Watch this CSGO player no-scope using a lemon slice as crosshairs

Finally, a biodegradable reticule.


WiiBoy Color review: A modded Wii in a Game Boy's outfit

Console modder GingerOfMods delivers a magical experience via this petite handheld console.

Wii would like to play
TOKYO, JAPAN - 2021/06/06: In this photo illustration, Apples iPhone 12 seen placed on a MacBook Pro...

This new tool lets you check for Pegasus spyware on your iPhone

Most people are unlikely to be targeted by the military-grade surveillance tool, but there's a way to check just in case.


Military-grade spyware found on the phones of journalists, activists

The NSO Group’s software can infect a smartphone without the user doing anything at all.


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Hackers used LinkedIn's official API to leak tons of data... again

Let's hope the company takes more responsibility this time around.


Microsoft accidentally approved malware that could spy on Windows users

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Disconnect your WD My Book Live from the internet right now

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Bio-hackers sidestep Big Pharma with new open-source insulin

While 387 million people suffer from diabetes the price suppliers charge for medicine continues to skyrocket.


Hacked CD Projekt Red data is floating around the internet

The 'Cyberpunk 2077' developer says employee and contractor data has almost certainly leaked.


This Commodore 64-themed smartwatch lets you code with a flick of the wrist

And you can have one for $45.