Sotheby's enters the NFT metaverse with... some random squiggly lines

The famed auction house is all-in on NFTs, now.


Exclusive: Stormy Daniels reveals details of her ‘Trump dress’ NFT sale

The former porn star is auctioning off an NFT featuring the dress she wore the night she allegedly had sex with Donald Trump. The winner also gets the garment itself.


The internet's hottest club is Jack Dorsey's Block website

I can't be mad at a rebrand that produces this level of chill and this amount of colorful cubes.

Pondering material

Jack Dorsey pulled a Meta with his Block rebrand of Square

Square's rebrand could be seen coming a lengthy blockchain away.


Adidas is teaming with Bored Ape Yacht Club to make (more) hyped NFTs

A four-way collaboration will soon bring logo heavy tokens to the metaverse.


Collins Dictionary's word of the year is unsurprisingly bleak

Hint: It rhymes with 'corruptible, broken.'


RIP to Mr. Goxx, the crypto-trading hamster

Goodnight, sweet prince.


El Salvador plans 'Bitcoin City' to further alienate the poor

The city will have a central square designed to look like the bitcoin symbol.


Brave launches free in-browser crypto wallet, with mobile support to come

Naturally, it also includes NFT storage.


These adorable baby ape NFTs? They’re racist — and stolen.

The scammy saga of the multimillion-dollar Lil Baby Ape Club shows that the digital art market is broken.

Monkey business

Adidas enters the metaverse with an NFT you don't actually own

It could become "handy" later, however.


Legendary Staples Center to be renamed Arena. No, we're not joking.

The renaming of the beloved arena, home of the L.A. Lakers, is believed to be the largest U.S. venue naming rights deal to date.


Money Man bagged the first all-bitcoin label advance for album, Blockchain

"Put him onto crypto it was cheap, but he didn't want to listen."

Crypto Rap

Miramax sues Quentin Tarantino to block 'Pulp Fiction' NFT sales

The director recently announced a series of “secret” script pages and audio commentary for sale.

Pulp Friction

Is Bored Ape supergroup Kingship the next Gorillaz?

What the heck is an NFT band? How exactly will this all work? Input got answers from Kingship’s label head and the group’s manager.


Tomorrow 240: Do something for anyone

Is there any hope for Tomorrow?