Casio’s singing keyboard puts a Daft Punk vocoder at your fingertips

Some people just weren’t born with singing talent, but who needs talent when the Casiotone CT-S1000V has vocal synthesizers built right into the keyboard.


Keychron K14 review: A starter keyboard that clicks in all the right ways

Keychron’s K14 is a budget 70% mechanical keyboard with Bluetooth that has a surprising amount of room for customization and fine-tuning.


Redditor makes the ultimate website for finding keyboard parts

u/Weves11 debuted, his online parts catalog on Reddit, where it’s already gained a bunch of support.

Our wallets are in danger

Keychron Q2 review: Customizable keyboard addiction starts here

Starting at $170, the Keychron Q2 is a value that is tough to beat for the features, build quality, and the customizable knob, which is icing on top.


IOGEAR wants to consolidate all your consoles into one place

IOGEAR's KeyMander Nexus Gaming KVM will make it easier to cycle between consoles.

CES 2022

HyperX's new headset has a monstrous 300 hours of battery life

HyperX is bringing all kinds of updated accessories to CES 2022, including a wireless headset with a battery life it claims will last for more than a week on a single charge.

CES 2022

These are the PC gaming Cyber Monday deals worth checking out

All the PC gaming gear on sale that you want and probably need.

Cyber Monday Deals

Logitech Pop Keys review: An out-of-touch typing experience

Logitech’s Pop Keys proves that making a good mainstream mechanical keyboard takes a lot more than looks and gimmicks.


Logitech MX Keys Mini review: The better Magic Keyboard

Logitech’s newest keyboard improves upon Apple’s tried-and-true Magic Keyboard with massive improvements in utility and usability.


Logitech’s new mechanical keyboard puts emoji at your fingertips

Do we need another keyboard? No, but we're completely obsessed with Logitech's latest.


The GPD Pocket 3 makes me wish the iPad mini 6 had a keyboard

There’s nothing comfortable about a tiny keyboard, but the GPD Pocket 3 shows how handy tablets could be if they worked a bit more like netbooks.

Tiny Computer Life

Keychron's first mouse is just as slim and powerful as you'd expect

The hot keyboard company is ready to take on the full range of computer accessories.


Steelseries’ water-resistant keyboard survives the deadliest spills

Steelseries’ Apex 3 TKL will make sure you aren’t crying over a glass of spilled milk — or any other liquids, for that matter.


100 Thieves has acquired Higround to expand into hype hardware

The two companies operate in the realm of designer gaming products.


Razer’s BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed is a quality, stress-free 65% keyboard

Despite its complex name, the Phantom Edition version of the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed is a stealthy, well-constructed, and wireless 65% mechanical gaming keyboard.


Razer Huntsman V2 TKL review: Overkill unless you’re a pro gamer

Razer’s latest gaming mechanical keyboard claims to be the “world’s fastest keyboard” with a response rate of over 8000Hz. But does that speed really matter?