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SXSW will be a virtual event in 2021, defeating the purpose of the festival

SXSW Online will run from March 16th to March 20th, 2021.


As suspected, Amazon gives its own products the upper hand in search

An "edge" doesn't describe what Amazon is seeking over rivals. "Dominance" is far more apt.


Nikola founder resigns amid fraud claims but still gets huge payday

Not a good look for a fledgling company, especially one that hasn't actually released anything yet despite racking up investments.


This backyard pod will let you escape reality... but not the elements

The starting price is about $6,400 for a little peace and quiet.

Slow Death

Civvl is a gig-based company that hires you to help evict people

We're still unclear whether or not you sell your soul after agreeing to the company's Terms & Conditions.


Is Twitter’s image-cropping algorithm racially biased?

Users have been pointing out that Twitter often chooses to focus image crops on white people. Time for Twitter to do some research.


Wayback Machine and Cloudflare team up to archive the Internet

Two of the most extensive cataloguers of the Web will now work in tandem to make sure your digital embarrassments live on forever.


The Apple Watch Series 6 and more unveiled / Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant

On this episode, we dive into the latest news on devices that go on your wrist and in your skull.

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