This startup thinks woolly mammoth resurrection can halt climate change

A new startup called Colossal has a dream in its eye and Peter Thiel money in its pocket.


This inflatable solar lantern literally lit up my week with no power after Hurricane Ida

MPOWERD’s Luci Outdoor blow-up solar light was a random find after the storm, but it turned out to be one of my best purchases.

This Thing Rules

What in the absolute hell does Palantir know that we don’t?

The simple, creepy answer is “everything.” But its recent financial decisions point to some truly terrifying possibilities.


Ikea is straight-up supplying clean energy to Sweden now

The iconic furniture store continues running laps around the competition when it comes to sustainability.


Volkswagen's new all-electric SUV is sporty and powerful

The ID.5 GTX is another step toward Volkswagen's goal of being carbon-neutral by 2050.


Biden's goal of 50 percent electric vehicles by 2030 is too lax

By aiming so low, the President reveals his true goal: pleasing every party, even if it means sacrificing meaningful and crucial change in the process.


These reusable trash bags could help the world reduce its plastic waste

They're sturdy and easy to wash. But will consumers be willing to get their hands dirty for the sake of the environment?


In games, the environmental crisis is just another bedtime story

'Biomutant,' 'Minute of Islands,' and 'The Eternal Cylinder' use omniscient narrators to tell surprisingly cozy stories of ecological collapse.


Democrats are pushing for big polluters to pay for their climate damage

A new bill introduced in Congress hopes to charge the top 25 or 30 polluters for the last 20 years of carbon emissions.


It's so scorching hot outside that vinyl LPs are warping in the mail

Extreme weather is a new norm to consider for shipping.

Hot Jams

Jeff Bezos thinks space factories would solve our problems. He's wrong.

The billionaire space boy is serious about turning the cosmos into a "sacrifice zone." We’d like to suggest he watch The Expanse and reconsider.


Nope, charging electric cars doesn’t pollute as much driving gas ones does

A long-standing myth that EVs are no better than gas-guzzlers thanks to power generation and material costs is finally put to rest.