This summer’s vibe is a $400K Zillow listing collapsing into the ocean

It is a big mood. It is so us. It is iconic. Et cetera.


The Doomsday Alarm Clock is a hell of a way to start the day

Wake up to the dulcet sounds of facts regarding the various ways we will all probably die.

Wide Awake

Wikipedia editors vote to stop accepting cryptocurrency donations

The donations accounted for just .08 percent of the Wikimedia Foundation’s revenue.


Amazon launches ‘Alexa, grow a tree’ while actively ruining environment

Despite green initiatives, the multi-national e-commerce company's greenhouse gas outputs continue to rise.


Pinterest finally bans climate misinformation

Time to make sure your Pinterest mood boards are grounded in climate reality.


Clean energy powers more of the world than ever, but coal use is up, too

Coal-fired energy increased more last year than it has since 1985.

Getting greener

Google's planning a climate program called 'Non-Fungible Planet'

Meanwhile, climate change denial is thriving across Google's platforms.


These methane-eating bacteria could show us how to slow climate change

Researchers at Northwestern University are using the bacteria to convert greenhouse gasses into usable fuel.

Actual science

GM will test electric vehicles as home backup generators in California

A new partnership with PG&E will allow GM to test its vehicles with California's actual power grid.

All-Electric Future

Tesla deploys Megapacks in Alaska for more eco-friendly energy storage

Let’s hope this set doesn’t catch on fire.


Facebook overlooks half the climate denial content on its platform, study finds

A new report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate finds that even well-known climate denial publications are being overlooked.


USPS refuses to buy more electric vehicles, despite climate change

Both the EPA and the Biden administration have urged the USPS to spend funds on EVs rather than gas vehicles. The Postmaster General said no.


Doomsday Clock stays at 100 seconds to midnight, relieving no one

Last year included "several bright spots and many disturbing trends," according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

Tick, Tick... Boom!

Jack Dorsey says Block is developing an 'open bitcoin mining' system

Jack is shooting for the stars. Is his hubris showing again?


This 'black box' charting our climate tailspin looks cool, changes nothing

Construction is set to begin in Tasmania later this year. That’ll teach us.

Good on Them

Bill Gates' clean energy group has lofty investment goals for climate tech

Sometimes money is the answer.

Green money