Gaming while disabled — the future of adaptive tech is here

Adaptive tech in video gaming has exploded in the last few years, but costs and programming know-how can still keep games out of reach of many physically disabled gamers.

How a Nike-backed brand ensures its hands-free shoes go to people with disabilities

Kizik's accessibility-friendly sneakers are going to those who actually need them — not to resellers.

Community Kicks

Nike's hands-free Go FlyEase sneaker is coming back in a fresh, new color

A game-changer for accessibility — provided you can actually buy it.


This webcomic made it okay to be sad online. Then its artist vanished.

The author of ‘Pictures for Sad Children’ went AWOL after a 2014 Kickstarter drama. In an exclusive interview, she explains why she had to unplug from the internet.

Art & commerce

Nike let a Make-A-Wish patient design an awesome Air Jordan 1 sneaker

13-year-old Jordan Carranza puts his own spin on the "Game Royal" color scheme.


#FreeBritney was a success. ‘Now what?’ ask #NotJustBritney campaigners.

Disability activists fear that people will forget about conservatorships now that Britney Spears is free.

Social justice

Therapy app responds to backlash over Travis Scott partnership

“It’s disheartening to see the way misinformation is spreading about us” in the wake of their Astroworld offer, says a rep for the controversial service BetterHelp.


The Tourette’s community is livid over the ‘TikTok tics’ media frenzy

A viral Wall Street Journal article about teen girls “catching” Tourette syndrome from social media is doing major damage, online advocates say.

Mental health

Marie Kondo’s tidying credo is helping me understand my neurodivergence

The guru's new game Spark Joy is... sparking joy.


The eating disorder community is using Nikocado Avocado as ‘thinspiration’

Fans say the infamous mukbanger is eating himself to death. Many use his videos as motivation to go in the opposite — but still very dangerous — direction.


Facebook says it will nudge teens away from harm... eventually

Let's try adding another algorithm to the mix and see how it goes.


Facebook pushes more mental health resources that keep you on Facebook

Just as the company is facing immense backlash for being toxic. Nice.


A castle is now home to the first clinic treating crypto addicts

Being addicted to trading bitcoin is similar to a gambling addiction, but there's little research into how to help.


Xbox games to display accessibility info prominently in online stores

The tag system will list the accessibility features that a game includes, so that players don't have to research what they can play.


Facebook publishes heavily annotated research on Instagram's toxicity

But only after The Wall Street Journal gave the company a head's up that it would be publishing the data itself.


Facebook tries to convince us it's fine for teens but halts Instagram Kids

We're past the point of believing Facebook's 'research' based on faith alone.


TikTok is adding a new warning for 'distressing' searches

Along with some expanded wellbeing guides.