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What ever happened to the struggling doughnut shop that went viral on Twitter?
Chris Stokel-Walker
Getting social media love can save independent stores — sometimes.
18 hours ago
How the bicopter V-copter Falcon plans to take on DJI's drone empire
Raymond Wong
Is superior flying performance enough?
1.15.2020 8:47 PM
What phone is every presidential candidate?
Input Staff
A completely scientific look at what phone every candidate would be. You know, if a human could be a phone.
1.15.2020 6:55 PM
A girl and her (robot) dog
Jess Rizkallah
A Lebanese-American family’s complicated relationship with pets, real and electronic.
1.15.2020 3:14 PM
My family spent years not talking to each other. A personal-finance app changed all that.
Samuel Anderson
The unlikely miracle that is 'You Need a Budget.'
Money Matters
1.13.2020 2:28 PM
Twitter’s planned reply limits will only help terrible lies go unchallenged
Jack Yates
The Ratio is a good thing. It can help debunk falsehoods and shut down bigotry. Please Twitter, don’t kill it.
1.9.2020 6:55 PM
For the love of god, don’t buy an 8K TV
Samuel Polay
Despite the hype and bluster, the science says your mortal eyes can barely tell the difference between 4K and the new thing every TV maker wants you to get.
1.8.2020 5:35 PM
Q&A: Legendary designer Yves Béhar on his next chapter
Raymond Wong
We talked to the industrial design-guru about his current favorite tech, sustainability, how he approaches design, and the creative process behind his company August's new Wi-Fi Smart Lock.
1.8.2020 3:00 PM
Fax on the beach: The story of the audacious, totally calamitous iPad of the '90s
Ernie Smith
AT&T's EO Personal Communicator was going to change everything. Too bad nobody cared.
Retro Tech
1.3.2020 3:05 PM
Amazon's Prime return policy is broken, and consumers are paying for it
Raymond Wong
Hope you’re ready for a trip to Kohl’s.
12.31.2019 5:30 PM
Last minute holiday gifts for the pickiest nerd you know
Joshua Topolsky
They’re tough to buy for. They also have everything. We can help.
12.23.2019 4:18 PM
The broken phones of New York City
Amanda Suarez
Cracked screens, unbowed spirit.
12.20.2019 3:20 PM
Supreme's dropping new 'Box Logo' t-shirts... too bad almost no one will get one
Edgar Alvarez
Good luck beating the bots.
12.18.2019 10:03 PM
The Gizmondo: Remembering the Swedish mafia’s bizarre and ambitious game console
Ryan Houlihan
Looking back, the 2005 handheld ended with a melting gadget, a game called ‘Sticky Balls,’ criminal convictions, and a Ferrari torn in half. It was awesome.
12.18.2019 5:24 PM
Instagram says hiding ‘likes’ isn’t about making more money
Edgar Alvarez
But the test has influencers questioning the company’s motives.
12.17.2019 7:33 PM
The App Store is overrun with fake Disney characters and disturbing content for kids
Laura June
Apple says it goes out of its way to protect the safety and security of its young users. The App Store of 2019 tells a different story.
Poisoned Apple
12.16.2019 3:39 PM
This is Input
Joshua Topolsky
The next thing, now.
12.16.2019 1:56 PM
Nike's quest to design the perfect sneakers for people with disabilities
Edgar Alvarez
A passion project goes mainstream.
12.16.2019 1:09 PM
You may hate Elon Musk, but the Cybertruck is good
Joshua Topolsky
Grimes' boyfriend just fucked up the auto industry again.
11.22.2019 5:00 AM