An absolute monster turned Pokémon into a first-person shooter

Using Unreal Engine and pre-existing graphic/animation packs, indie game developer, Dragon, brought a whole lot of firepower to the Pokémon universe.


Valve's Steam Store breaks all-time highs with 28 million users

But Epic is also gaining Steam.


2022's most anticipated games that you (probably) haven’t heard of yet

From scary stories to Kung-Fu and cutesy RPGs, this year has something for everyone.


'Tunic' publisher says indie game production is ‘absurdly expensive’

Cheap games aren't cheap to make, apparently.


FPS with a ‘school shooting’ level loses its publisher

But those two things may not actually be related.

No thanks

Indie darling ‘Hades’ becomes first video game to win Hugo Award

Video games have immense narrative potential.


Sony is quietly improving PlayStation's relations with indies

A new document sheds some light on the issue.


‘Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2’ was (almost) canceled

Still no word on when it's coming, though.


Netflix has bought its first game development studio

The streaming behemoth has acquired Night School Studio, maker of ‘Oxenfree.’


There's only one good reason to play 'Kena: Bridge of Spirits'

We're obsessed with the action-adventure collect-a-thon's gentle Minion knock-offs.


'Deltarune Chapter 2' is releasing tomorrow and we can’t wait

The quasi-sequel to Undertale gets a second chapter for both PC and Mac.


NIN guitarist and ‘Spec Ops: The Line’ creative director team up for new gaming studio

Eyes Out, an "arthouse game development studio," is currently working on a “cosmic horror title.”


In games, the environmental crisis is just another bedtime story

'Biomutant,' 'Minute of Islands,' and 'The Eternal Cylinder' use omniscient narrators to tell surprisingly cozy stories of ecological collapse.


Interview: Naphtali Faulkner on developing indie smash 'Umurangi Generation'

From alien squids and giant mechs to bushfires and Black Lives Matter.

Tauranga Express

Microsoft's got a new service aimed at helping indie game developers

ID@Azure might not be the most streamlined of names, but it hopes to simplify game design for small studios.


Forget the PS5, we want iiRcade’s $600 Bartop indie arcade cabinet

The perfect size for your living room. And it plays newer indie games, too.