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TikTok schizophrenia influencer Michelle Hammer

Schizophrenic influencers feel abandoned by TikTok

Creators were upset by the platform’s near-ban of the #schizophrenia hashtag, which TikTok has reversed thanks to Input’s investigation.

Mental health
Erotic tickling scene

Tickle fetishists say their kink is no laughing matter

People into tickling are sick and tired of being either ignored or mocked by more “hardcore” BDSM practitioners on TikTok.

Facepalm - A statue with its head in its hand

‘I thought my life was over’: Male sextortion victims speak out

For many, the nightmare lasts for months — or even years.


YouTube coin-pusher videos are huge. But what’s real and what’s fake?

Honest creators are frustrated with scammers who solicit funds for their high-stakes “gambling.”


The guy who threw a plushy toy at Lady Gaga explains himself

Confused and/or outraged by that viral video of Gaga getting hit in the head by a doll? Turns out, it’s all a Mexican meme.


Has TikTok surpassed Instagram as fashion’s favorite social media app?

Instagram has been a leading fashion source for over a decade. But algorithm changes are pushing stylish users away.

Out of style

HitPiece, a music NFT site once decried as ‘a scam,’ is relaunching

In an exclusive interview, co-founder Rory Felton tells Input what went wrong earlier this year and how HitPiece has learned from its mistakes.


The Eve 6 Guy advises a married guy obsessed with another woman

Also, ’90s rocker Max Collins weighs in on whether a writer should take a soul-sucking corporate job.

Heart in a Blender

Permashifters want out of this reality for good

TikTok popularized the concept of “shifting” one’s consciousness. But some people want to take it a huge step further.


Shirts That Go Hard’s creator is now going a little less hard

Input speaks to the guy behind the infamous Twitter gimmick account.

Novel tees

Below deck with the cruise ship workers of TikTok

People can’t get enough of their “day in the life” at sea videos.


Heartbroken? TikTok breakup influencers are here to help.

It’s a space full of tears, sad music, and “healing journeys.”


Planet of the Bored Apes

Inside NFT world’s biggest success story, with the founders of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Photographs by Martin Schoeller


Meet the volunteers fighting the most vile misogyny on Reddit

Members of r/BanFemaleHateSubs say the platform too often fails to do anything about vulgar and unlawful communities.


Marriage advice from the Eve 6 Guy and special guest Laura Jane Grace

Max Collins enlists fellow rocker Grace to help counsel a reader with a transitioning spouse.

Heart in a Blender

WTF is up with Twitter’s new refresh sound?

It’s been compared to frogs and aliens. But why the change? And what does it mean?