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Gabby Petito, object of TikTok obsession

Meet the TikTokers fixated on the Gabby Petito case

Social media abounds with facts and wild theories. “You are not a detective,” says one disinfo expert. “Log off.”

True crime

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau explains the future of the brand under Oppo

Starting in 2022, OnePlus phones will replace OxygenOS with a new unified OS that will be shared by Oppo phones. Lau also talks about camera developments, design, and more.

John Geiger GF-01 Banned

Why Nike is cracking down on designers ripping off its iconic sneakers

It doesn't matter if they’re bootlegs, customs, or homages, the brand is suing anyone who comes remotely close to cloning pairs like the Air Force 1 and Dunk.

Shoe Wars

Meet the Colombian artist trying to move a ton of cocaine... NFTs

Camilo Restrepo’s crypto coke project is a commentary on the absurdity of the war on drugs.

High art

As workwear becomes fashion, Dickies is still shining 100 years later

The brand has always stuck to its roots, even as the world of clothes around it changes constantly.

Staying True

The retro video game market is bonkers! Some suspect foul play.

What’s behind the massive surge in prices that has upset smalltime collectors?


Paradise lost: The rise and ruin of Couchsurfing.com

The once-utopian accommodations site, now headed by an alum of surveillance-analytics firm Palantir, has gone back on its always-free ethos.


Instagram has emerged as a major front in the fight for abortion rights

Amid the controversy over Texas’ SB 8 law, groups are using social media to get out the word on self-sourced abortion.


Twitter took away my blue check, and I am confused AF

Over the past week, users like me have been told their initial verification was an error. So I asked Twitter: What gives?

Social media

Why are Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen obsessed with giant water bottles?

Gallon-sized, aesthetically pleasing hydrating jugs are exploding in popularity — and they have fiercely loyal, cult-like fanbases behind them.


Memories of Terrible Tuesday, a 9/11 message board for teen girls

Twenty years later, I still think about how the Teenmag.com forum shaped me and what became of all my online friends.


Leaving Supreme for Aimé Leon Dore: How 'Retired Hypebeast' became a meme

Instagram and other social media apps have given streetwear an element it’s been missing since its early days: a sense of humor.

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