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Plants in a pot,  frames, bottles on the shelf, mirror in the bedroom

Here are the 7 best shelf options to display your favorite trinkets

Whether you’re a mid-century modern type, a minimalist, or someone with an eye for the unconventional, there’s an option for every home.

A senior married couple is spending time together in nature. They both stopped by flowers and taking...

How to identify plants and animals using iOS's secret Photos feature

Visual Look Up, first introduced in iOS 15, is one of the iPhone's most-overlooked helpful features.


How Andy To shoots and edits his incredible iPhone films

I followed the creative genius for an entire day to learn his creative process — maybe you, too, can make a film that Tim Cook will share one day.

AAPI Spotlight

10 items under $10 that you should always have in your hiking backpacks

These hiking pack add-ons are cheap, but that doesn’t mean they’re not necessary.

The Great Outdoors

How to wash your clothes while hiking and the 7 things you need

Sure, hygiene standards can slip on a thru-hike, but don’t return to town surrounded by a swarm of flies.

The Great Outdoors

How to dress like pop icon Harry Styles for under $100

These eight affordable pieces are your One Direction to looking good.


Can Snapdragon Sound make wireless audio on Android as good as AirPods?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound platform promises huge leaps in Android audio quality but also new levels of lock-in.


How to get high-speed internet in rural America

Whether it's satellite, cellular 4G or 5G, DSL, or bonding, here's what to do when cable internet providers say no thanks to your hard-earned money.

The Great Outdoors

The 8 best unlocked portable Wi-Fi hotspots for travelers and digital nomads

An unlocked portable Wi-Fi hotspot is a must for travelers, digital nomads, or backpackers. Here are our top picks for portability, speed, and network coverage.

The Great Outdoors

How to dress like country icon Orville Peck for under $100

The singer’s Western aesthetic is one worth replicating. Look im-Peck-able with these eight affordable pieces.


How to install Android 13 beta on your phone right now

The changes that come with Android 13 are fairly minor so far, but at least it's easy to install.

Google I/O 2022

How to dress like boss babe Kylie Jenner for under $100

Get the business mogul’s street style look with these eight affordable pieces.


How to choose a one-person tent for solo adventures and 8 of the best

Your canvas home is the only thing standing between you and the elements, which makes it crucial to choose the right tent.


How to play 'Fortnite' on your iPhone with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Epic's ongoing war with Apple can't stop you from playing 'Fornite' any longer.


How to get Rihanna’s hot maternity style for under $200

Since announcing her pregnancy, the singer has served up a roster of fabulous (yet comfortable) looks. Recreate the style with these eight affordable pieces.

Rih-create the look

The best camp chairs under 2 pounds to take backpacking

It might not be the way of the ultralight purist, but for most backpackers, toting along a lightweight camp chair makes all the difference. These are our favorites.