania or want something more muted, there's something her for you. We'll even start with a turtleneck hybrid that manages to make a sweatshirt feel dressed up.

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The deepfake porn threat / The fight against racist porn

On this episode, we’ve got two stories about what’s bad about online smut.

Input/Output Podcast

Should Twitter and Facebook ban questionable stories? / Why your iPhone 12 won’t come with EarPods

On this episode, we discuss that New York Post controversy and Apple’s supposed sustainability move.

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Which iPhone 12 is right for you? / The ultimate foodie database

On this episode, we talk about Apple’s new 5G phones and an amazing digital cookbook collection.

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Facebook’s long overdue QAnon ban / Adidas’ insane spiderweb sneakers

On this episode, we discuss a dangerous conspiracy theory and an innovative running shoe.

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Google’s new Pixel 5 and 4a 5G phones / Roman emperors get a digital makeover

On this episode, we dive into Google’s brand-new phones and Rome’s old-school rulers.


The problem with Nike and Supreme drops / Make your sneakers levitate

On this episode, we explore the hype-happy world of streetwear.

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Coinbase’s controversial “no politics” policy / A sleek-looking DVR for the radio

On this episode, we talk about an apolitical CEO and a “magic radio.”

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Travis Scott’s meaningless collaborations / Black metal meets video games

On this music-themed episode, we talk about a beloved hip-hop star and a vexing heavy metal duo.

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What’s wrong with Samsung’s Note S20 Ultra / The Tesla of electric skateboards

On this episode, we talk about a bad camera and a rad board.

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A celeb-endorsed digital blackface app / Ikea’s eco-friendly secondhand store

On this episode, we talk about an offensive face app and a promising retail space.

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Tesla’s bold battery plan / Jeff Bezos’ beyond obscene fortune

On this episode, we talk about a billionaire and the biggest billionaire of them all.

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Google disrupts the four-year degree / The sex educators of Instagram

On this special back-to-school episode, we talk about non-traditional online learning.

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Veelo wants to make your existing rollerskates or board electric

It's a motorized monowheel that pulls you behind it at speeds of up to 20 mph.


Every rollerskater, inline skater, or skateboarder has at one time or another wished they could go faster, or that they could get a little assistance up a steep hill. It's precisely those impulses that the creator of Veelo, Brice Jamieson, wants to provide a solution to.

Jamieson has turned to Kickstarter to bring the Veelo to life. Resembling the front portion of a motorcycle someone's cut in half — or the front part of a wheelbarrow someone's added a motor and battery to — the Veelo is essentially a powered wheel with handlebars you can use to put yourself along, no matter what sort of wheel-based transport solution you favor.

The tire itself is four inches thick, comes with a hub motor that can propel you up at up to 20 mph. You have a brake lever plus an LED screen that keeps you updated on speed, remaining battery, and other information. Veelo also has a suspension system, direction indicators, and there's a rumor that there's a Veelo app on its way. This is what it looks like:


Microsoft's testing a wrist-worn haptic device for added VR realism

The device makes the sensation of touch in virtual reality far more realistic.

Rendering touch realistically in virtual reality (VR) isn't easy. We've only recently gotten to the point where VR can even recognize hands, let alone create a realistic experience of handling objects. VR headsets are getting cheaper, though, which should lead to greater uptake, and with it, higher demand for more complex experiences. To this end, Microsoft is working on an accessory called the Haptic Pivot Controller, which simulates weight, gravity, momentum, and velocity.

The controller attaches to the wrist, rather than needing to be held in the hand like most existing VR controllers. Using a regular VR controller, the act of plucking an apple from a tree would involve moving the handheld controller, and pushing a button. But with Microsoft's solution, it's possible to feel the virtual apple in your palm, complete with a sense of weight, and close your fingers around it like you would the real thing.


Nikon's microscopic photo contest will blow your mind

Nikon's Small World has hosted its 2020 photomicrography competition, and the results are eye-popping.

Ahmad Fauzen/Nikon

Makes perfect sense

The next HomePod should be a soundbar

Home theater would be the perfect showcase for Apple’s incredible audio technology.

T3 Magazine/Future/Getty Images