The Beatles’ music is now available on TikTok, God help us

Teens can now choreograph dances to 36 of the mop-top brigade’s number one bops.

Let It Be

Twitter is promoting a few thousand tweets about Jesus right now

I, a Jewish person, am perplexed.


How to use Focus Mode on iOS 15

Manage notifications and get in the zone with Apple’s new productivity tool.


Bird’s new sensor promises to keep e-scooters off sidewalks

The brand takes Lime's existing sidewalk-sojourn-discouraging tech to the next level.


With eyes on Depop and Poshmark, Urban Outfitters’ thrifting app is here

Money earned will be worth 10 percent more when used for UO's brands.


The latest Chrome app revives the beloved RSS aggregator

Did someone say Google Reader 2.0?


Google can now help you tune your guitar... or uke, or bass, or whatever

Just search for "Google tuner" and you'll get an easy-to-use chromatic tuner.

Very sharp

Duolingo will expand from language learning into mathematics

It hopes that it can making learning math more fun than looking at TikTok. Good luck with that.


Millions flocked to Telegram and Signal while Facebook was down

With WhatsApp and Messenger unavailable, users were forced to find alternatives.


This tool lets you exorcise Facebook from your Oculus Quest

'Oculess' isn't perfect, but it does at least minimize Facebook’s ability to pry into your VR habits.


Buy now, pay later shopping apps may be getting young people into debt

A recent survey reports that nearly half of Gen Z shoppers use buy now, pay later services to spend outside of their budget, and are slowly falling behind on their payments.


Apple makes more from video games than Microsoft, Activision, and Sony combined

Documents from its recent trial with Epic Games shows just how much the App Store rakes in from the industry.


Apple finally allows you to report App Store scams again

Apple simplified its system after years of being next-to-impossible to flag suspicious apps.


Instacart workers are going on strike indefinitely later this month

Protesting abysmal working conditions and benefits, Instacart's workers are trying to leverage the only thing they can: their labor.


In South Korea, your Samsung phone can function as a car key

Well, if your car happens to be the all-electric Genesis GV60.


PlantLife aims to be the TikTok of... plants

The new social media platform was founded by former Apple and Nike employees.