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A botnet hit AT&T devices with malware and the company hasn't said a word

Researchers at Qihoo identified the botnet, which stems from a 2017 vulnerability. AT&T has barely even confirmed its existence.

Thanks for nothing
Cropped photo of FBI agent using laptop in office

Hackers sent fake security alerts from an FBI address to smear a critic

Tens of thousands of people received scam emails from a compromised FBI address last week.

Finger pushing a button on a conceptual dashboard with domain extensions. Composite image between a ...

Someone stole a coveted domain name from Airbnb via ‘cybersquatting’

They could potentially even get away with it, too.


Robinhood very quietly announces data breach that affected millions

No tweets, no emails, just a blog post.


Scammers tricked dating app users into investing $1.4M in fake crypto apps

Despite tough App Store moderation, scam apps can still make their way onto iOS. But it requires a lot of social engineering work.


Waste not! Heinz’s ‘packet roller’ extracts every last drop of ketchup

The limited-edition item can fit on a keychain and go with you everywhere.


Thingiverse begrudgingly admits massive data breach

The popular 3D printing platform suffered a hack a year ago, but knowledge of the incident is only just now surfacing.


Hackers have tapped into the Switch's excellent Saturn emulator

City Connection, a Japanese publisher focused on remasters for modern consoles has exploitable emulation software.


Facebook banned a user for helping people rid their News Feeds of crap

His browser extension would unfollow everyone on Facebook so you could rebuild a calmer, less addictive News Feed.


Waluigi says screw it, invites himself to 'Super Smash Bros.'

Waluigi may not be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but he's still first in fans' hearts.


Data on over 1.5 billion Facebook users is for sale on the dark web

It appears to be a scrape of public data, rather than a hack of Facebook's internal systems.


Visa calls BS on claim that thieves can crack Apple Pay when phone is locked

Security researchers said they found a way to exploit the Express Transit feature to buy things with locked iPhones.


Thousands of Coinbase customers saw their crypto stolen in complex hack

Coinbase says it will refund affected customers.


Ex-OnlyFans employees got ahold of sensitive user data after leaving

Despite not working for the company itself, former employees still could use its third-party customer service portal.


WeWork's All Access membership saved my sanity during the pandemic

Tired of being stuck in my bedroom, the zero-commitment office membership was hard to pass up.

This Thing Rules

The CIA reportedly considered kidnapping, killing Julian Assange

Say what now?