Google finally gets it right with cheaper Pixel Buds A-Series

At $99, Google’s Pixel Buds A-Series wireless earbuds nix some features like wireless charging, but the fundamentals like sound, battery life, and connectivity are all here.


I tried the speaker all the UwU girls have and fell in love

Divoom's Ditoo Pixel Art Speaker is as powerful as it is cute.


Beats Studio Buds review: Amazing sound, Android-friendly, and only $150

Beats’ latest wireless earbuds come with active noise cancellation, spatial audio, and water resistance. For the money, they make AirPods Pro look overpriced.


Ikea's Eneby Bluetooth speaker never listens, and I love that

After years of Echo-induced paranoia, Ikea's not-smart speaker is incredibly refreshing. And it sounds great, too.

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Sony WF-1000XM4 review: The best ANC in any wireless earbuds

These wireless earbuds have the best active noise cancellation in any wireless earbuds I’ve ever tried. They sound so much better than AirPods Pro.


Oh damn, the Amazon Echo Buds 2 are really good

It’s getting harder and harder to recommend $250 AirPods Pro or $200 Galaxy Buds Pro when $120 ANC wireless earbuds like the Echo Buds 2 exist.


Sonos Roam review: Don’t let its size fool you, the sound is stupendous

Just in time for summer picnics and parties, Sonos’ $169 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker delivers ridiculously loud volume with incredible clarity.


Master & Dynamic MW08 review: AirPods Pro are losing their edge

With 42 hours of total battery life and ear-delighting sound, Master & Dynamic’s MW08 wireless earbuds show Apple’s lead with AirPods Pro is quickly fading.


Are Bose’s pricey Sleepbuds II actually worth it?

I tried the second iteration of Bose’s “clinically proven” sleep aid earbuds and now I’m not sure I can live without them.

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The Xbox Wireless Headset puts PlayStation Pulse 3D to shame

Sorry Sony, but in the battle of the next-gen headsets, Microsoft is the winner.

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Lumi Keys review: Like ‘Guitar Hero’ but for learning the actual piano

Learn keyboard basics or brush up on long-dormant skills, and then explore making club bangers, all with this portable, attention-grabbing, and modular illuminated keyboard.


In a wireless headphone world, the Koss Porta Pros still rule

Koss' iconic headphones from 1984 is still worth buying today.

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