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This clamshell QWERTY phone might be the world's first with 5G

It's 2021 and the Astro Slide 5G wants to buck the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy trend.


5G explained in less than 5 minutes

Here's a non-technical guide to how 5G will (and won't) affect you.


The iPhone 12 outsold all other 5G phones in just two weeks


5G conspiracy theorists are screwing up their Wi-Fi / Massachusetts poised to ban facial recognition by cops

On this episode, we talk about crackpot theories and police reform legislation.

Input/Output Podcast

Tomorrow 218: Faradays and frame rates

This may well be the week hype dies.


Crackpots are buying Faraday cages for routers then bemoaning bad Wi-Fi

Buyers are enraged that it's ruining their Wi-Fi signal. Amazon doesn't care and continues to sell the devices conspiracy theorists claim "protect" against 5G.


We've barely got 5G but big tech's already talking about 6G

Apple and Google have joined an industry group working on the next generation of mobile connectivity.


Here's what we can hope for from a Biden-led FCC

Net neutrality and cheaper internet? Yes, please.


OnePlus is becoming more Samsung-like right before our eyes

The "Never Settle" company is sort of settling with the new budget-like Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 Android phones.


Trump wants to give a GOP-supported firm 5G spectrum for free

The 5G rollout continues being flooded with tension. This time, the White House might be seeking to subvert a related bid.


All the new iPhone 12s include a 5G mmWave antenna, but only in the U.S.

You won't be missing out on much if your new phone doesn't have one, though.


Contact tracing in America is failing due to conspiracy theories

An analysis shows Americans are reluctant thanks to a toxic mix of fake government microchip conspiracy theories, and real government ineptitude.


This synthetic cornea gave a blind man the gift of sight

After the bandages were removed, the 78-year-old was immediately able to recognize his family members and read text.


AirPods Max headband looks like it could be swappable

Like the ear cushions, it turns out the headband is also easy to remove.


This database organizes video footage from the Capitol riots

The videos, scraped from Parler, offer a comprehensive look at the insurrection, and will assist law enforcement with arrests of its instigators.


Cybershoes let you walk in virtual worlds

Unlock yourself from the confines of your apartment with shoes that track your movement into VR games.

This Thing Rules

You really should enable Ring's end-to-end encryption. This is how.

Ring home security cameras have been targets of attacks thanks to poor security.


Bezos’ Blue Origin could take people to space as soon as April

A successful test flight bodes well for the suborbital project.


Asus has two new dual-screen laptops, and we remain unconvinced

It's like having a giant Touch Bar... because everyone loves those.

CES 2021

WhatsApp is delaying privacy changes thanks to user exodus

The February deadline has now been moved to May, but it's still happening.


Sondors' Metacycle is a $5K e-motorcycle with 80 miles of range

And you can preorder one now.

Ride on

Galaxy Buds Pro review: Game over for AirPods Pro?

At $200, Samsung's first wireless earbuds with real, proper active noise-cancellation might mean bye-bye to the AirPods Pro for a lot of people.


This clamshell QWERTY phone might be the world's first with 5G

It's 2021 and the Astro Slide 5G wants to buck the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy trend.


Miss Pebble? The Watchy might be the answer to your prayers

The open-source smartwatch does everything you need in a simple but effective package.