Jeff Bezos thinks space factories would solve our problems. He's wrong.

The billionaire space boy is serious about turning the cosmos into a "sacrifice zone." We’d like to suggest he watch The Expanse and reconsider.


Nope, charging electric cars doesn’t pollute as much driving gas ones does

A long-standing myth that EVs are no better than gas-guzzlers thanks to power generation and material costs is finally put to rest.


Arctic doomsday music vault will ensure our bangers survive the End Times

Like the Arctic World Archive and the Global Seed Vault, the Global Music Vault aims to protect the best humanity has to offer from our worst tendencies.


It's so hot that Amazon opened a public cooling station in its Seattle HQ

Amazon tosses ice cubes to the public as it continues to fuel the world's ongoing garbage fire.

Hot in Here

Audi will ditch gas completely by 2033

And the automaker will only introduce all-electric vehicles beginning in 2026.


Texans are mad as heck their smart thermostats don’t respect their freedom

It appears 78 degrees is the boiling point for "Don't Tread on Me" Texans.


U.K. exposé reveals Amazon is destroying millions of unused items annually

Happy Prime Day

Watch this GOP Rep suggest rerouting the moon to fight climate change

Help us we are trapped in Hell.

To the Moon

COVID has highlighted just how bad the digital divide really is


This botnet clicks on climate change articles to drive sites to create more

If engagement determines what topics get coverage, Synthetic Messenger wants to give climate change a leg up.


Subaru's first teasers for its all-electric SUV may hint at solar power

The initial images and specs for Subaru's Solterra EV might point towards more than just a sun-inspired name.


This text-based game wants to shift your thinking about climate change

'Survive the Century' is a cute and hilarious choose-your-own-adventure game where your choices let you prevent, or expedite, a climate-change apocalypse.