Hori's Split Pad Fit are the Joy-Con alternative I desperately need

After some quality time with the Steam Deck, I can't go back to the Nintendo Switch's basic, uncomfortable controllers. Hori’s new controllers could be the solution.

My Hands Are Suffering

Backbone’s new mobile controller is made for taking PlayStation on the go

The Backbone One was specifically designed to be used with PS Remote Play, but can be used for other games too.


Is Discord ending our long, cross-platform nightmare?

Xbox and Discord have a new way to make voice calls on your console, opening up all sorts of cross-platform possibilities.

Ring, ring, hello

Sony wants you to know its digital collectibles are emphatically not NFTs

PlayStation Stars rewards members for playing games, with PSN credit and digital collectibles that absolutely aren't NFTs.


This indie game looks like someone turned Toy Story 2 into a shooter

Hypercharge resembles a cross between Small Soldiers and Toy Story and has climbed Steam's charts after a week of virality.


Nintendo's next Switch OLED is plastered in Splatoon graffiti

This upcoming limited edition Switch will be the first time we see gradient Joy-Cons officially from Nintendo.


Lego’s Mighty Bowser set will make Super Mario fans tremble in fear

The 2,800-piece model will arrive in October of this year.


This ‘web3 game console’ marks a new low for crypto grifts

The Polium One, an alleged web3 game console, makes even the sketchiest vaporware look legit.


Meet the hacker colorizing the Game Boy games you forgot about

Grayscale aesthetics were a necessity on the original Game Boy, but hackers like Ivan "toruzz" Delgado are bringing a splash of color to retro games.


This year has been so bad for games that Skyrim is back in the charts

May 2022 was one of the slowest months for game sales in years, and as a result, Skyrim is back in the top 20 best-selling games.

Blast from the past

Sonic Frontiers will be ‘open-zone,’ with no smooching allowed

Sega has a few simple rules for dating its teenage hedgehog in Sonic Frontiers, so you won't see the Blue Blur kissing people anytime soon.

Closed ring

Is anybody actually excited for PlayStation VR 2?

Sony's recent State of Play showed off a lot of promising games, but we're still not sure what exactly to expect from PS VR 2.

Hype life

Hollow Knight: Silksong is real, but you won't be playing it soon

The much-anticipated sequel to indie classic Hollow Knight emerged from its cocoon, but it won't be out for months.

Into the nest

Why the Persona collection announcement is so infuriating

It's nice that the incredible Persona games are coming to Xbox Game Pass, but the devil's in the details.

Earn my dread

Sonic Frontiers haters just don't understand the game, Sonic Team says

In a new interview, Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka says that the "open zone" format will silence the haters, and denied any rumored delays.

Open whirled

We've finally seen Starfield, and the internet can't get enough

A fifteen-minute gameplay preview of Bethesda's new IP, Starfield, lives up to its billing of "Skyrim in space."

Old frontiers