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Inside the obsessive world of ‘Monster Hunter’ merch collectors

Fans of the wildly popular games go to lengths to amass everything from branded beef jerky to statuettes of poison-farting monkeys.

Beastie toys

A new job listing suggests Sony wants to create mobile games again

The company has found mixed success on the small screen.


Someone got 'Flappy Bird' running inside a macOS notification

The hit viral game was so addictive that its developer pulled it from app stores out of guilt.


Redmagic 6 review: Say goodbye to throttling

Once you see games at 120fps, it’s impossible to go back.


Lil Nas X's free video game is all about shaking your butt

This game is ass, literally.


How to build a tiny Twitch streaming PC

Whether you play on console or PC, having a dedicated computer to run your streams makes everything much easier.


Twitch sets new precedent by addressing 'severe' off-site conduct

Streamers can now be suspended or banned for extreme behavior, even when it has nothing to do with their Twitch channel.


Ubisoft is getting cheat-hunting tech to make you play fair

Thinking of cheating on the Ubisoft hosting platform? Think again.

No More Mischief Makin'

Pentakill to perform live at the Greek Theater for 'League of Legends' showdown

An e-band performing at an e-competition of an esport — live.


Nintendo's ‘Pac-Man 99’ turns the classic single-person game into a battle royale

The new, competitive spin is free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.


Build-A-Bear's ‘Animal Crossing’ collab is cute but fans hate it

Gamers have a few questions about this plushie launch.


Players of 'Blankos Block Party' will be able to sell their characters as NFTs

Playable NFTs offer the promise of monetary value from all the time players invest in leveling up their characters.