Frog’s confounded expressions via emoticon

Epik, web host to Nazis and MAGA cultists, got itself hacked

The notorious domain registration company counts Gab, The Donald, and Parler among its clients.

LAS VEGAS, NV - JUNE 09:  A model dressed as the character Sackboy from the "LittleBigPlanet" video ...

‘LittleBigPlanet 3’ online servers are no more in the wake of hacks

The game's multiplayer mode had been suspended for months following attacks by hackers and trolls.

Detail of a Sony PlayStation 4 video game console, taken on February 14, 2020. (Photo by Neil Godwin...

At last there's a working emulator for PS4 games

Emulation can help preserve game history by making it possible to play old games even after they've long been pulled from shelves.


This YouTuber made Google Maps playable on Nintendo

Google Maps on the Nintendo might not be that useful, but it's a lot more fun.


This website brilliantly demonstrates how today's web is such a mess

how-i-experience-the-web-today.com is a clever interactive demo of all the frustrating user experiences that live on the web today.


Someone created a tiny, replica ‘Simpsons’ TV that plays random episodes

Now this is why you need a 3D printer.


T-Mobile confirms millions of social security numbers were stolen in hack

Time to keep watch on your credit reports.

Big Yikes

T-Mobile is investigating a potentially massive customer data hack

If this proves true, it could be bad news for a lot of people. And we mean a lot.


Uh, Wikipedia was filled with enormous swastikas this morning

On a Monday morning? Really?


Amazon will monitor workers' keystrokes to 'combat data theft'

The company defends the decision citing instances when hackers or imposters might have accessed a worker's account to steal customer information.


Watch this CSGO player no-scope using a lemon slice as crosshairs

Finally, a biodegradable reticule.


WiiBoy Color review: A modded Wii in a Game Boy's outfit

Console modder GingerOfMods delivers a magical experience via this petite handheld console.

Wii would like to play