A new Spotify rival will use crypto to pay artists directly... somehow

The “decentralized music service” has raised funding from some major artists, but doesn't yet know how artists will get paid.


Meet the Colombian artist trying to move a ton of cocaine... NFTs

Camilo Restrepo’s crypto coke project is a commentary on the absurdity of the war on drugs.

High art

Alongside bitcoin, AMC plans to accept three other cryptocurrencies

The theater chain hopes Reddit traders won’t just buy its stock but also visit its locations.


Fake Walmart press release sends litecoin price on a rollercoaster

No one's really sure who's behind the fake news, but Walmart is already on the case.


Wanna buy an NFT ticket to see that Beeple NFT in person?

For $475 you can, but you shouldn't.


El Salvador is betting on bitcoin to solve its high remittance costs

Most of El Salvador’s citizens receive money sent by family abroad, but fees on international transfers can be high.


‘Bored Ape’ NFT collection just sold for a killing in Sotheby's auction

The astronomic prices of recent NFT sales suggest that buyers think the artwork will have a high resale value.


Facebook pushes ahead with Diem crypto despite obvious concerns

The company believes Diem will help more people gain access to banking services, but it has to overcome serious trust issues.


The NFT world is split over CryptoPunks creator’s Hollywood deal

Critics say Larva Labs has sold its soul to the devil. A United Talent Agency exec tells Input that UTA will do business “with the community in mind.”

Intellectual property

How to buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea

Let’s buy some art on the internet’s most popular NFT marketplace.


How to install MetaMask

If you want to buy and sell NFTs, or just need a crypto wallet for your desktop, MetaMask is one of the most popular options.


Some jabroni bought an NFT of a free clipart rock for $1.3 million

Today in "Money is a Complete Construct."