Jack Dorsey wants to somehow integrate Bitcoin into Twitter

Twitter's founder has been a long proponent of the cryptocurrency, but has yet to introduce it into his godforsaken app.


The Trump cultists have their own cryptocurrency now

It's called "MAGACOIN," because of course it is, and its creator has already been outed thanks to poor security. Because of course he was.


Tesla might accept bitcoin for cars again after all

Elon Musk said at a conference on Wednesday that Tesla, which used to accept bitcoin as payment, then stopped, is now considering doing so again. Sigh.


Watch 1,000 Bitcoin rigs get pulverized by a steamroller

Bitcoin is getting crushed right now. No, like, literally.


You may soon be able to pay in crypto wherever Visa is accepted

Coinbase, FTX are among the cryptocurrency platforms that will partner with Visa to make spending easy.

Charge it

A Tribe Called Quest royalties were sold with an NFT. The group never OK’d it.

The NFT grants the owner a perpetual 1.5 percent royalty from the rap group's first five albums.


Bitcoin mining made this upstate NY lake into a giant ‘hot tub’

The Greenidge power plant says it's buying enough carbon offsets to neutralize its environmental effects. Watchdogs say it's nowhere near enough.


Tim Berners-Lee made a killing off his NFT sale of source code for the web


This startup's eye-scanning crypto orb repped by Azealia Banks sounds terrible

Nothing screams "legitimate" like crypto buzzwords, VC-designed universal basic income, and a problematic pop star most recently known for an NFT sex tape.


Pepe the Frog’s creator is making a ton of money selling NFTs

Some critics say he's profiting from the character's popularity among white nationalists.


People are just straight-up erecting graven images of Elon Musk now


Beeple's new NFT startup feels a lot like a cash grab (and an IP nightmare)

Wenew is selling “iconic moments” as NFTs, but those who captured the moments are largely being left out of the equation.