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Scientists rule 5G is safe, surprising no one except the tinfoil-hat brigade

It's not going to melt your brain, ruin your fertility, or kill your crops.

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TCL Tab Pro 5G review: This affordable 5G tablet is still overpriced

The TCL Tab Pro 5G will neither surprise you nor let you down, and you’ll have to pay a premium to use it on Verizon’s 5G network.


Today's 5G rollout could cause 'catastrophic' flight delays, airlines warn

AT&T and Verizon spent $65 billion on the new C-band spectrum. They're not letting the airlines win this without a fight.


HTC reveals Vive Focus 3 wrist tracker, wireless 5G VR

There’s also a new charging case and multi-battery charging dock for VR headsets.

CES 2022

NVIDIA and AT&T are bringing six months of free 5G cloud gaming to your phone

Cloud gaming is going 5G via NVIDIA GeForce Now.

CES 2022

This 'anti-5G' jewelry is impressively... er, radioactive

Please don't wear any of these. We're begging you.

Tinfoil hat brigade

Google Pixel 5a (5G) review: Basic, affordable, and gimmick-free

The Pixel 5a with 5G nails the essentials: price, display, battery life, and cameras. At $450, it’s also cheaper than last year’s Pixel 4a with 5G.


Japan just doubled the world record for the fastest internet speed

Don't expect to see the 4-core fiber optic cable that enables it coming to your home anytime soon, though.


Switching to T-Mobile Home Internet is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

After a decade of getting ripped off by Spectrum, I knew I had to leave. T-Mobile Home Internet was my savior.

This Thing Rules

Nokia resists death with six new phones

Spread across the C, G, and X series, Nokia’s filling the void left by LG.


Samsung’s forcing 5G onto everyone with three new Galaxy A phones

With three 5G Galaxy A series phones launching this month, Samsung is bringing 5G to more people at lower prices. There's no escaping 5G anymore.


Niantic pushes 5G augmented reality gaming with forthcoming release

'Codename: Urban Legends' is all about bashing monsters — with super low latency and tons of friends.


Verizon takes the elitist route on 5G, locks best speeds behind premium plans

At Verizon, not all 5G is equal.


T-Mobile, leader of 5G hype, pushes archaic 2G as a battery-saving trick

That's not exactly an ideal solution.


Apple is already developing its own 6G modems to edge out Qualcomm

The company begrudgingly settled a lawsuit with Qualcomm in order to get 5G in the iPhone. It wants to avoid the same troubles next time around.


This clamshell QWERTY phone might be the world's first with 5G

It's 2021 and the Astro Slide 5G wants to buck the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy trend.


5G explained in less than 5 minutes

Here's a non-technical guide to how 5G will (and won't) affect you.


The Tempo Move is an iPhone-powered home gym that's worth the price

Tempo's entry-level Move home gym knows how to make you sweat, but the easy-to-use weights and lowkey subscription service might be the real reason to try it out over a pricey Peloton bike.


You’ll finally be able to order a Steam Deck starting February 25

The wait is almost over. Well, for the ones who were early to reserve, at least.


You might want to update your iPhone and MacBook ASAP

The macOS 12.2 and iOS 15.3 patches address a serious vulnerability that allows websites to see your browsing history and Google ID through Safari.


The 8 best USB cables to elevate your custom mechanical keyboard

A custom mechanical keyboard deserves a sick USB cable to go along with it. Coiled or double-sleeved, or just plain funky, we've picked the best ones to spice up your keyboard.


A gaming-focused Chromebook may actually be on Google’s horizon

We might not need Stadia or GeForce Now just to game on our Chromebooks.


Instagram makes planning a livestream a little less aggravating

Another day, another Instagram update to figure out


Elon Musk offered a 19-year-old $5K to stop stalking his plane on Twitter

@ElonJet is a Twitter bot created by Jack Sweeney that tracks the movement of the tech mogul's private jet.


Biden administration concedes it can't do much to end the chip shortage

The Department of Commerce's first silicon supply chain report is bleak, to say the least.


The Galaxy S22 is coming on February 9

Samsung's just set the date for its next Unpacked event where it's likely going to announce the Galaxy S22 series and a new Galaxy Tab tablet.


Elgato's new foot pedal makes you a hands-free master of live streaming

The fully-customizable foot pedal is compatible with Stream Deck, can chain multiple actions, and switch between program profiles.


Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo review: The best instant camera ever made

23 years since the first Instax, Fujifilm has basically perfected the mini instant camera with a slick retro design, analog controls like a print lever, and direct printing from a smartphone.


Apple’s #ShotoniPhone contest is here to make your macro photos famous

Judges including Peter McKinnon and Anand Varma will decide whether your macro photos make it onto Apple billboards or into photo exhibitions.


Google will try broad, transparent identifiers to replace invasive cookies

Advertisers certainly won't be happy about the lack of detailed personal information.


Meta swears it will have the world's fastest AI supercomputer this year

Mark Zuckerberg plus 'AI supercomputer.' What could go wrong?


Jabra Elite 7 Pro review: Incredible ANC earbuds after you update them

After a critical firmware update, Jabra's Elite 7 Pro are now one of the best wireless earbuds around (as long as they fit you right).


Next-gen Wi-Fi 7 is on the way to eclipse Ethernet once and for all

We’re still seeing hardware being made with relatively new Wi-Fi 6E, but MediaTek is already looking at the next Wi-Fi standard.