HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 09: General view of a Netflix billboard above Hollywood Blvd promoting Dave ...

Netflix fires Black, pregnant employee organizing worker walkout

The streaming giant continues to find new and novel ways to shoot itself in the foot regarding Dave Chappelle’s latest transphobic comedy special.

LYON, FRANCE - OCTOBER 09: Ted Sarandos  attend sthe opening ceremony during the 13th Film Festival ...

Netflix CEO adds gas to transphobia fire with another unrepentant memo

Comparing transphobic jokes to first-person shooter games didn't exactly help Ted Sarandos' case.

Fat, black femme art photography

It’s terrible being a fat, Black femme on Instagram

Between photo takedowns and fatphobic trolls, the app is a hostile place for creators who don’t fit Western beauty standards.


Trans Netflix employees to stage walkout over Dave Chapelle special

Will Netflix choose profits over its employees' identities?


Netflix suspended a worker who pointed out Dave Chapelle's transphobia

The company claims it's "absolutely untrue" that any employees have been suspended for tweeting about Chapelle's latest comedy special.


Virgil Abloh’s latest Pride-themed Off-White apparel is for a good cause

Proceeds from the two-piece collection, made in partnership with Black queer feminist organizer Trinice McNally, benefits the Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project.


Lesbian gamers say Twitch is failing them

They’re tired of the many ways they’re harassed and undervalued on the streaming platform.


The OnlyFans drama has creators worried about more than money

Some sex workers fear losing the tight-knit communities that have helped them through thick and thin.


Tracking Chris Chan started Kiwi Farms. Will her arrest be its end?

The internet's most relentless website may finally be falling out of favor.


PSA: You can get these surprisingly decent sex toys at your local drugstore

It's time to put those rewards points to good use.

Good Vibes Only

Lesbian bars are disappearing, Hinge is trying to stop it

Just 21 lesbian bars exist in the United States today, down from an estimated 200 in the 1980s. Hinge is spending $50K to arrest the decline.


The Kiiroo Keon is the blowjob robot of your dreams

Screw the moon landing, we're finally justifying the past century of technological advancement.

Blown away

Loved and hated: How the 'wifebeater' became a loaded fashion statement

The shirt was made for sweaty men in the '30s, before turning into a controversial piece. In 2021, it's not exclusive to men — but its terrible name lives on.

Marked With Stigma

One of the hottest virtual Pride parades took place in GTA Online

The parade's organizer says he wanted to give LGBT youth a place to find acceptance even if they couldn't go to an event in real life.


Ghosted by your sext chatbot? Your cell carrier may be blocking it.

Companies like Verizon and AT&T are blocking SlutBot messages. The company and its customers are frustrated and confused.


No labels: Meet the brands making gender-neutral underwear

Indie labels like Gender Free World, Urbody, and Play Out are trying to make intimate fashion more inclusive — one brief at a time.