Microsoft offers glimpse of its attempt to woo Nintendo back in 1999

Microsoft's thirst was strong for the House of Mario on the eve of Y2K.

Unrequited Love

Gucci's Xbox collab is limited to 100 Series X luxury consoles

A laser-engraved system and a co-branded carrying case are going to be up for grabs.


Nintendo Switch's reign as top-selling U.S. console is over

It held the spot for 33 months but has finally been dethroned by Sony's PS5.


Valve introduces game compatibility rating system for Steam Deck

“Deck Verified” will provide an at-a-glance confirmation of which games are (or are not) fully ported to its upcoming handheld.


An ultra-rare Phantom console prototype is heading to auction

Retro gaming bidding now encompasses items that never even worked in the first place.


Now's your chance to win the gummy worm-themed Xbox of your dreams

All you have to do is buy some Trolli candy... and hope luck is on your side.


Analogue claims long-delayed Pocket will finally ship in December

We'll believe it when we see it.


'Halo Infinite' has an Xbox and controller you’ll actually want to buy

Are you even a real Halo fan if you don't buy this?


Panic's cute Playdate handheld is doing impressive pre-order numbers

Panic should teach a masterclass in hype-building.


Red Dead Online’s latest update has driven the horses insane

Colliding horses, floating steeds, invisible mounts, and creepy clones are all to be found in Rockstar Studios’ new update, Blood Money.


Early mockups of Nintendo Wii remote show how different it could’ve been

The Wii remote was lauded for its simplicity, but Nintendo almost went in a different direction with it.


Pre-orders for the new OLED Switch open at 3 p.m. ET today

You'll want to refresh a few browser tabs to find one.


This fan's Joy-Con drift fix is so simple it hurts

All it takes is a piece of cardboard. Nintendo, are you seeing this?

R U Kidding?

Is the RetroN Sq better than a Game Boy?

A software update ironed out some of the initial issues. So is Hyperkin's RetroN Sq Game Boy console now worth it?


Nintendo's new OLED Switch has 4 huge updates for handheld gamers

For anyone playing handheld, the improvements will make a big difference.


Bape and Razer made the streetwear x gaming collection no one asked for

All done up in Cloud Camo, if you're into that.