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Fujifilm dropped a top street photographer, but did he cross a line?
Ian J. Battaglia
Peers of Tatsuo Suzuki, known for his aggressive shooting style, come to his defense.
Candid Camera
4 hours ago
I was Tig Notaro for a day (on Twitter)
Hershal Pandya
Every 24 hours, the comedian lets someone new take over her popular Twitter account. Could I handle the pressure?
2.13.2020 8:13 PM
What to get the streetwear lover in your life for Valentine's Day
Edgar Alvarez and Evan Rodgers
Love is more than just a look.
2.12.2020 6:59 PM
Teens are hacking Instagram into a modern-day eBay
Mia Sato
Entrepreneurial kids have figured out the future of the thrift shop: Instagram comments.
2.12.2020 3:48 PM
Motorola Razr review: A tragedy unfolds
Joshua Topolsky
With no real justification for its own design, middling performance, a mediocre camera, and an absurd price tag, the new Razr is a conceptual failure.
Flip off
2.10.2020 2:01 AM
The high-tech secret behind the stunning cinematography of ‘Uncut Gems’
Charles Bramesco
How did the Safdie brothers keep a perpetually moving Adam Sandler in focus? With a device called the Light Ranger 2.
How they win
2.7.2020 3:44 AM
Can laser light therapy actually cure pain? We wanted to find out.
Jeff Wilser
Proponents of the technology claim it can get people off of opioids, improve their sex lives, and make them smarter. Critics say it's bunk.
2.6.2020 3:59 PM
Nike’s chief design officer on why the company is going all in on sustainability
Edgar Alvarez
John Hoke says the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be a springboard for recycled products.
2.5.2020 7:00 PM
In memoriam: 8tracks, the beautiful mixtape-sharing site that Spotify killed
Mariam Ansar
“It’s been a long journey,” says founder David Porter.
One more time
2.4.2020 5:28 PM
iPhones are going to get bigger this year and 5G is to blame
Raymond Wong
If you want the best, you're going to have to tolerate even larger iPhones.
2.1.2020 2:00 PM
The place where the Super Bowl has no ads
Chris Stokel-Walker
In the U.K., the BBC just gives you a lot more analysis — for better or worse.
1.31.2020 4:24 PM
An adult site’s accidental data leak has the industry shook
Jessica Klein
A recent incident at iWantClips highlights the need for stronger protection of sex workers' personal information.
Sex Work
1.27.2020 8:31 PM
We're drowning in movies and TV shows, and the flood has only begun
Edgar Alvarez
Disney, HBO, Netflix, NBC, and others are all fighting to get your attention, but at what cost?
1.27.2020 6:31 PM
StockX's billion-dollar sneaker empire was hacked last year. Why are customers still paying for it?
Ian Servantes
Some buyers continue to deal with fraudulent purchases, and the company's response (or lack thereof) is cause for concern.
1.23.2020 8:33 PM
Why are so many smart TVs a nightmare to use?
Samuel Polay
TVs look fantastic now. But some of their “smart” interfaces truly suck.
1.22.2020 3:40 PM
What ever happened to the struggling doughnut shop that went viral on Twitter?
Chris Stokel-Walker
Getting social media love can save independent stores — sometimes.
1.21.2020 6:50 PM
How can we stop porch pirates? A new study says the answers are simpler than you think
Chris Stokel-Walker
Constant news attention about package theft is making the problem worse. But researchers have some potential solutions.
1.16.2020 3:16 PM
How the bicopter V-copter Falcon plans to take on DJI's drone empire
Raymond Wong
Is superior flying performance enough?
1.15.2020 8:47 PM
What phone is every presidential candidate?
Input Staff
A completely scientific look at what phone every candidate would be. You know, if a human could be a phone.
1.15.2020 6:55 PM
A girl and her (robot) dog
Jess Rizkallah
A Lebanese-American family’s complicated relationship with pets, real and electronic.
1.15.2020 3:14 PM