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Tesla's 'Anti-Handbook Handbook' isn't unhinged, it's humanizing
Craig Wilson
“Treat everyone like you want to be treated” and other mantras corporate America has forgotten.
Electric Opinion
1 hour ago
Huawei's been granted another 45-day reprieve from a full ban in the U.S.
J. Fergus
This is the fourth postponement since last May.
2 hours ago
Fujifilm dropped a top street photographer, but did he cross a line?
Ian J. Battaglia
Peers of Tatsuo Suzuki, known for his aggressive shooting style, come to his defense.
Candid Camera
4 hours ago
Joshua Kushner gave Karlie Kloss an intense Valentine's gift: A one-on-one messaging app
J. Fergus
Bedford is a messaging app for you and one other special person and no one else, the way the lord intended it.
2.16.2020 10:18 PM
This hideous bracelet prevents smart speakers from listening to you
J. Fergus
A great idea, but there are literal holes in the execution.
2.16.2020 4:59 PM
Massachusetts lawsuit alleges Juul bought ads on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network’s sites
Matthew Wille
The suit also claims Juul failed age-check more than 10,000 of its customers.
2.13.2020 8:24 PM
I was Tig Notaro for a day (on Twitter)
Hershal Pandya
Every 24 hours, the comedian lets someone new take over her popular Twitter account. Could I handle the pressure?
2.13.2020 8:13 PM
The best games to vent your sexual frustration this Valentine’s Day
Ryan Houlihan and Evan Rodgers
This goes out to all the single people.
2.13.2020 4:35 PM
Google rolls out charming emoji mashup stickers in Gboard
J. Fergus
Who doesn’t want to be a monkey cactus?
2.13.2020 1:25 PM
Los Angeles just bought the first electric fire truck in North America
J. Fergus
Firefighters did donuts in the $1.2m truck in the Dodgers Stadium parking lot.
2.13.2020 3:48 AM
The FTC is about to crack down on influencers, big time. "This is illegal payola."
Edgar Alvarez
New rules could force brands, celebrities, and social media apps to properly disclose ads, or risk being financially and legally liable.
2.13.2020 12:13 AM
Raleigh police cut its Clearview AI subscription short amid criticism
J. Fergus
The service went beyond the local facial recognition policy.
2.12.2020 8:52 PM
Nielsen report: Netflix has the upper hand in the streaming wars
Mehreen Kasana
Consumers are hooked on streamed content.
2.12.2020 6:03 PM
YouTube will now let you tip creators — but it'll pocket 30 percent
Matthew Wille
The ‘applause’ feature is only available for those in the YouTube Partner Program.
2.12.2020 5:17 PM
Will the GSMA cancel this year’s Mobile World Congress?
Matthew Wille
Reports are conflicted — your guess is as good as ours.
2.12.2020 4:29 PM
Teens are hacking Instagram into a modern-day eBay
Mia Sato
Entrepreneurial kids have figured out the future of the thrift shop: Instagram comments.
2.12.2020 3:48 PM
Reuters partners with Facebook for Fact Check business unit and blog
Ian Servantes
The social media network will pay for the service.
2.12.2020 3:26 PM
Elizabeth Holmes is trying to get her charges dropped ahead of Theranos trial
J. Fergus
They’re apparently too vague.
2.12.2020 3:14 PM
The FTC is ordering five of the largest tech companies to release details of every acquisition from the last decade
Matthew Wille
Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are named in the orders.
2.11.2020 9:46 PM
Drake signs an exclusive, multiyear deal with live-streaming platform Caffeine
Matthew Wille
He’ll bring the Ultimate Rap League with him and have his own channel, too.
2.11.2020 8:02 PM