Before Microsoft deal, Activision Blizzard considered Electronic Arts

Apparently, EA was too small for Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick's long-term goals.

Gaming Biz

Here’s all the Activision Blizzard IP Microsoft just bought

Activision Blizzard is a lot more than just Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. Before the Microsoft acquisition, the Irvine-based company was a conglomerate all on its own.


Elden Ring's character creator is a true monster factory

Finally, Shrek returns.

Big head mode

Valve's Steam deck will ship by end of February

The handheld gaming console lets you play your Steam PC game library anywhere.


PlayStation’s new subscription service seems like it’s dropping soon

Game Pass better watch its back.

Play Forever

Head of Xbox doesn't want to be ‘virtue shaming’ Activision

Phil Spencer is ‘disturbed’ by the claims against Activision, but doesn’t want to call the company out.


Sony is reportedly making more PS4s in response to PS5 shortage

If you can’t get a PS5, Sony wants you to buy a PS4 instead.


Sega unveils new studio headed by 'Phantasy Star Online 2' producer

Called Sega Sapporo Studio.


‘PUBG’ going free-to-play has nothing to do with ‘Fortnite’, apparently

Or Apex, or Call of Duty, or...

Battle royale

Rumored 'Twisted Metal' reboot switches devs, per report

It's looking Mr. Grimm.


Modder makes one-handed DualSense controller for the PS5

Accessibility for all.


Sega might scrap NFT initiative after fan fury

Trolling around at the speed of sound.

Sonic doom

Konami takes 'Castlevania' to new lows with an NFT auction

Not the way we were hoping to celebrate the 35th anniversary.


YouTuber leaves his Nintendo Switch OLED on for 1,800 hours

OLED burn-in is rare, but possible.


PlayStation Discord integration may happen very soon

Early 2022 is now, folks.

Fusion dance

Report: 'BioShock' creator's next game is having serious difficulties

2013 was a long time ago.