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The Asus ROG x Acronym laptop is a $2,500 cyberpunk dream machine

One of the world's slickest streetwear brands meets a powerhouse portable computer.


Interview: Actor Dan Fogler has become an eSports warlord

Fogler will bring together celebrities and Twitch streamers to battle on Amazon Prime Gaming's new program 'Clicksport-1.'


This game is a better Star Wars sequel saga and only $30 today

Jedi: Fallen Order is the Star Wars game you dreamed of as a kid.

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We're obsessed with Bugsnax for all the wrong reasons

From the team that brought you Octodad: Dadliest Catch, it's VeggieTales meets Human Centipede meets Dora the Explorer meets The Fly... the game.


PlayStation and Xbox are in a price war but we're the ones winning

Capitalism, baby! Even a stopped clock that perpetuates a cycle of economic exploitation is right twice a day.


PlayStation Plus Collection is an Xbox Game Pass copycat and we love it

Sony's revealed it'll offer a number of PS4 games for download for the PS5 for free.


PlayStation 5 launches November 12 for $399. Here's everything we know.

Sony's next console will be available starting in November.


Here are the TVs you'll need for the full PS5 and next-gen Xbox experience

Your current model should be just fine — but should you settle for "fine"?


Oculus kills the Rift, and with it, PC-only headsets

The Facebook-owned virtual reality company is abandoning the PC-only strategy of its Rift devices, leaving that market segment to rival HTC instead.