Locast, a free streamer of broadcast TV, forced to shutter

It wasn't the first company to try before broadcasters sued it out of existance.


Opening of Orlando's Super Nintendo World is reportedly delayed until 2025

Construction work on the park was temporarily paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Netflix’s ‘Fast Laughs’ feature is a poor copy of TikTok

The format is nearly identical to TikTok's, but the content is less appealing.


RIP Daft Punk. Let's celebrate the iconic duo's legacy with some bangers.

The legendary electronic music duo announced their split this morning in a characteristically quiet fashion.


Apple TV+ is producing a show on the WeWork debacle

From WeWork to WeCrashed, Apple will give TV+ viewers a star-studded glimpse into the startup's incredible ascent, and the catastrophic decline that followed.


5 reasons to be super amped for Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is just as amazing as it sounds.


Ticketmaster agrees to settlement fines for hacking Songkick's computers

The fines totally $10 million will sadly likely do little to change Ticketmaster's practices, nor will they mean lower fees for concert goers.


Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020: 'Animal Crossing' Edition

Nintendo's blockbuster game is playing digital host to Australia's annual independent arts festival.

Art animal

The ’90s most visionary TV show / Where to go for virtual hugs

On this episode, we’ve got stories about an old TV series and new ways to cuddle.


'Evangelion' Blu-rays are finally on sale for under $20

Catch this sale before the fourth installment drops later this year (hopefully.)

Good Finds

'Wild Palms' predicted the future in 1993. Too bad no one was watching.

Bruce Wagner and Oliver Stone's ABC mini-series foretold Trump, VR, the creep of corporations into politics, and the end of reality as we know it.

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Dreaming Vinyl reimagines songs as animated vinyl stickers

Ever seen vinyl artwork and wished it moved with the song?


Limbo is the perfect game for the survivalist in you

Gorgeous monochrome graphics. Infinitely hostile world. Terrifying puzzles. And a little boy trying to come out of it alive — in one piece.

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'Leather Metropolis' is currently the best video on the internet

"In my religion, god is a computer. And his only son is Master Chief."


I was Tig Notaro for a day (on Twitter)

Every 24 hours, the comedian lets someone new take over her popular Twitter account. Could I handle the pressure?