Binary-shattering musician Harry Hains' Antiboy project lives on

Family, friends, and kindred spirits have found lightness in the Antiboy dream of a label-less world. Here’s how they brought his vision to life.


Can AI be horny?

Followers of a Twitter bot named Archillect seem to think so. Naturally, Input had to investigate.


Tomorrow 230: Red Delicious

In which we discuss everything Apple, a bit about influencers, and not enough about Disney World.


Sex dolls are the new influencers

Synthetic women are “running” their own Instagrams. There’s money to be made, sure, but what their human partners want most is respect.


Reddit screwed up, but it took popular pages going silent for it to admit it

If you couldn't view some of Reddit's biggest sub-Reddits today this is why.


A groundbreaking video game can train away premature ejaculation

It turns out gamification is the perfect way to overcome premature ejaculation.


‘High Heels!’ brings queer joy to the top of the App Store charts

It may not be what the game developers intended, but the run(a)way hit is femme-nomenal.

Yass queen

Nielsen resorts to shaming networks with new diversity data tool

Gracenote Inclusion Analytics tracks the diversity of content along with how it reflects the general population and shows' audiences.


DogeCast syncs your sex toy vibrations to the price of DogeCoin

Horny on r/WallStreetBets.


Google's advertising platform is failing nonbinary internet users

Advertisers could direct Google not to, for example, show ads for housing, employment, and financial services to people of "unknown gender."


Why not treat yourself with a sex toy?

These state-of-the-art toys have some crazy new moves.


OhMiBod goes back to its roots with an updated G-spot vibrator

This vibrator knows a thing or two about dirty talk.

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