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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera showdown: Powerful, with one serious flaw
Raymond Wong and Evan Rodgers
We compared the 108-megapixel camera and 100x digital zoom with the cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy Note 10, and Pixel 4. The S20 Ultra has an impressive camera, but the autofocus is bad. Like really bad.
20 hours ago
The essential gear you need for a trip to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal
Emily Gillespie and Evan Rodgers
Don’t forget the Nepalese whiskey!
52 Trips
2.22.2020 8:25 PM
The Switch eSCRAMBLER electric motorcycle has a retro-future design worth waiting for
Evan Rodgers
Sales start in 2022, so you better start saving now.
Look at This
2.22.2020 1:07 AM
Zero's new high-performance SR/S electric motorcycle adds a bit more comfort
Evan Rodgers
It's a powerful electric bike with a price tag to match.
Look at this
2.19.2020 7:34 PM
Durability test shows fingernail easily scratching Galaxy Z Flip's 'Ultra Thin Glass'
Evan Rodgers
A $1,400 phone with a glass display should be more durable.
2.16.2020 4:48 PM
The essential gear for a trip through Iceland's Ring Road
Stephanie Newman and Evan Rodgers
Here's what you need to stay warm and dry in this gorgeous place.
2.15.2020 6:08 PM
The best games to vent your sexual frustration this Valentine’s Day
Ryan Houlihan and Evan Rodgers
This goes out to all the single people.
2.13.2020 4:35 PM
What to get the streetwear lover in your life for Valentine's Day
Edgar Alvarez and Evan Rodgers
Love is more than just a look.
2.12.2020 6:59 PM
The stuff fashion photographer Adam Katz Sinding can't live without
Adam Katz Sinding and Evan Rodgers
From designer eye wear to a killer road bike, Sinding knows what's good.
2.12.2020 5:01 PM
Samsung's Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra from every angle
Raymond Wong and Evan Rodgers
Hot phones are hot. Let’s ogle at them.
2.11.2020 7:00 PM
The must-have essentials for a trip to Rio de Janeiro
Larissa Gomes and Evan Rodgers
Careful with those caipirinhas.
52 Trips
2.8.2020 6:00 PM
Apps like AirDrop and Messages make iOS 'just work.' Why can’t Android get this right?
Evan Rodgers
From its disastrous messaging situation to its lack of basic features like AirDrop or video chat, Google just can’t seem to figure out what comes so easily to Apple.
2.6.2020 9:37 PM
Clean your filthy apartment windows with this magnetic contraption
Ryan Houlihan and Evan Rodgers
Come on, it's time.
2.3.2020 7:32 PM
Here’s what you need for a photo shoot in Madrid
Jackie Roman and Evan Rodgers
Plus a little food and wine.
52 Trips
2.1.2020 5:11 PM
The best 13-inch hackintosh laptop is the Razer Blade Stealth
Evan Rodgers
I got mine up and running in one weekend.
1.28.2020 5:55 PM
Leak shows Motorola’s next Android may take on the Galaxy Note with its own stylus
Evan Rodgers
Don’t expect it to be a powerhouse, though.
1.27.2020 4:03 PM
The essential gear for a trip to Mexico City
Edgar Alvarez and Evan Rodgers
Keep it light, keep it simple.
52 Trips
1.25.2020 5:21 PM
The best thru hiking backpack for beginners
Mark Yarm and Evan Rodgers
When the trail is long you need something better
This Thing Rules
1.24.2020 5:46 PM
The gear and goodies Jacques Slade can't live without
Jacques Slade and Evan Rodgers
From cameras to mangos.
Stuff I Love
1.23.2020 9:10 PM
Google changes ads to make them look less like ads
Evan Rodgers
Advertising, but make it plausibly confusing.
1.23.2020 3:23 PM