INDIO, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 15: Harry Styles performs onstage at the Coachella Stage during the 2022 C...

Meet the TikTokers obsessed with Harry Styles’ ‘secret’ love life

Fans known as Larries are convinced he’s in a same-sex relationship with One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

Conspiracy theories
Pro-choice pastor Brandan Robertson

Pro-choice pastors are using TikTok to preach to the masses

Male progressive Christian leaders are speaking out — and trying to change minds — about the Supreme Court’s likely decision to overturn abortion rights.

Movie director Jane Schoenbrun

How Jane Schoenbrun’s ‘emo horror movie’ helped them find themself

The director’s Sundance hit We’re All Going to the World’s Fair is about identity and the dark corners of the internet.


His software sang the words of God. Then it went silent.

Who was Thomas Buchler, the late creator of beloved Torah program TropeTrainer? And can anything be done to revive his life’s work?


Meta, Apple, Google write stern letter of disapproval for Texas anti-trans law

They are Very Upset... and that's about it so far.

Tsk Tsk

How a viral tweet turned into a queer coming-of-age graphic novel

Two years after sharing a short comic about her birthplace — Wuhan, China — Laura Gao returns with the introspective ‘Messy Roots.’


The world’s biggest condom manufacturer is predicting a sales boom

STIs aren’t Pokemon — you don’t gotta catch ‘em all.

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TikTok's new ban on misgendering and deadnaming won't be easy to enforce

Banning them explicitly is a good start, though.


Tinder will no longer charge the olds more to use premium features

The move comes as new research shows wild price variations for Tinder Plus.


Queerdle is the only good Wordle clone (because it's gay)

The yassification of Wordle is complete.


What ever happened to the spray-on condom?

Developed in the mid-aughts, it promised to revolutionize safer sex. (Spoiler: It did not.)


Maricoin launches as first cryptocurrency for LGBTQ community

The new altcoin is reportedly aimed at supporting LGBTQ+ businesses and groups.


Former Blizzard employee allegedly made hateful, discriminatory remarks

Geoff Frazier, who is no longer at Blizzard, is being accused of writing hateful Discord messages.

Not cool

‘It’s sick’: Furries rally against a zoophile influencer

The community is deeply concerned about Hypnotist Sappho, herself a furry, and her apparent sway over minors.


Twitch bans streamers for saying ‘cracker,’ but doesn’t for ableist slurs

Twitch’s policy enforcement is inconsistent at best.


Trans Uber employees say they're being blocked and deadnamed

Their attempts to contact Uber support are rarely met with compassion.