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Straight Up

Why Jordan Brand is, finally, paying attention to women in streetwear

After years of not focusing on the category, the Nike-owned label is ready to break up its boy's club.

Fresh Energy

Surface Duo review: Microsoft didn't make a phone. It made the future.

The company's transforming dual-screen Android phone, tablet, book — whatever you want to call it — has the right vision. It just needs more polish. It's not an iPhone killer and doesn't try to be one.


Exclusive Q&A: Panos Panay on how the Surface Duo transforms Microsoft again

The head of Surface dishes on how the dual-screen, Android-powered foldable breathes new life into phones; the Courier concept that never was; and how it's all helping Microsoft evolve beyond Windows.


Kanye still loves Nike and Jordans, and doesn't care if Adidas knows

“In my Adidas contract, [I] definitely should be able to wear Jordans."

Deep Cuts

The band behind a black metal 'Dark Souls' song reimagines the genre in MIDI

Black metal fans hate it. The band, Buzz Lightyear, couldn't be happier.


You’re playing games like ‘Super Mario’ all wrong. This app can fix it.

The game calibration app is conquering the world one TV at a time.


Step inside Nicole McLaughlin's reinvention of streetwear

Cereal vests, rock climbing Crocs, and Nike hat chairs? Just another day in the life of the reigning mashup maestro.


Nike and Supreme only care about hype, not making you happy

By putting its coveted Shopping Bag up for pre-sale, Telfar favored accessibility over scarcity. Other fashion brands can learn from it.

Broken "Drops"

A Nintendo 'Switch Pro' with 4K graphics makes no sense

Can we get a fix for Joy-Con drift or built-in Bluetooth so we can use our AirPods first?