Can a ‘prescription app’ help treat depression? Happify thinks so.

Can digital therapy be as effective as in-person treatment?


Text translations are coming to Instagram Stories

Instagram just got even more global.


A new robot aims to safely dress people with limited mobility

To increase efficiency, the robot has tolerance for hitting a person, so long as the impacts are harmless.


Inside TikTok’s booming dissociative identity disorder community

Influencers who say they have DID, once known as multiple personality disorder, are a vocal — and controversial — presence on the app.

Mental health

After my dog died, I found solace in helping strangers on Facebook

The more I typed reassurances to other grieving pet owners, the more I came to believe those words myself.


Latest Xbox update adds two major audio accessibility options to party chat

Some convenient additions for players with certain audio impairments.


Honda's accessible navigation device goes right in your shoe

By using three-dimensional vibrations, the in-shoe device helps those with visual impairment to navigate with their hands (and attention) free.


People with disabilities can build their own tech solutions... with the right tools

Accessible technology is better for everyone, and accessible technology benefits when the people who rely on it most help build it.


Go ahead, google your symptoms!

Contrary to what you may have heard, diagnosing your medical conditions using the internet can actually help, per the latest research.

Playing doctor

Forget fidget spinners, popping toys may be even better stress relievers

If you’ve ever popped bubble wrap you’ll likely understand the appeal immediately.


You'll soon be able to navigate the Apple Watch by clenching your fist

Apple has some pretty impressive accessibility features in the works.


Arc'teryx is turning old (and new) scraps into high-end jackets and bags

The “ReBird” upcycling platform has many ways to shop more sustainably.