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The wholesome life of Sam Barsky, the internet’s favorite knitter

For two decades, Sam Barsky has knit sweaters of places and then posts photos of himself wearing the sweaters at those places.

The Edifier Stax Spirit S3 are the only wireless headphones that currently support Snapdragon Sound

Can Snapdragon Sound make wireless audio on Android as good as AirPods?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound platform promises huge leaps in Android audio quality but also new levels of lock-in.

The Dad Challenge Podcast host Joshua Barbour

Critics say YouTube’s Dad Challenge Podcast has gone too far

Host Joshua Barbour has been accused of harassing and bullying mommy influencers. “He’s just festering hate,” says one detractor.


Why TikTok's favorite #haul trend isn’t great for the environment

Fast fashion brands are often a go-to for aspiring and bonafide influencers alike.


These theme park YouTubers make a living riding roller coasters

Dream job alert!


How to get high-speed internet in rural America

Whether it's satellite, cellular 4G or 5G, DSL, or bonding, here's what to do when cable internet providers say no thanks to your hard-earned money.

The Great Outdoors

The Eve 6 Guy explains why ghosting gets a bad rap

Plus, ’90s rocker Max Collins offers advice on what to do when your ex starts getting friendly with your Twitter mutuals.

Heart in a Blender

Meet the amateur archivists streaming old VHS tapes online

Forget Netflix. Watching schlocky movie clips and vintage TV commercials on Twitch or YouTube is way more fun.


The $130 Sennheiser Sport wireless earbuds are gym bag champs

The Sennheiser Sport wireless earbuds make for weak daily drivers, but their fitness-focused design is perfect for workouts.


Riding the rails with YouTube’s hobo vloggers

Critics say their content is dangerous and irresponsible, but these influencers can’t get enough of the train-hopping life.

The Great Outdoors

YouTube lawyers are getting famous covering the Johnny Depp–Amber Heard trial

The legal commentators say they’re having fun — and making a tidy profit.


Top Gun: Maverick is a cinematic joyride, but Dolby Atmos is the real star

"This is a movie that is designed to be seen on the biggest screen you can find and the best sound system in your town," Maverick director Joseph Kosinski tells us in an interview.

Danger Zone

Boris Johnson just joined TikTok. Joe Biden should, too.

The British prime minister isn’t using the app right, but if he were, it could be a powerful tool.


Meet the TikTokers obsessed with Harry Styles’ ‘secret’ love life

Fans known as Larries are convinced he’s in a same-sex relationship with One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

Conspiracy theories

Orville Peck is in his IDGAF era

The mysterious country star opens up about finding happiness, loving drag, and recording Bronco, his explosive new album.

Saddle Up & Ride

Now the Bored Apes are taking over your breakfast nook

There’s Ape-themed cereal and coffee — and potentially many more NFT-branded consumer goods to come.

New pioneers