Surface Pro 8 review: The perfect 2-in-1 now exists!

Microsoft knocked the Surface Pro 8 out of the park. It’s got everything you could want in a laptop replacement. The Pro 8 is the future of laptops and you can buy it today.


Windows 11 review: What a glow up

Microsoft doesn’t reinvent the wheel with Windows 11. It’s still Windows, only now it’s not ugly and it’s easier to use. Plus, it’s free for Windows 10 users, so it’s a no-brainer update.


ClockworkPi DevTerm review: A sick cyberdeck for your inner phreak

ClockworkPi's new minimalist, portable terminal is a lot of fun for new and experienced DIY computer enthusiasts, even if it's still mostly a toy.


MNT Reform: Building my own laptop

The whole process took about 1.5 hours and it was a ton of fun.


MNT Reform review: Your DIY laptop fantasy is here at last

No, the MNT Reform isn’t a laptop from the ‘90s. I assembled this DIY laptop with only a screwdriver and let me tell you, it’s anti-MacBook in every way, and that is not a bad thing.


Surface Laptop 4 review: Proudly not a MacBook (for better or worse)

The Intel CPU and battery life can’t compare to Apple’s M1 MacBook Air, but there’s a touchscreen and you don’t need to live in dongle hell.


MacBook Air M1 review: Windows laptops are so screwed

The hype is real for Apple's M1 chip. It doesn't feel like Apple's entry-level MacBook Air is capable of all this power and battery life. Yet it is. Windows laptops are going to be eating MacBook dust for years after this.

Unreal performance

The Surface Laptop Go is a fantastic surprise

With a touchscreen, a great keyboard, and a real OS, Microsoft's $700 Laptop Go is the new college laptop. It's a way better value than an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combo that costs $1,350.


Microsoft's Surface Go 2 is a terrible iPad and a bad laptop

Slow performance and mediocre battery life make the smallest Surface tablet a confusing purchase for any sensible person.


Humiliate your console with Intel's NUC 9 Extreme, a next-gen system for right now

This tiny, ray tracing-capable gaming PC throws down with systems three times its size and doesn't look like a popped collar. It's insane if you have $3,000.


16-inch MacBook Pro review: the keyboard nightmare is finally over

It only took years of complaints for Apple to finally cave.


Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review: so unnecessary

The biggest new feature is a USB-C port?


Microsoft Surface Pro X review: a very confusing computer

Who is this for? Why does this exist? Should you buy it?


Pixelbook Go review: killer battery life makes this Google’s best hardware in years

Could this be the perfect Chromebook?


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 review: Basically perfect, perfectly basic

You won’t find any gimmicks in this laptop.