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Of models and memes: Women are reclaiming their images via NFTs

Everyone from Emily Ratajkowski to Overly Attached Girlfriend is doing it.


Nike’s hands-free shoe will be even better when it goes to people who need it

The “Go FlyEase” sneaker was meant to be accessible, but it's been anything but.

No Good Deed

Bonding with my mom under the (virtual) sea

How the iPad game ‘Hello Whale: Idle Aquarium’ brought the writer and her mother closer together during a most horrible year.

Calm waters

What real-life tall women really think about 'Resident Evil Village''s tall vampire lady

The tall vampire matriarch, Lady Dimitrescu, has inspired polarized reactions from gamers, and real-life tall women are conflicted about the character, too.


Nike puts the PlayStation 5 on your feet with its 'PG5' sneakers

The brand has once again teamed up with Sony to design a signature basketball shoe for NBA and Clippers star Paul George.

Sticks and Hoops

Movie dubbing sucks. One filmmaker is using AI to fix that.

Director Scott Mann, cofounder of Flawless, says the company’s tech “creates a fully three-dimensional performance.”

In sync

Real money, fake looks: Virtual clothing is changing fashion as we know it

Digital garments are grappling with fashion’s sustainability problem, but they only cater to those willing to buy items that can’t be touched, held, or worn.

From URL to IRL

Binary-shattering musician Harry Hains' Antiboy project lives on

Family, friends, and kindred spirits have found lightness in the Antiboy dream of a label-less world. Here’s how they brought his vision to life.


Can AI be horny?

Followers of a Twitter bot named Archillect seem to think so. Naturally, Input had to investigate.


Sex dolls are the new influencers

Synthetic women are “running” their own Instagrams. There’s money to be made, sure, but what their human partners want most is respect.


‘Incredibly disingenuous’ and ‘laughable’: A tale of Supreme’s fishing collab

The streetwear king has upset some fishermen with its South2 West8 capsule, which features fishing gear like rods, jackets, pants, and more.


Kevin Smith on selling his film as an NFT: ‘I don’t care about the money’

The ‘Clerks’ director tells Input why he’s auctioning off the rights to his upcoming horror flick ‘Killroy Was Here.’