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Samsung's Bespoke fridges are getting the hypebeast treatment

Artist collabs, limited drops, and new devices to customize.

This all-terrain truck concept looks like a Tesla Cybertruck destined for Mars.

This Mars rover concept gives off Tesla Cybertruck vibes

Elon Musk has suggested that the Cybertruck could be the “official truck of Mars.” But it might need some modifications first.


Polaroid Go review: An intentional rejection of Instagram's fake reality

The $100 mini instant camera is adorable. Polaroid’s Chief Design Officer Ignacio Germade says its analog design is an antidote to everyone’s fake, perfectly edited and curated lives on social feeds.


Nike’s hands-free shoe will be even better when it goes to people who need it

The “Go FlyEase” sneaker was meant to be accessible, but it's been anything but.

No Good Deed

Jeff Staple is the first major streetwear designer to sell NFT sneakers

And they sold out in seconds.


I couldn’t get Bad Bunny’s pink Adidas sneakers — so I made them myself

The coveted shoes are reselling for $600 or more, but where there’s a will, there’s a güey...


This DIY mechanical keyboard is made of wood

It’s thing of beauty.


Microsoft’s archaic Windows system icons are getting a fresh coat of paint

It's part of a "sweeping visual rejuvenation" planned for later this year.


Welcome to the museum of low poly video game food

Twitter’s @LowPolly is a compendium for video game food not even a digital stomach could handle.


Adidas’ ‘4DFWD’ 3D-printed running shoe pushes you forward with every stride

An Adidas VP of design explains how it works.


I can't stop fiddling with Nanoleaf's smart home remote

This dodecahedron does a lot more than turn on the lights.

This Thing Rules

Nike puts the PlayStation 5 on your feet with its 'PG5' sneakers

The brand has once again teamed up with Sony to design a signature basketball shoe for NBA and Clippers star Paul George.

Sticks and Hoops