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Chris Stokel-Walker is the author of YouTubers: How YouTube Shook Up TV and Created a New Generation of Stars (Canbury Press), and writes for Wired, the Guardian, BBC, and the Economist.

‘I’m heartbroken’: Users mourn the loss of top stolen credit card site

The dark web’s UniCC, in business since 2013, closes shop Saturday.


Have researchers cracked the code to TikTok virality?

A team studied a dozen popular challenges — from the Renegade to Bored in the House.

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The Fart Jars NFT story doesn’t pass the smell test

Ex-reality star Stephanie Matto got widespread media attention for her gassy NFTs. But the tale behind the project is inconsistent, critics say.


Who’s using the pinched fingers emoji? Academics are on the case.

It’s beloved by impassioned Italians, K-Pop stans, and crypto bros.

Che vuoi?

Is TikTok censoring mentions of competing apps like Instagram?

Rumors abound about TikTok shadowbanning certain content. The platform won’t say whether there’s any truth to creators’ suspicions.

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The latest horrible NFT project co-opts George Floyd’s image

Floydies appear designed to outrage people — and make some quick cash.


Which search engine serves up the most conspiracy theories?

Researchers tested sites from Google to Bing. One was particularly bad.

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Did a former ‘New York Times’ reporter exploit musicians for his personal gain?

A YouTube video accuses Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Ian Urbina of fleecing artists. Urbina says his project is “being woefully distorted.”


What would it take for Amazon to actually be a decent company?

The retail giant is improving a bit, but is there any impetus for it to become a responsible corporate citizen?


These adorable baby ape NFTs? They’re racist — and stolen.

The scammy saga of the multimillion-dollar Lil Baby Ape Club shows that the digital art market is broken.

Monkey business

How Pinterest utterly ruined photo search on the internet

The social media site is the bane of non-users’ lives, hijacking image search results with a pushy sign-up screen. It needs to stop.


Elijah Wood touted a newly acquired NFT. A racism scandal ensued.

Offensive cartoons by Jungle Freaks creator George Trosley have come to light. The decades-old works, “drawn in satire, do not reflect our character,” his son tells Input.

Bad art

What’s the deal with Amazon trucks’ weird-ass backup sound?

We’re used to ‘beep-beep,’ but we’re getting harsh, staticky noise. It’s super-annoying — and safer for us.

An earful

They ordered a 12-foot skeleton online. They got a 12-inch one instead.

Home Depot’s viral Halloween decorations are sold out everywhere, presenting lucrative opportunities for internet scammers and scalpers.

Caveat emptor

Is the worst tweet ever really the one about Taylor Swift’s eggs?

Stefan Molyneux thinks it’s “very funny” he won a bad-tweet tourney. The organizer thinks another contender deserved the prize.


We need to talk about Facebook PR guy Andy Stone

He’s making no friends with his brash and combative Twitter presence. What the hell are he and his employer thinking?


Is that viral TikTok about housing market manipulation true?

Zillow and Redfin insist it’s not. The realtor behind the video says, “In our world, we’ve been screaming about this for years.”


The retro video game market is bonkers! Some suspect foul play.

What’s behind the massive surge in prices that has upset smalltime collectors?


Twitter took away my blue check, and I am confused AF

Over the past week, users like me have been told their initial verification was an error. So I asked Twitter: What gives?

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