An image generated by Imagen.

Google's text-to-image generator takes you on a truly wild ride

Imagen can conjure snakes made out of corn and raccoon kings using just a little bit of word salad.

ear buds and audio conceptual illustration

I had Google AI narrate my audiobook. The results were... not terrible.

The production of audiobooks can be a long, laborious process. Tech giants are trying to cut human narrators out of the equation.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt walks to speak to reporters in front of the US Supreme Court ...

Big Tech rallies against Texas 'anti-conservative bias' law

Lobbying groups representing Google, Facebook, Amazon, and TikTok have filed an application with the Supreme Court.


Google's new eco-conscious Bay View campus looks like an actual football stadium

It's the first campus developed by Google itself and is completely electric.


How to install Android 13 beta on your phone right now

The changes that come with Android 13 are fairly minor so far, but at least it's easy to install.

Google I/O 2022

Google’s pitch for AR glasses: live, universal translation

In a short demo video at its developer conference, Google showed off prototype AR glasses with live Google Translate built-in.

Google I/O 2022

Google’s Pixel 6a seems like an unbeatable value

Google’s latest 5G Android smartphone costs $449 and packs so many features. It might just be the best phone value of the year.

Google I/O 2022

Google adds 'Cliffs Notes' to Docs because who has time to read anymore?

The company will automatically summarize long documents and chats if you don't have time to read them.

Google I/O 2022

Google previews Pixel Tablet, says it cares about tablets again

The tech giant teased a new Pixel Tablet at Google I/O 2022 that's supposed to be a "perfect companion" to your Pixel phone. But it's not coming until 2023.

Google I/O 2022

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro look like a respectable AirPods Pro alternative

The Pixel Buds Pro will have active noise cancellation and transparency mode, and Google is planning to add spatial audio support later this year.

Google I/O 2022

Google shows off Pixel Watch that’s not coming until the fall

The company’s answer to the Apple Watch is round, coming this fall, and deeply integrated with Fitbit.

Google I/O 2022

Google says screw it: Here’s what Pixel 7 and 7 Pro look like

We weren't expecting these two flagship Android phones to show up at Google I/O 2022 — two seasons early.

Google I/O 2022

Android 13 adds coherence to the Google device ecosystem

Finally, more seamless messaging and productivity across all Google devices.

Google I/O 2022

Finally, you don't need to repeat 'Hey Google' over and over on your Nest Hub Max

"Look and Talk" is a new feature coming to Google's largest smart display. Why isn't it coming to the smaller Nest Hubs?

Google I/O 2022

Apple, Microsoft, and Google are teaming up to eliminate passwords

Good news for the people still using "Password123!"

No hassle

How to cast your Meta Quest 2 to a TV, computer, or phone

VR can be a lonesome experience unless you cast what you’re seeing to a TV, computer, or phone screen for friends and family to see. Here’s how to do that.