Andrew Paul

Andrew Paul is a contributing dystopia beat writer for Input Magazine and The AV Club, with work also recently featured by Rolling Stone, Fangoria, GQ, Slate, NBC Think, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. He lives outside Indianapolis.

The IRS will start requiring your selfies beginning this summer

Anyone hoping to access their tax records via the IRS will soon need to provide a video selfie, among many other things.

Tax Season

Sadly, 'Covid Simulator' could be this year’s horror game to beat

Build a workplace and attempt to manage your employees safely and without the spread of a deadly virus? Sounds terrifying.

No Lives Left

Turns out Gettr is a hypocritical privacy nightmare and we are just shocked

The rightwing, anti-Big Tech social media platform sure loves to share user data with Facebook and Google.

Surprise, Surprise

This 'black box' charting our climate tailspin looks cool, changes nothing

Construction is set to begin in Tasmania later this year. That’ll teach us.

Good on Them

Doctors are begging Spotify to do something about Joe Rogan's BS

Spotify remains hesitant to punish the world's most listened-to podcast host.


Google unveils Project Vivian, its secret plan to... disparage unions

The concerted effort involved top-tier company execs and ran from 2018 to 2020.


UPDATE: T-Mobile has its own Private Relay service, thank you very much

Apple's new internet browsing feature is available as a beta in iOS 15... unless you've got T-Mobile.

C'mon, guys

Watch footage from a scrapped 'BattleBots' PlayStation 2 game

The project couldn't be finished before the show was first canceled in 2002.

Major Malfunction

Elon Musk's traffic-solving Tesla tunnel keeps getting traffic jams

The Boring Company's underground Tesla transit was supposed to cut back on congestion. Instead it’s simply moved it underground.

Promises, Promises

‘BattleBots’ is the most American sport, for better or worse

Two male-driven machines of violence bashing each other for fun and profit? U-S-A! U-S-A!

Gears of War
CES 2022

Right wing extremists spent the past year focused on rebranding

A new analysis from the Atlantic Council details how conservative conspiracy theorists are adapting to a post-Jan. 6 landscape.

New Year, New You

My fortune cookie told me to invest in Dogecoin

Is nowhere safe from crypto evangelizing?

In bed

Maricoin launches as first cryptocurrency for LGBTQ community

The new altcoin is reportedly aimed at supporting LGBTQ+ businesses and groups.

Stunning and Brave
Baby New Year