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Hulu just launched a Watch Party feature to let you stream with friends
Matthew Wille
The timing honestly couldn't be better. Unfortunately, it only works for ad-free subscribers right now.
How a solar eclipse inspired Nike's futuristic, trash-filled Space Hippie sneakers
Edgar Alvarez
Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, the company's sustainability design lead, on creating a footwear collection made with recycled materials.
Circular Fashion
How technology is shaping the world of sneakers
Edgar Alvarez
A trip through the most important 10 years in sneaker evolution.
Nike's quest to design the perfect sneakers for people with disabilities
Edgar Alvarez
A passion project goes mainstream.
This is what Apple needs to do to make the iPhone 12 camera unbeatable
Raymond Wong
We asked photographers, filmmakers, and YouTubers to chime in on what Apple needs to keep its camera crown.
I used to care how I looked. Now I only care about furniture and plants.
Ian Servantes
With nowhere to dress up for, home decor has now replaced my love for clothes.
New Life
Life after COVID-19: How Nike plans to adapt to a new normal
Edgar Alvarez
The brand's head of consumer and retail, Heidi O’Neill, talks about the importance of apps, YouTube, and other digital services in the age of social distancing.
Travis Scott's new merch is an ode to PlayStation and Nintendo. Is that legal?
Edgar Alvarez
The rapper liberally borrowed some of the most iconic designs in gaming. Whether or not the companies could win a legal battle over his work is a complex case.
Straight Up
7 days in quarantine with... Rachelle Vinberg, star of HBO's 'Betty'
Mark Yarm
We checked in with the skateboarder/actress, currently holed up in her Brooklyn apartment, every day for a week.
Pandemic diary
Boat shoes used to be for frat bros and rich dads only. Not anymore.
Ian Servantes
Thanks to brands like Sperry, Noah, and Rowing Blazers, the silhouette has been revitalized to have its streetwear moment.
Beyond The Yacht
Before COVID-19, Tinder was a hot mess. Now it's just a mess.
Ian Servantes
The app changed its rules to help during the coronavirus lockdown, but those tweaks have turned the dating service into a spam-filled nightmare.
No Chill
The resale market for streetwear masks is exploding due to COVID-19
Edgar Alvarez
As the coronavirus became a global pandemic, demand for the trendy fashion accessory has surged. Now some masks are reselling for over $700.
Business is Boomin'
Swiping for BFFs: How I met my crew on Bumble
Virali Dave
Turns out the dating app is good for more than hooking up.
Squad goals
Living with chronic pain is hell. Social media makes it a little less grim.
Cheyenne MacDonald
When doctors don’t have the answers, the internet is your ally.
'Animal Crossing' has become a streetwear playground
Ian Servantes
As ‘New Horizons' takes off, brands like 100 Thieves and enthusiasts who craft their own designs are getting in on the action.
Village Drip Gods
'Final Fantasy VII' changed my life... and my hair
Raymond Wong
The groundbreaking JRPG is back on PS4, but the original game shaped my life. It taught me how to love technology, classical music, and my inner Cloud Strife.
Why does shopping feel so bad right now?
Edgar Alvarez
Our complicated relationship with buying things online has just gotten even more complex thanks to COVID-19. So don’t worry, you’re not alone.
New Priorities
WrestleMania 36 is still happening — and you can bet on the winners and losers
Jack Needham
The WWE’s events are completely scripted, but online sportsbooks will gladly take your wagers.
Rihanna masks. Kylie Jenner hand sanitizer. Fashion is better at this than the president?
Ian Servantes
Designers and entrepreneurs have stepped up as the medical community faces shortages of protective gear.
How New Balance stumbled, then soared to the top of the streetwear game
Ian Servantes
After being sidelined by politics, the brand sported by Steve Jobs and Kendall Jenner has now risen above the noise.
Dad Vibes