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A Japanese startup called Icoma has introduced an electric motorbike that can fold up for easy stora...

This stylish electric motorbike folds up to fit under your desk

Japanese startup Icoma plans to bring the Tatamel to production.

Heinz released a limited edition "packet roller" that makes it easy to extract sauce from a packet.

Waste not! Heinz’s ‘packet roller’ extracts every last drop of ketchup

The limited-edition item can fit on a keychain and go with you everywhere.

Hideo Kojima and Jean-François Rey posing together

Complete your fall fit with these Hideo Kojima sunglasses

Or traverse a barren landscape, the choice is yours really.


‘Openbike’ is an open-source wooden bicycle you can make from plywood

The project is less about the bike itself, and more about promoting the idea that everyone should think about their role protecting the environment.


Oh god, PC makers are gonna copy the MacBook Pro’s notch

You can bet good money there will be imitators from PC makers.


Nanoleaf's new Lines range pushes it further into the decor space

But gamers and streamers will no doubt still be pleased, too.


Blizwheel's foldable e-scooter transforms to fit in your backpack

Take your on-the-go electric scooter, well... on-the-go.


E-bike maker VanMoof's new 'hyperbike' is designed for long commutes

The Dutch company's VanMoof V is a faster e-bike with more range designed to help bike commuters go further.


An electrified Aston Martin DB6 is the new car of our dreams

Classic swagger without any of the fume-spewing guilt.


Nintendo basically admits Joy-Con drift is unfixable

The launch of the Switch OLED has been controversial, but a recent interview reveals that, even with improvements, Joy-Con drift is unavoidable.


Xbox’s see-through anniversary controller has Game Boy Color vibes

Microsoft is celebrating the Xbox's 20th anniversary next month with a see-through controller that we absolutely need to have.


What the hell is going on with the iPad mini 6's display?

Apple’s new iPad mini 6 has only been out for a few weeks, but two display issues are bugging customers.


Givenchy criticized over its noose-shaped necklace design

Comparisons have been made to Burberry’s noose-decorated hoodie from just two years ago.


We’re in love with Teenage Engineering’s tabletop pressure former

The Mayku Multiplier lets you make plastic molds, right from home.


Eames and Reebok’s Club C shoes feature mid-century furniture vibes

Starring Eames’ iconic Dot Pattern.


Acer unveils three Windows 11 laptops, including the sustainable Aspire Vero

Acer's Aspire Vero is a sustainable laptop designed with longevity in mind. The updated Swift 5 and Nitro 5 are built for portability and gaming.