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The E-sport arena, 3d scene rendering

The only thing holding back esports? Twitch.

The game streaming giant pioneered the success of early esports. Now it’s impossible to escape.


FaceTime just killed Zoom. Good riddance!

Features like SharePlay, spatial audio, and scheduled calls are more than enough to make me ditch Zoom and its blatant disregard for user privacy and security.

See ya, never!
Symbol wheelchair has defects. Glitch and stripes

High school is hard enough for disabled students. Don’t take away our Zoom classes.

Many students hate virtual learning. But for the author, who uses a wheelchair, it’s been a godsend.


Meet Dr. Inna, the psychology professor fact-checking TikTok

Whether she’s sticking it to Dr. Phil or blasting transphobic trolls, Dr. Inna Kanevsky isn’t afraid to speak her mind.


How resellers turned Nike’s most humble Air Force 1 shoe into a gold mine

They have created artificial scarcity for a simple, all-white sneaker that should be widely available.

Easy Money

Fast fashion drama: How a trendy green dress divided TikTok

“Cancel culture has now moved onto fashion trends,” says one buyer. But who’s to say what’s “in” or “out” right now?

For You?

This furry scientist won’t let Twitter’s COVID pessimists kill her vibe

The pseudonymous Chise is upbeat about the fight against COVID-19. But her opinions — and lifestyle — have brought her under fire.


How I built a Game Boy Macro, the greatest handheld Nintendo never created

For the Game Boy Advance’s 20th anniversary, I modded an old Nintendo DS Lite into a Game Boy Macro. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make your own.


Hey, Logan and Jake Paul: Quit boxing!

YouTubers, and now TikTokers, are getting into the ring, but this trend needs to die, now.


Duolingo’s new Yiddish course is a major moment for American Judaism

The Yiddish language is endangered. The app’s modern take on the Jewish ‘mother tongue’ is a bold step toward revitalizing it.


The Scotsman is the spiritual successor to the Boosted Rev

Boosted went bust after launching the Rev electric scooter in 2018. The Scotsman picks up where it left off.


Go ahead, google your symptoms!

Contrary to what you may have heard, diagnosing your medical conditions using the internet can actually help, per the latest research.

Playing doctor