Citizen is now paying New Yorkers to livestream crimes

And the company definitely isn’t trying to hide that fact...right?


Jack Dorsey wants to somehow integrate Bitcoin into Twitter

Twitter's founder has been a long proponent of the cryptocurrency, but has yet to introduce it into his godforsaken app.


Snap is raking in the cheddar, just saw best user growth in four years

Was it pandemic sexting?


How to block spam calls on iOS and Android phones

We’ve got all the apps you need to avoid robocalls for the foreseeable future.


Can a ‘prescription app’ help treat depression? Happify thinks so.

Can digital therapy be as effective as in-person treatment?


Dozens of websites are down right now including some banks and airlines

The problem stems from problems with a company called Akamai's DNS service.


Instagram's new sensitivity setting doesn't actually affect your feed

But turning it on by default — and not even alerting users to the change or properly explaining it — is bad form from Instagram.


Tumblr’s got a new paid subscription product but still won’t allow porn

Called Post+, the service lets users charge for access to their content.


You could soon be hailing self-driving Ford cars in Miami or Austin

The cars are being added to Lyft's network by the end of the year.


Twitter's new downvote system sounds like a truly terrible idea

Some users on iOS will see the option to up or downvote replies to a tweet. Posters will only see the upvotes, thankfully.


Clubhouse is finally available to all as it drops invite system

The social audio app spent 16 months in an invite-only beta, though it wasn't hard to find someone who could get you in.


I’m no longer a plant killer after I started using the ‘PictureThis’ app

With just one picture of your plant, the app can advise you on how to care for it and diagnose any problems. It’s impossible to kill a plant unless you can’t follow directions.

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