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Cow Tools Far Side comic

Why does Gen Z love ‘Cow Tools,’ a nonsensical comic from 1982?

“It was so ahead of its time,” says one fan of “The Far Side” cartoonist Gary Larson’s divisive work.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - OCTOBER 06: Diana Taurasi #3 of the Phoenix Mercury attempts a shot over Liz Camb...

WNBA players deserve signature basketball shoes. Why do men get most of them?

Women sports are often kept out of merch conversations, but it’s time for sneaker brands to pay more attention to female athletes and their marketing potential.

She's Got Game

How Nike’s Jordan 1 Mid became one of the most loved and hated sneakers

A once laughed-at shoe is looking at a cultural revival to the surprise of, well, everyone.

Got 'Em

Copycats are already ripping off ‘Wordle,’ and fans are pissed

Grifters gonna grift.


Inside the subreddit where adulterers go for emotional support

The rapidly growing r/adultery “was like a family at some points in my life,” says one cheater.


The Fart Jars NFT story doesn’t pass the smell test

Ex-reality star Stephanie Matto got widespread media attention for her gassy NFTs. But the tale behind the project is inconsistent, critics say.


Who built the pyramids and how? The debate rages on YouTube.

Most “alternative historians” distance themselves from theories about aliens, but they’re still spreading damaging misinformation, archaeologists say.

Ancient mysteries

Behold: scenes from The Saddest CES On Record

Omicron didn't officially cancel CES 2022, but technically it didn’t have to.


Who’s using the pinched fingers emoji? Academics are on the case.

It’s beloved by impassioned Italians, K-Pop stans, and crypto bros.

Che vuoi?

Herpes TikTok influencers are fighting stigma — and fake ‘cure’ bots

Despite constant attacks, they’re bravely educating the masses about the common STI.

Sex ed

Is TikTok censoring mentions of competing apps like Instagram?

Rumors abound about TikTok shadowbanning certain content. The platform won’t say whether there’s any truth to creators’ suspicions.

Social media

After ALS struck, he became the world’s most advanced cyborg

Scientist Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human.

New frontiers

He made a chatbot of his dying mother so he never has to let go

Justin Harrison created YOV — You, Only Virtual — so the bereaved can continue communicating with loved ones who have passed on.

You, Only Virtual

‘It’s sick’: Furries rally against a zoophile influencer

The community is deeply concerned about Hypnotist Sappho, herself a furry, and her apparent sway over minors.


How to build your own pinball machine in 4,761 easy steps

Inside the incredibly complicated, utterly obsessive, potentially lucrative world of homebrew pinball.


The latest horrible NFT project co-opts George Floyd’s image

Floydies appear designed to outrage people — and make some quick cash.