It's normal to get into Fortnite as an adult, actually

Fortnite's new "no-build" mode renders it the most generic battle royale game imaginable, but that might be its greatest strength.

(Don't) build me up

This N64 demake of Portal shouldn't work, but it does

A programmer has managed to get a prototype demake of the classic game Portal working on an actual Nintendo 64.

Super Portal 64

Elden Ring mod lets you summon bosses as helpers

A PC mod for Elden Ring allows you to turn the tables by teaming up with some of the game's most fearsome bosses and NPCs, including Malenia and Radagon.

Let me befriend her

John Romero, FPS pioneer and 'Doom' creator, is publishing a memoir

Doom Guy: Life in First Person chronicles Romero's career in gaming and his personal history in "remarkable detail."


Apparent ‘Silent Hill’ leak taken down faster than you can say ‘legit’

A number of images from a purported Silent Hill game leaked online, and fans are arguing that a swift takedown notice confirms their authenticity.

Restless leaks

Sony promises better availability after PS5 misses 2021 sales target

In a recent earnings call, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 missed its 2021 sales target by 3 million, and that it hopes to make the console easier to buy.

Box it up

The ‘Wordle’ phenomenon has already come to Playdate

The Playdate has only been out for a few weeks, but one developer has already ported Wordle to the cutesy device.


Hank Hill battles for sitcom supremacy in Apple Arcade kart racer

‘Warped Kart Racers’ is coming to Apple Arcade, and it features Hank Hill, Peter Griffin, and Stewie racing to the finish.

That kart ain't right

Xbox mobile app adds Snapchat-style Stories to the mix

In a rare example of a new feature you might actually use, Xbox has added disappearing clips (AKA "Stories") to its mobile app.

Run it back

Square Enix freed its Western studios, and I couldn't be happier

Now that Square Enix has sold its biggest Western studios for a paltry $300 million, we might finally get a new Deus Ex, Thief, or Legacy of Kain game.

Legacy of pain

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 may be next-gen only, release in 2023

A new report from an industry insider suggests that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 has a new title, a new release date, and it will be next-gen only.

No droids?

Former Starfield dev says game might not ship on time

A former Bethesda character artist said that Starfield is "looking good," but they worry the game has too much content to hit its November release date.

Fun not found

Twitch’s new business plan could mean lower payouts and a lot more ads

According to a new report, Twitch is planning to make some big changes to its revenue share, and its stars aren't going to be happy.

Dollars and sense

Xbox is eating up console market share, at least according to Xbox

In a recent investor call, the head of Microsoft said that Xbox has gained in console market share as Sony struggles to keep pace with PlayStation 5 demand.

Business as usual

Beleaguered Netflix plans to offer 50 games by the end of 2022

Amid a flood of negative press, a new report from The Washington Post suggests that the company is betting big on video games to turn it around.

Game on

Nintendo delays reveal of Chris Pratt's ‘Mario voice’ until 2023

Sorry, gamers; Nintendo and Illumination have delayed the sure-to-be-good Super Mario Bros. movie until 2023.

Blame Bowser