Google officially acquires Fitbit amid antitrust investigations


Google is using AI to create weird hybrid baking recipes

Behold: the "breakie" and the "cakie." Abominations, but tasty ones, so it's fine.


Google wants staffers to stop emailing about unionization efforts

The company is monitoring email discussions for "disruptive" language.


All the ways Big Tech is clamping down on extremists after the Capitol siege

Following an assault on the Capitol last week, Big Tech is taking a few unprecedented steps against Trump and his most extreme supporters.


LG's new TVs will have Stadia and GeForce Now built-in

The rise of streaming games is inevitable. Just give in.

CES 2021

Uh oh, Google's Titan physical security key can be cloned

The complexity of the hack means risk is likely limited to high-value targets. That's worrying for dissidents and journalists.


Apple tells Parler it has 24 hours to clean house or be removed

In an email obtained by Input, Apple has warned the social network to rework its moderation policies if it wants to avoid a ban.

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Use these privacy tools against Google's invasive ad profiling

Google's surveillance-based advertising empire profiles internet users to generate billions of dollars. But some people are fighting back.


Union-busting companies used by the likes of Google secretly profile workers


Google employees announce historic unionization


Hurry up and export your Google Play Music before the option disappears

Users have the option to transfer their music to YouTube Music.


Google’s Stadia finally comes to iOS / Nintendo’s toxic relationship with its biggest fans

On this episode, we dive into 2020’s top pastime: gaming.

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