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'Bridgerton,' TikTok, and the revival of 'Regencycore' fashion

Despite its recent popularity, the regal trend has been on the rise for years — but the arrival of a new Netflix show has made it hotter than ever.

The royal treatment

Almost everything on the Framework Laptop is modular or replaceable

Virtually every component from the ports, display, CPU, keyboard, and bezels are either modular or customizable. The Framework Laptop could be the ultimate laptop we've all been waiting for.


Is this the new iMac? Leaks of new pastel-hued models suggest so

From mint to pink, the rumored lineup looks both modern and like smartphones of five years ago.


Unagi Model One e-scooter review: Luxury on two wheels

Thoughtful design, high-end materials, and a new subscription model make the Model One an attractive last-mile solution for city slickers.


Nothing teams up with design gods Teenage Engineering for new gadgets

Carl Pei's Nothing just scooped up some top-tier design talent. The Swedish tech company is likely behind the startup's upcoming wireless earbuds.


USPS unveiled its next-generation truck and... it's something

Nothing at the USPS is safe from postmaster general Louis DeJoy's reign of terror.


Huawei beats Samsung with gap-free foldable, but there's one major flaw

The Mate X2 looks like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie. It's a shame the foldable is missing one important feature.


Meet Toasty Digital, the DJ bringing classic Kanye tracks into the future

His latest project, Good Kid Twisted Fantasy, is a mashup album that brings together Mr. West and Kendrick Lamar.


Even the most skilled scalpers will struggle to snag this $500K gold PS5


Virgil Abloh's buzzwords about fashion are being turned into a book


The 'Maple Majestic' wants to be Canada's homegrown Tesla

The electric vehicle is designed to handle the Canadian climate and intended to reinvigorate the country's car manufacturing sector.

Tarps off

Reviewing the Galaxy S21 made me believe in plastic phones again

Plastic is a second-class citizen in a glass phone world. It's time for that to change. With the S21, Samsung makes a strong case for flagship plastic phones.