Elden Ring mod lets you summon bosses as helpers

A PC mod for Elden Ring allows you to turn the tables by teaming up with some of the game's most fearsome bosses and NPCs, including Malenia and Radagon.

Let me befriend her

An ancient version of ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ has emerged from its slumber

Footage of a 2001 build of the famously delayed “Duke Nukem Forever” has leaked online, with a build set to follow soon.

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Access denied. Angry hispanic woman unable to make payment via smartphone scold mobile banking servi...

Apple, Microsoft, and Google are teaming up to eliminate passwords

Good news for the people still using "Password123!"

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At last, Microsoft 3D Movie Maker is now open-source... Wait, what?

The former CEO of legendary British developer Argonaut Games has released the source for the BRender engine, which powered ‘Carmageddon’, ‘Croc’, and more.

Retro magic

Fan-made ‘Metroid’ prototype imagines the N64 Samus we never got

The Nintendo 64 never got a Metroid game, but two fans are imagining what such a hypothetical "Metroid 64" might look like.

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Modder hacks Fisher-Price Xbox controller to play Elden Ring

A controller enthusiast named Rudeism has hacked a Fisher-Price toy controller to actually play games, complete with goofy sounds.

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The best mods for Elden Ring, ranked

Elden Ring has only been out for a few months, but there's already a thriving mod community on PC. Here are the best ones to try out.

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How I achieved Inbox Zero bliss with the help of a raunchy cartoon

Turns out it's not that hard to stay on top of all the notifications.

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Hackers used the Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram to steal NFTS

In the latest fumble by the NFT space, hackers used a fake mint link posted to Instagram to steal millions of dollars worth of NFTs.

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Why you should be using Ctrl+Shift+V instead of Ctrl+V

Send better emails. You can thank me later.

Spring Cleaning Issue

How to organize and tidy up every loose charging cable in your home

Is your home plagued by messy wires? Here’s how to keep the charging chaos wrangled with wireless chargers, cable organizers, and velcro ties.

Spring Cleaning Issue

Axie Infinity players are leaving en masse after $600M crypto heist

After a "heist" walked away with over $600 million in crypto, player interest in NFT Pokémon clone Axie Infinity has begun to wane, and "landlords" aren't happy about it.

No fun times

'Elden Ring' easy mode mod racks up thousands of downloads

PC modder Odashikonbu has crafted an unofficial "easy mode" for Elden Ring, and it's proving to be quite popular with players.

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These electric chopsticks shock your tongue into tasting more salt

The chopsticks were designed to send a weak electric current that could enhance flavor by imitating salt and MSG.


PS3 and Vita downloadable games have ‘expired,’ and fans are upset

Players are no longer able to play certain downloadable games on their PlayStation 3 and Vita consoles, and it's not clear why.

Blast from the past

‘Dark Souls’ fans are worried that multiplayer isn't coming back

Servers have been offline for the Dark Souls series since a major exploit was revealed in January, and some fans are worried the outage is never going away.

Age of dark?