The Kiiroo Keon is the blowjob robot of your dreams

Screw the moon landing, we're finally justifying the past century of technological advancement.

Blown away
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 31:  Pete Davidson walks the runway during the Alexander Wang Collection 1 fashio...

Loved and hated: How the 'wifebeater' became a loaded fashion statement

The shirt was made for sweaty men in the '30s, before turning into a controversial piece. In 2021, it's not exclusive to men — but its terrible name lives on.

Marked With Stigma
A role-playing server in 'Grand Theft Auto' was home to a massive Pride Month party.

One of the hottest virtual Pride parades took place in GTA Online

The parade's organizer says he wanted to give LGBT youth a place to find acceptance even if they couldn't go to an event in real life.


Ghosted by your sext chatbot? Your cell carrier may be blocking it.

Companies like Verizon and AT&T are blocking SlutBot messages. The company and its customers are frustrated and confused.


No labels: Meet the brands making gender-neutral underwear

Indie labels like Gender Free World, Urbody, and Play Out are trying to make intimate fashion more inclusive — one brief at a time.


Coke's custom Pride label wouldn’t let you write ‘trans,’ will let you praise Nazis

It's so easy to just... not do this.


Apple celebrates Pride Month by enabling countries' LGBT+ censorship

Queer communities around the world are routinely denied access to many news and dating apps, something Apple doesn't seem to mind.


Nike’s ‘Be True’ Pride sneakers are all about being comfy this summer

The diverse capsule also lets wearers customize their shoes with patches of each Pride flag.


Meet Dr. Inna, the psychology professor fact-checking TikTok

Whether she’s sticking it to Dr. Phil or blasting transphobic trolls, Dr. Inna Kanevsky isn’t afraid to speak her mind.


‘Dong on a drone’: Political campaign rally disrupted by sex toy-wielding UAV

Albuquerque mayoral candidate Manuel Gonzales’ campaign released a statement saying the Democrat was unharmed and "will not be intimidated.”


SteelSeries and KontrolFreek partner to promote LGBTQ equality in gaming

The companies will host fundraising campaigns and donate profits from Pride-themed merchandise to The Trevor Project.


Yelp adds rainbow pins for LGBTQ-owned businesses ahead of Pride

Too bad the execution is a little muddled.