Picks from the Input editors that you absolutely need and shouldn’t live without.

Keychron K7 review: Throw your Apple Magic Keyboard in the trash

With support for eight kinds of switches, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch from a Magic Keyboard to a low-profile mechanical keyboard like the terrific Keychron K7 sooner.


I love that my phone service, Credo Mobile, isn't evil

To hell with AT&T. I'd rather (over)pay for Credo Mobile cell service and help progressive causes with my monthly bill.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review: You can't hate this foldable

Who knows if foldables are here to stay, but the Z Flip 3 is durable and affordable enough to justify the futuristic form factor.


OnePlus Buds Pro review: The comfiest ANC wireless earbuds I’ve ever used

The sound and battery life on the $150 OnePlus Buds Pro are terrific, too.


I'm addicted to slicing and dicing with Shun's Classic Chef Knife

Throw your $10 Ikea knife set in the trash. Knives made by Shun make chopping up veggies equal parts sharp and sexy.

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Floppers are the most comfortable house shoes in existence

This little-known brand boasts "the comfiest slippers ever made." It's not lying.

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The AudioStick is the easiest way to connect AirPods to your Switch

For $30, the Skull & Co. AudioStick does one thing really well: connects your Bluetooth earbuds or headphones to your Nintendo Switch.

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Google Pixel 5a (5G) review: Basic, affordable, and gimmick-free

The Pixel 5a with 5G nails the essentials: price, display, battery life, and cameras. At $450, it’s also cheaper than last year’s Pixel 4a with 5G.


Galaxy Buds 2 review: Who needs Buds Pro?

Samsung just cannibalized its own pricier Galaxy Buds Pro. The ANC, sound, and battery life on Galaxy Buds are as good or better than Buds Pro.


How the Canon RP revived my obsession with vintage lenses

Not only is it a killer deal, it got me hooked on vintage glass all over again.

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Hori Split Pad Pro review: The ‘pro’ Joy-Cons the Switch should have come with

With a D-pad, better ergonomics, and programmable rear buttons, and no joystick drift (so far), the Split Pad Pro is almost the perfect cure for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con drift.


Switching to T-Mobile Home Internet is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

After a decade of getting ripped off by Spectrum, I knew I had to leave. T-Mobile Home Internet was my savior.

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