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Was the iPhone 12 mini a mistake?

Was the iPhone 12 mini a mistake?

Apple is reportedly going to kill the iPhone mini in 2022. Did Apple completely miscalculate with the iPhone 12 mini or can it still be saved?


Twitter’s weird promoted ads are my jam

After blocking every conceivable major brand, our writer finds nirvana in the strange tweets “regular” people pay money to boost.


TCL’s Fold ‘n Roll phone folds and slides open into a 10-inch tablet

The Fold ‘n Roll is a concept device that’ll probably never see the light of day, but the innovations here are TCL’s gamble on the future of mobile — what comes next.


Inside the obsessive world of ‘Monster Hunter’ merch collectors

Fans of the wildly popular games go to lengths to amass everything from branded beef jerky to statuettes of poison-farting monkeys.

Beastie toys

‘Freddy Krueger,’ USPS: Nike’s own history of making controversial sneakers

The brand was recently called out for a USPS-themed Air Force 1, but it’s not the first time it has borrowed another’s intellectual property without permission.

Roles Reversed

Big Tech critic Wendy Liu refuses to bow down to Bezos

In her book 'Abolish Silicon Valley: How to Liberate Technology From Capitalism,' the one-time Google intern rages against the machine.


Flying cars seem cool, but they’re never going to happen for us regular folks

Searching for signs that the future has arrived? Then don’t look skyward.


How I learned to love Zoom 12-step meetings

With no more church basements to go to, one comedian finally found her sober community online. But what will happen once things are back to “normal”?


How the worst-ever Zelda games spawned a bizarre online subculture

A weird-ass genre of YouTube video inspired one fan to remaster the legendarily terrible CD-I Zelda games. Now he’s making a spiritual sequel.


Reviewing the Game Boy Camera in 2021: A beautiful, twisted throwback

I bought Nintendo’s 23-year-old Game Boy Camera and despite many annoyances, shooting with it is a remarkably refreshing experience.

Throwback to 1998

10 years of Nyan Cat: The famed GIF’s creator on hitting the meme jackpot

Artist Chris Torres looks back on a wild decade for him and his Pop-Tart–bodied creation.


Why did Nike sue over the ‘Satan Shoes’ but not ‘Jesus Shoes’?

The lawsuit against MSCHF shows how, for the sportswear giant, any press isn’t good press — and the Lil Nas X sneaker might change the custom shoe game forever.