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Adam Sandler hates fashion, which makes him a pandemic style icon

Our quaranking, if you will.

Take it easy

Apple's MacBook revival plan is stupid smart: Bring back old features

MagSafe is coming back. So might the SD card slot. Ditto for function keys and more ports. Apple is coming to its senses and I am giddy as a child.


Interview: WNBA player Aerial Powers is making gaming more inclusive one Twitch stream at a time

She's joined Team Liquid as a streamer and ambassador.


Made for gawking: Inside Tecovas' plan to build a cowboy boots empire

Founder and CEO Paul Hedrick spoke to Input about his brand's Texan and Mexican flair, its design process, and future collaborations.

Bang, bang

Copstagram: Inside law enforcement's terrifying social media bubble

Thanks to poor oversight of social media networks, the police are living in a horrifying parallel reality.

Boys in blue

Celebrity skincare: The secret to Hollywood beauty or shameless cash-grab?

Please step off our necks (and faces).

Money Trees

How PewDiePie is trying to dodge his taxes

As the influence industry matures, its major players are starting to look like every other big business.


Chatbots and the loneliness epidemic: When AI is more than just a friend

Sex dolls and chatbots, once seen as novelties, have grown to meet our emotional baggage.


The streaming wars are going nuclear in 2021

It's cable TV all over again — but this time, studios are putting it all on the line.


How the world turned against 'I hope this email finds you well'

"...In these crazy times!"

Not well

AI is about to transform the future (and past) of video games

How fans are using artificial intelligence to beat the big publishers at their own game.


To prevent disasters like 'Cyberpunk 2077,' gamers need to learn patience

"Patient gamers" are living in a digital utopia.