Chris Stokel-Walker

Chris Stokel-Walker is the author of YouTubers: How YouTube Shook Up TV and Created a New Generation of Stars (Canbury Press), and writes for Wired, the Guardian, BBC, and the Economist.

The retro video game market is bonkers! Some suspect foul play.
Chris Stokel-Walker
What’s behind the massive surge in prices that has upset smalltime collectors?
Twitter took away my blue check, and I am confused AF
Chris Stokel-Walker
Over the past week, users like me have been told their initial verification was an error. So I asked Twitter: What gives?
Social media
The NFT world is split over CryptoPunks creator's Hollywood deal
Chris Stokel-Walker
Critics say Larva Labs has sold its soul to the devil. A United Talent Agency exec tells Input that UTA will do business “with the community in mind.”
Intellectual property
The OnlyFans drama has creators worried about more than money
Chris Stokel-Walker
Some sex workers fear losing the tight-knit communities that have helped them through thick and thin.
A British 4channer went to Kabul for lulz. Now he’s stuck there.
Chris Stokel-Walker
Miles Routledge, 21, “wanted some adventure” in Afghanistan, but he had no idea what was in store when he landed on Friday.
A $1.5 million 'women-led' NFT project was actually run by dudes
Chris Stokel-Walker
Cybersleuths discovered the Fame Lady Squad was built on a lie. But the story may have a happy ending after all.
Why antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists love Linktree
Chris Stokel-Walker
The popular “link in bio” service presents a sneaky way for crackpots to get their ideas out there.
TikTok exploits our gnat-like attention spans. Are 3-minute videos a mistake?
Chris Stokel-Walker
Experts say the expanded video length will probably enhance TikTok’s bottom line, but it’s only going to make the app less fun.
Social media
This furry scientist won't let Twitter's COVID pessimists kill her vibe
Chris Stokel-Walker
The pseudonymous Chise is upbeat about the fight against COVID-19. But her opinions — and lifestyle — have brought her under fire.
Hey, Logan and Jake Paul: Quit boxing!
Chris Stokel-Walker
YouTubers, and now TikTokers, are getting into the ring, but this trend needs to die, now.
Why does this viral AI Twitter bot get so damn horny?
Chris Stokel-Walker
Followers of a Twitter bot named Archillect seem to think so. Naturally, Input had to investigate.
TikTok censored a pole-dancing PhD who studies how social media silences women
Chris Stokel-Walker
“A video of my ass gets demoted quicker than, say, extremism or trolling,” says Dr. Carolina Are.
Forbidden dance
Influencers, please don’t give gorillas COVID-19
Chris Stokel-Walker
Humans taking Instagram selfies with endangered apes have been breaking health rules, according to a new study.
Going ape
Science tells us why the Bernie meme went mega-viral
Chris Stokel-Walker
A team of researchers have developed AI that can predict a meme’s success with scary accuracy.
Not just for the 'gram: Influencers defend living large in Dubai amid COVID-19
Chris Stokel-Walker
They're working hard to avoid going “flat-arse broke,” says twinfluencer Henry Wade (the one on the right).
How PewDiePie is trying to dodge his taxes
Chris Stokel-Walker
As the influence industry matures, its major players are starting to look like every other big business.
Exclusive: The U.S. Emergency Alert system has been hacked
Chris Stokel-Walker
Emergency communications could cause chaos or start a war — and the vulnerability has yet to be patched.
This app will get you millions of Instagram and TikTok followers. But only for 15 minutes.
Chris Stokel-Walker
Late-stage capitalism is the worst.
Americans are obsessed with digitally stalking their loved ones
Chris Stokel-Walker
COVID-19 has pushed our social lives online. In the chaos, many are turning towards abusive, controlling behavior.
Influencers are buying empty shopping bags to pretend they're rich
Chris Stokel-Walker
Clout-chasing makes reselling the used, disposable bags, a surprisingly lucrative line of work.