Reddit's collectible avatar experiment falls victim to NFT fatigue

Collectible avatars were released at the beginning of July, and now, about a month later, Reddit is giving some of them away for free.


Vera Bradley’s NFTs seek to educate women and fund breast cancer research

The collection brings back the signature Jilly Bag in four prints.


The NFL is getting even cozier with crypto companies

Fans can now purchase suite tickets to Houston Texans games using digital currencies.


The Coinbase insider trading hole may run deeper than we thought

A research paper from the University of Technology Sydney potentially hints at foul play or some very good luck.

Crypto Crimes

Celsius is an even bigger dumpster fire than we thought

CEO Alex Mashinsky took over the embattled crypto exchange's trading strategy in January, and proceeded to make some questionable decisions at its helm.


Martin Shkreli claims porn virus cost him $450K in crypto tokens

A suspicious dump of Shkreli's newly created crypto token may have been the result of malware disguised as porn.


Here’s every tech company conducting mass layoffs right now

The tech labor movement is on the rise, but the industry itself is down bad. From Tesla to HBO Max, here’s a list of all the tech companies undergoing layoffs.


A blockchain company stiffed one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world

DigitalBits, which signed on as a sponsor for Inter Milan last September, has failed to meet its financial obligations. Now the club is removing its logo from jerseys altogether.


Influencers earn big bucks for shilling shady crypto projects, report finds

A CNBC report has highlighted a number of YouTubers who advertised scammy ventures without disclosing their affiliation(s) to them.


Crypto exchange announces fund freeze, investigation with teary anime GIF

The GIF in question depicts Anya Forger, one of the primary characters in Spy x Family.

hot mess

Mark Cuban, investor in metaverse real estate, says digital land is 'dumb'

The Shark Tank host isn't exactly hot on the idea of buying up a house in the metaverse.


HitPiece, a music NFT site once decried as ‘a scam,’ is relaunching

In an exclusive interview, co-founder Rory Felton tells Input what went wrong earlier this year and how HitPiece has learned from its mistakes.


This hybrid beauty brand wants to do your makeup digitally and IRL

Bakeup’s first offering will be a physical product, NFT, and Instagram filter.


Online marketplace The Edit Ldn is opening a metaverse sneaker store

The store will launch in Bloktopia with an NFT and IRL sneaker.


Samsung is offering NFTs that actually do something with its next foldables

The New Galaxy NFTs will come with preorders of its Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4, offering discounts at certain retailers.


Hackers targeting Solana steal millions of dollars worth of crypto tokens

At least $5 million worth of USDC, SOL, and other tokens were drained from thousands of user wallets, while the culprits remain at large.