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Nokia resists death with six new phones

Spread across the C, G, and X series, Nokia’s filling the void left by LG.


Samsung’s forcing 5G onto everyone with three new Galaxy A phones

With three 5G Galaxy A series phones launching this month, Samsung is bringing 5G to more people at lower prices. There's no escaping 5G anymore.


Niantic pushes 5G augmented reality gaming with forthcoming release

'Codename: Urban Legends' is all about bashing monsters — with super low latency and tons of friends.


Verizon takes the elitist route on 5G, locks best speeds behind premium plans

At Verizon, not all 5G is equal.


T-Mobile, leader of 5G hype, pushes archaic 2G as a battery-saving trick

That's not exactly an ideal solution.


Apple is already developing its own 6G modems to edge out Qualcomm

The company begrudgingly settled a lawsuit with Qualcomm in order to get 5G in the iPhone. It wants to avoid the same troubles next time around.


This clamshell QWERTY phone might be the world's first with 5G

It's 2021 and the Astro Slide 5G wants to buck the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy trend.


5G explained in less than 5 minutes

Here's a non-technical guide to how 5G will (and won't) affect you.


The iPhone 12 outsold all other 5G phones in just two weeks


5G conspiracy theorists are screwing up their Wi-Fi / Massachusetts poised to ban facial recognition by cops

On this episode, we talk about crackpot theories and police reform legislation.

Input/Output Podcast

Tomorrow 218: Faradays and frame rates

This may well be the week hype dies.


Crackpots are buying Faraday cages for routers then bemoaning bad Wi-Fi

Buyers are enraged that it's ruining their Wi-Fi signal. Amazon doesn't care and continues to sell the devices conspiracy theorists claim "protect" against 5G.


Ford unveils its own hands-free driving assist system, BlueCruise

Not to be confused with GM's Super Cruise driver-assist system.


Next year's iPhone could have a 48-megapixel camera, support 8K video

But by 2022 the smartphone camera competition will be even fiercer than it is today. Can Apple keep up?


TCL’s Fold ‘n Roll phone folds and slides open into a 10-inch tablet

The Fold ‘n Roll is a concept device that’ll probably never see the light of day, but the innovations here are TCL’s gamble on the future of mobile — what comes next.


Elon Musk once tried to hire VW's CEO to take over Tesla

Musk has said he doesn't want to be CEO of the electric car company forever.


Video editing on Android just got a lot better with a Google Photos upgrade

Previously exclusive to iOS users, now the much loved enhanced editing suite will help the Android and Google Pixel crowd out.


Oh look, new Amazon Echo Buds 2 with ANC are coming out in May

Starting at $119, the Echo Buds 2 with proper active-noise cancellation sure stacks up well against pricier AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro.

Alexa, how's the ANC?

DoorDash competition teases drivers with potential $50K prize for working harder

Drivers are encouraged to complete more deliveries, but only ten will actually see a reward for their outsized effort.


Tech workers at NYT are the latest to form a union

The group includes 650 software engineers, designers, and other workers in high-skilled technology jobs.


DJI could repurpose its drone sensors for cars with new autonomous division

The Chinese company is reportedly throwing its hat into the crowded field of autonomous driving.


Taco Bell’s bright new Times Square Cantina is completely no-contact

Pick up your Crunchwrap Supreme without any human interaction.


Apple's next event will be on 4/20, according to Siri

The company hasn't confirmed anything yet. We're expecting a new iPad Pro, AirTags, and an Apple TV upgrade, too.


Google is working on a Pixel Watch, according to reports

The company recently completed its acquisition of Fitbit, and owns smartwatch assets from watch brand Fossil.