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You can now actually buy an Xbox-shaped refrigerator

Microsoft has no chill.


Amazon's Luna cloud gaming service is now open to all Prime members

With a free week-long trial, too.


Hacked CD Projekt Red data is floating around the internet

The 'Cyberpunk 2077' developer says employee and contractor data has almost certainly leaked.


Summer Game Fest 2021 highlighted a huge problem in the gaming industry

Why are Elden Ring, Genshin Impact, and Among Us at the same show?


At long last, cross-platform play is finally coming to Overwatch

PC and console gamers will soon be able to brawl together in Blizzard’s team-based shoot ‘em up.


Roblox is facing a massive lawsuit for copyright infringement


'Elden Ring' has a new trailer... and a release date

The much anticipated RPG is set to drop in January 2022.


We really want Arcade1Up’s 30th-anniversary ‘The Simpsons’ game cabinet

Harken back to an era of pixelated arcade titles and actually funny episodes of The Simpsons


Microsoft is building Xbox game streaming right into smart TVs

The company dropped a number of astounding news bombs at today's E3 presentation.


Why Nihon Falcom's 'Trails' series has never cracked the West

If 'Final Fantasy' can do it, what's the problem?

Got you!

The Arduboy FX is no quirky Playdate, but it’s still adorably dope

This credit card-sized 8-bit handheld comes with 200 games inspired by classics like Metroid, Zelda, and Pokémon. Or if you prefer, you can code your own.


The only thing holding back esports? Twitch.

The game streaming giant pioneered the success of early esports. Now it’s impossible to escape.