Higround’s see-through keyboard has major Game Boy Color vibes

Higround collaborated with Prix Workshop to make a mechanical keyboard with fully transparent keycaps and multi-color LEDs.


How to build dad the perfect mechanical keyboard for under $250

Save your dad from the doldrums of dull office work.

Father's Day

This mechanical keyboard with a built-in touchscreen is excess done right

Kwumsy’s K2 keyboard strikes the perfect balance between, "Why is this a thing?" and "I kind of want it."


Mode’s customizable 75 percent Sonnet keyboard is beautifully simple

The built-to-order Sonnet mechanical keyboard maintains all the minimalism and craftsmanship that Mode Designs is known for, in a new form factor.


Dell's XPS 13 Plus now has an official price

Dell's dramatic rethinking of its XPS line has an invisible trackpad, a touch-based function row, and a $1,299 starting price.


Meletrix Zoom65 review: This $200 custom keyboard really surprised me

Entering into the mechanical keyboard space can be intimidating. Meletrix’s Zoom65 eases that anxiety by making all the hardest decisions for you.


Phone makers refuse to let the BlackBerry keyboard die

The Titan Slim is going to have a full QWERTY keyboard and will be released through Kickstarter.


How to clean your disgustingly filthy keyboard

Everyone’s keyboard is overdue for a deep clean. With just a few tools and a bit of time, your keyboard will feel brand new in no time.

Spring Cleaning Issue

Keychron adds 80 percent Q3 mechanical keyboard to its lineup

The Keychron Q3 features a full aluminum body and a double-gasket case design in an 80 percent TKL layout. It’s basically a larger Q1 or Q2.


7 ways to make your mechanical keyboard quieter

An in-depth look at how to quiet down your mechanical keyboard without sacrificing typing feel. What works and what doesn’t for keeping your keyboard quiet?


Keychron K8 Pro review: Say goodbye to your Mac's Magic Keyboard

The 80% Tenkeyless (TKL) Keychron K8 Pro is an affordable entryway into the world of hot-swappable mechanical keyboards. Best for Macs, but also works for Windows and Android.


Razer's new mini gaming keyboard has two distinct levels of keystroke

You can program two functions onto one key since Razer put its analog switches into the Huntsman Mini Analog.


ROG Strix Flare II Animate review: So much more than a gaming keyboard

ROG’s latest gaming mechanical keyboard doesn’t just look good — it’s a delight to type on, has hot-swappable switches, and has a sick programmable LED matrix panel.


The 8 best keycaps to upgrade your mechanical keyboard

Keycaps can make or break your keyboard. Here are the eight best sets for every kind of mechanical keyboard setup. Cherry, DSA, ABS, PBT? We got you covered.


MSI GK71 Sonic review: The most gamer-y gamer keyboard I’ve ever gamed on

MSI’s latest mechanical keyboard works well for gaming, especially if you're really into RGB, but falls short if you're looking for a really great typing experience or customization.


Are ceramic keycaps the next big keyboard trend?

Ceramic keycaps are a new, expensive option for your keyboard. How do they stack up to the more traditional keycap materials? Let's find out.