GameStop is launching a crypto wallet for a very different kind of gamer

GameStop's Ethereum wallet can hold both cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and is "self-custodial."


NYC’s cool kids are ‘here for the vibes’ at this crypto dating show

Yes, Proof of Love involves NFTs — but it’s actually hip. Could it be the future of entertainment?


Failed BAYC dating app with ‘too many bros’ wasn't real, but could have been

The Lonely Ape Dating Club was an elaborate prank by Year 4000 and came with its own press kit.


El Salvador's bet on bitcoin has been as volatile as expected

Fluctuations in the cryptocurrency's value have led to plummeting credit rates amidst fears of a default.


Now the Bored Apes are taking over your breakfast nook

There’s Ape-themed cereal and coffee — and potentially many more NFT-branded consumer goods to come.

New pioneers

Coinbase's NFT marketplace has been a flop so far

And no one can agree whether or not the NFT market is up or down overall.

Certified flop

Binance invests in Elon Musk takeover, cementing Twitter's crypto ties

But Elon Musk's views on cryptocurrency in general are anything but certain.


Goldman Sachs and Fidelity embrace crypto with new bitcoin offerings

Cryptocurrency just keeps getting more mainstream.


Dogecoin is the real winner of Elon Musk's Twitter takeover

Much doge. Many speculative. Very money. So fluctuate.

Much grift

With Technokings and Block Heads, why even be a CEO?

Chief executives are going out of style in favor of the alternative milk of corporate leadership: whatever dumb title you can come up with yourself.


Nike and RTFKT Studio's first digital sneakers remix the Dunk

The “Cryptokicks” feature "Skin Vials" that change the sneakers’ look.


Adidas’ chunky Ozworld sneakers offer the Yeezy look for less

The kicks can be worn IRL or in the metaverse.


Binance apologizes for new emoji that looked awfully like a swastika

On Hitler's birthday, no less.

Bad Look

Axie Infinity players are leaving en masse after $600M crypto heist

After a "heist" walked away with over $600 million in crypto, player interest in NFT Pokémon clone Axie Infinity has begun to wane, and "landlords" aren't happy about it.

No fun times

The Wolf of Wall Street's new grift mixes crypto and toxic masculinity

If a 'New York Times' profile is any indication, the new Jordan Belfort is a lot like the old Jordan Belfort.

Crypto Bros

Man hoping to sell NFT of first tweet for $48M finds best offer is $12K

Jack Dorsey's cultural cachet might not be quite as big as 'crypto entrepreneur', Sina Estavi, had hoped.

Final Offer?