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Saudi Arabia buys 5% of Nintendo, because why not

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, which has purchased small and large stakes in a number of tech companies, has purchased 1/20th of Nintendo.

Chunk by chunk

These are the 10 most-played games this year (and Elden Ring isn’t one)

A new list from NPD suggests that old favorites have dominated the average person's gaming time.

Old souls

LG’s 48-inch OLED gaming monitor is the size of a whole TV

We’re really starting to blur the lines between gaming monitors and TV with LG’s 48GQ900.


Upcoming Elden Ring PC mod will make co-op actually work

A yet-to-be-released mod for Elden Ring will add seamless four-player co-op to the game, and it enters beta this week.

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Sony is stiffing PlayStation Plus users with surprise upgrade fees

Sony's new PS Plus has launched in Asia, and users who stacked years using a discount now have to pay for their entire interval at once to use it.

Pay the piper

Raven Software’s QA team successfully unionizes in a near-unanimous vote

The Game Workers Alliance is the first of its kind among AAA gaming studios in the U.S.

GameStop is launching a crypto wallet for a very different kind of gamer

GameStop's Ethereum wallet can hold both cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and is "self-custodial."


EA's looking for a buyer, and NBC almost went for it

NBCUniversal pulled out of the deal at the last minute, a new report says.

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PS Plus apparently has retro filters, trophies and more

Sony's revamped PS Plus has a few interesting features for its PS1 retro games, but it's still a pretty weak package overall.

Stick to emulation

Corsair debuts first gaming laptop with touch bar-like macro buttons

Just as Apple has dumped the Touch Bar from practically all of its MacBooks, PC makers are embracing touch bars — for gaming and streaming they say.


Destiny 2 studio decries racism in gaming after Buffalo attack

Bungie, the publisher behind Destiny, said that studios need to be more aware of how gaming fosters racism, and that Sony will not silence them.


It's normal to get into Fortnite as an adult, actually

Fortnite's new "no-build" mode renders it the most generic battle royale game imaginable, but that might be its greatest strength.

(Don't) build me up

This N64 demake of Portal shouldn't work, but it does

A programmer has managed to get a prototype demake of the classic game Portal working on an actual Nintendo 64.

Super Portal 64

The new 'Saints Row' sticks to the script, for better and worse

Based on an hour-long "hands-off" presentation, the Saints Row reboot is exactly what you'd expect from a next-gen entry, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.


Sony reveals underwhelming new PlayStation Plus lineup

The list includes Assassin's Creed, Demon's Souls, NBA 2K, and Ape Escape.


Elden Ring mod lets you summon bosses as helpers

A PC mod for Elden Ring allows you to turn the tables by teaming up with some of the game's most fearsome bosses and NPCs, including Malenia and Radagon.

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