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Hey Google, here's how to reboot the Pixel
Raymond Wong
Aside from revolutionizing smartphone cameras with computational photography, the Pixel has failed. Here's how Google can give the Pixel a do-over and compete with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy.
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jr. wants you to see a parallel world
Iman Sultan
The queer, Muslim artist blends ideas of faith, radical thought, and futurism — challenging audiences to not just imagine a different future, but to consider a changed present.
Do hypebeasts want to rent their clothes? The Rotation is betting on it.
Edgar Alvarez
For a monthly fee, the service gives people access to designer clothes they can wear indefinitely and send back whenever they want to try a different piece.
Has OnePlus finally sold out?
Raymond Wong
By adding Facebook and Netflix bloatware that can't be uninstalled, the "pure" Android phone maker is betraying its founding ethos.
On top of everything else, Quibi exploits a union loophole to underpay workers
J. Fergus
Quibi has admitted its shows are really longer productions split into 10-minute chunks, and it's using that sleight-of-hand to undercut show crews.
The real reason Trump is obsessed with TikTok has nothing to do with security
Ryan Houlihan
"Nobody likes me." The president is ruining US-China relations because teenagers don’t think he’s cool.
Revel scooters were never safe for the average person, and the company knew
Ian Servantes
Two deaths in NYC and this writer’s own accident draw scrutiny toward the ease of access.
Dangerous Ride
Here's every image from the 2020 iPhone Photography Awards — and the backstory of how they were shot
Raymond Wong
We spoke with IPPA founder Kenan Atkulun and several of the U.S. winners to learn more about the 13-year-old photography awards that started as a hobby and now awards winners real gold and platinum bars.
There's a place where you can hug a stranger and never get sick
J. Fergus
From video cuddle sessions to immersive VR experiences, people are finding the next best thing to in-person affection.
Hate your favorite band's latest song? On Spotify, it might be a fake.
Landon Groves
Spotify’s third-party distribution platform is flawed, allowing scammers to impersonate popular artists for weeks on end, stealing thousands of streams in the process.
GOAT CEO on COVID-19, the Air Jordan boom, and $72 million worth of fakes
Edgar Alvarez
Eddy Lu talked to Input about his company’s handling of the pandemic, the competition, and whether the streetwear bubble is about to burst.
Growing Hype
Exclusive: A Q&A with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei on how the Nord came to life
Raymond Wong
The man in charge of making the company's first sub-$500 phone in years explains the Nord's design philosophy, his thoughts on foldables, and why his profile photo is the Monkey King.
The Superstrata Ion: Tesla’s ambition squeezed into a sick custom e-bike
Raymond Wong
With the world’s first unibody carbon fiber bike frame, 3D-printed to your personal body size, the Ion is an ambitious e-bike. Can it deliver?
'Randonauting' might get you killed, but it’s better than doomscrolling
Craig Wilson
The real-life choose-your-own-adventure game for adults started as a project to check if we're living in a simulation. Now it's taken on a life of its own.
Beautiful, dark, and twisted: The chaos behind the Yeezy Gap collaboration
Ian Servantes
A massive opportunity for Kanye West and Mowalola Ogunlesi comes at the expense of Telfar Clemens.
Going Mainstream
Facebook has become too toxic for the world’s biggest brands. It will cost billions.
Edgar Alvarez
The North Face, Levi's, Microsoft, Verizon, and others have brought the social media giant to a reckoning over hate speech — and they may just be the beginning.
Social Boycott
'Fix-it fiction' gives queer women the happy endings they deserve
Payal Dhar
TV treats its lesbian characters horribly. An online community is rewriting those wrongs.
Lesbian TikTok is unexpected joy at exactly the right time
Daisy Everingham
Building community through eyebrow slits and thirst-traps.
Black queer designers created the blueprint for streetwear as we know it
Iman Sultan
Willi Smith, a pioneer of gender nonconforming couture, is among the people who laid the foundation for brands like Hood By Air, Supreme, and others.
Fashion Roots
Nike's most aerodynamic soccer ball ever is designed to wobble less mid-air
Edgar Alvarez
The Flight ball is said to deliver 30 percent "truer flight" than its predecessor.